Evan Peters

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Evan Peters

Evan Peters was born in a large family. His father Phil. served as vice president of administration Charitable Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. and his mother Julia Peters has two children: a son Andrew and daughter Michelle. Profession actor Evan was a childhood dream. At age 14, Peters started taking acting lessons. and enlisted in the model school. In all these endeavors, the boy’s parents maintained. Soon he was able to try their hand at a local talent contest in Florida. Peters was more than worthy competitor to other participants and was able to receive several awards.

Then Peters smiled even greater success: I work with the young man decided to recommend a photographer friend of his agent. who was busy looking for talented young actors and models. He looked closer and decided to Evan. that will work with it. Mom future star. which has always been only “for” creative initiatives son. even agreed to move with Evan in Los Angeles. to the young man could go to auditions. to participate in fashion shows and to take up the show business.

The decision to move was right: Evan began to offer the first roles. First actor flashed in the TV series. such as the “Without a Trace & raquo ;,”One Tree Hill & raquo ;, appearing only in small scenes. In 2004. When Evan was already 17 years old. he debuted on the big screen in the film”Good nightlife & raquo ;. He got a minor role. Yet with this comedy Evan began the ascent in the world of cinema. In the same year he was in the independent drama”Saving Adam & raquo ;, in which he was entrusted with a major role. and after the film presented to the public. Peters presented the award at a film festival in Phoenix in the category of”Breakthrough”.

This was followed by new roles. In the same 2004 Evan Peters began acting in TV series “Phil of the Future & raquo ;, which made the young actor is still little known. as well as in the series”Days”and”Invasion & raquo ;, but these projects have not had such a success and not be extended. But later, Peters could be seen in episodes of the famous”Doctor House”and other TV series. such as the”Ghost Whisperer & raquo ;,”Office & raquo ;,”thought. as a criminal”.

Directed by trusted young polar Peters role – and dramas. and comedies. and detectives. In 2007 came the film “American Crime”with his participation. then on the big screen in the film we saw him”Never give up & raquo ;, and in 2010 he became a movie star” Kick & raquo ;, while filming an actor who has worked with such stars. Nicolas Cage. Chloe Moretz. Aaron Johnson.

The current popularity has allowed him to reach the show “American Horror Story & raquo ;, which Evan was invited in 2011. He received one of the main roles and starred in three seasons. During this time, the project managed to receive the award”Golden Globe & raquo ;. Thus Peters went on to star in feature films. among them”List & raquo ;,”the adult world & raquo ;,”X-Men: Days of Future Past”.


In 2012, Evan met a young actress Emma Roberts in the film ” Adult World & raquo ;. They almost immediately started dating. and in late 2013 Evan Emma did offer. although their relations were scandals. In the summer of 2013 Emma was arrested for. that it used force during an argument with Evan and broke his nose.

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Evan PetersEvan Peters
Evan PetersEvan Peters
Evan PetersEvan Peters

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