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Actors series Violetta

Martina Stoessel (Violetta) Pablo Espinosa (Tomas) Jorge Blanco (Leon) Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila) Clara Alonso (Angie) Florencia Benitez (Jade) Joaquin Berthold (Mati) Artur Logunov (Braco) Facundo Gambande (Maxi) Nicolas Garnier (Andres) Rodrigo Velilla (Napo) Candelaria Molfese (Camila) Lodovica Comello (Francesca) Alba Rico Navarro (Naty) Ezequiel Rodriguez (Pablo) Pablo Sultani (Beto) Rodrigo Pedreira (Gregorio) Simone Lijoi (Luca) Mirta Wons (Olga) Samuel Nascimento.

The official Twitter Martina Stoessel (Violetta) can be found here. Jorge Blanco (Leon) here. Diego Dominguez (CA) here. Ruggero Pasquarelli (Federico) here. Mercedes Lambre (Lyudmila) here. Pablo Espinosa (Thomas) here. Lodovica Comello (Francesca) here. Valeria Baroni (Lara) here. Xabiani PonceDeLeón (Marco) here.

Despite her young age, Lucia Gil, familiar to us the role of Lena in the series “Violetta”, managed to achieve a great deal. In her biography of the actor can be found bit parts, and the main. Girl Born May 29, 1998 in Madrid. It is the first step on the road to fame was winning the «My Camp Rock» – competition, which was held in the Spanish Disney Channel in 2009.

Diego Dominguez (CA) Valeria Baroni (Lara) Ksabyani Ponce de Leon (Marco) Jerry Velasquez (DJ) Valentine Freon (Jackie) Carla Pandolfi (Esmeralda) Paloma Sirven (Emma) Justin Bustos (ANA)

Born Martina Stoessel – March 21, 1997. She was born in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. The work of her father is connected with the TV, it is the director of the TV program «Baila Conmigo Paraguay». The girl has a brother – Francisco. Music appeared in the life of Martina Stoessel still in kindergarten, she was asked to sing when a song she likes. Perhaps it was the first time she sang the song.

Jorge Blanco Guerena was born Dec. 19, 1991 in the city of Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco (Mexico). Since childhood, Jorge was initiated into the art. Without it did not do school activities, he happily played in school performances. The opportunity to see the young Jorge appears on the TV the inhabitants of Latin America in 2007, when a young man has become a participant of the program High School.

March 10, 1992 in Viahoyosa (Spain) was born Pablo Espinosa. In Pisces. Start an acting career in the biography of Pablo Espinosa can be called a period when he took part in the filming of 3-4 seasons of the popular series “Physics and Chemistry”, playing the role of Pablo Calleja (the film even broadcast on Russian channels, there is also a Russian version of the telenovela). Pablo Espinosa filmography includes works in the following projects.

The date of birth of Ruggiero is 10 September 1993. He was born in Italy in Pescara (Abruzzo region). At his parents’ three children, his brother called Leonardo, sister – Vittoria. By the conviction of Ruggiero as a child he was very humble sweet boy, gain self-confidence and liberated helped him to drama school. There he found his calling – music. Today he plays.

Argentine actor Alberto Fernandez de Rosa is known for the domestic audience is mainly on the role of the owner of the studio Antonio in the television series “Violetta”. But in addition to his filmography it appears more than 30 films of different genres: comedy has “Explosive Brigade”(1986), Spanish thriller”triple crime”(1988), a melodramatic series”Pirate Soul”(2006), drama”Television for the names of”family film”The children.” Many of his film.

Alba RicoAlba Rico
Alba RicoAlba Rico
Alba RicoAlba Rico

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