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Barefoot in the city

Perhaps the best movie I saw.

Well, firstly, it is necessary to say one important thing that you need to know before you start watching the film & # 151; If you do not like melodrama and movies, stories of which are conducive to the manifestation of sentimentality, then look ” Barefoot in the city & raquo ;. No, really, do not torment yourself. I found this film at the precise moment when they need something nice and good, and, you know, got a lot of pleasure from viewing. If you want speakers and wild passion, then you’re wrong the cashier.

Make a reservation once-I have not seen the original film Til Schweiger, why “Barefoot in the city & raquo ;, another variation on the theme”Jackass”by Andrew Fleming, balancing on the thin line between the”Due Date”Todd Phillips and”My boyfriend psycho” O’Rassela David, I will be assessed as a separate, independent film, without any regard for the original. Although all the critics unanimously agree that a remake turned in times of non-original unoriginal far his predecessor & # 133;

Comparing “Barefoot in the city”to”My boyfriend psycho”I think I pogoryachilsya- where in the creation O’Rassela screen seething mad passion, the story of Fleming, virtually devoid of sharp angles, it looks too cloying, licked and toothless, where the characters are absurd O’Rassela sprinkled with phrases, dialogues Fleming, though not devoid of sarcasm, it lacks the very absurdity and irrationality. Yet that did not allow me to put the creation Fleming negative or neutral otsenku- be flawless visual component of this sad road movie, can be a great soundtrack can be played the role of Daisy, Evan Rachel Wood, magnificent in his childish and looking our usual things glazёnkami surprised child after years of seclusion in his close little world. Perhaps the kindness that literally shines through each frame of”Barefoot in the city”& # 133; And let us hard to believe that the chief doctor of the psychiatric clinic can easily sacrifice long-standing principle that the clinic staff works extremely good-natured, so that parents are able to quickly forgive the prodigal son after years of absence, the creation Fleming is trying to convince us of this. And give credit to for hour and a half running time of the film almost manages it to him. As a result,” Barefoot in the city & raquo ;, although it turns into after market and zaklishёvanny movie captivates its audience with kindness and spontaneity in spite of the critics, away it a complete failure at the box office.

Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood

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