Demian Bichir

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Demián Bichir

Here you will find Demián Bichir filmography, biography and interesting facts from the personal life. Also attract the interest of fans person Demián Bichir – photos in his youth and now. Latest photos Demián Bichir. During his career in film, he has worked as an actor, director, screenwriter, producer of 47 films. And do not forget to assess a person!

Demián Bichir – Biography

Demián Bichir (App. Demian Bichir; b. August 1, 1963, Torreon) – Mexican cinema and teleaktёr, nominee “Oscar”for the role of a caring father Carlos Galindo in the drama Chris Weitz”Better Life” (2011).

Demián Bichir was born August 1, 1963 in Torreón, Coahuila, in a family of actors Bishira Alejandro and his wife Marikruz Najera. The cast Bishira debut took place at the age of 14, in a dramatic TV series ” Rina & raquo ;, where the boy played the role of Juanito. Up until 1985 Bishir played in the television series alone.

When asked why he became an actor, Bishir replied:

I was very influenced by Jack Nicholson. I was 16 and I was getting on the bus to the theater to see the ” Flew Over the Cuckoo & raquo ;. After the film all the way back imagined himself the main character. I remember sitting in the bus and thought: now he will turn around and take me to a madhouse. Jack Nicholson just shocked me with their talent

In 1985, Demián Bichir first starred in a big movie, playing the role of tea in the feature-length drama Ignacio Retesa “Journey to Heaven & raquo ;. This was followed by small roles in films”Hotel”Colonial”and”Penitent & raquo ;. Reincarnation in Jorge detective thriller”Red Dawn”actor brought this popularity at home: the film won 11 statuettes Prize”Ariel & raquo ;. In 1995, he won this Bishir Prize for his role in the thriller Mauricio”To death”.

One of the most successful role Bishira – Thomas Comedy “Sex, Shame and Tears”(1999), a role in which the actor once again nominated for”Ariel & raquo ;. In 2003 Bishir was awarded the MTV Movie Awards, handed out specifically for Mexican actors, in the category named after him –”Bishir Best film & raquo ;. Demian was handed a statuette for her role in the comedy boxer Manny”do not tempt me”.

The year 2011 was a landmark for Bishira career: actor turned into a loving and caring father Carlos Galindo in the drama Chris Weitz “Better Life & raquo ;. January 24, 2012 the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the”Oscar & raquo ;, among whom was Demián Bichir, poborovshis statuette for Gary Oldman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jean Dyuzhardenom. According to the most Bishira, he was stunned by the nomination and believes that it would not have happened if Chris Weitz was the director of the film. It is noteworthy that Bishir is the first Mexican actor, nominated for” Oscar & raquo ;, 1964 – , when he was nominated by Anthony Quinn.

Demian BichirDemian Bichir
Demian BichirDemian Bichir
Demian BichirDemian Bichir

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