Natalia Oreiro

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Natalia Oreiro, biography

Childhood and adolescence

Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias Pohhio Burie was born May 19, 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Father of Natalia – Carlos Oreiro engaged in commerce, and my mother – Mabel worked Oreiro hairdresser. Natalia has an older sister Adriana, who now owns a clothing store.

The desire to become an actress Natalia appeared in school days. When she was 8 years old, she started to acting lessons. Natalia participated in all school productions. She sang beautifully, which also affected the desire to become an actress. When Natalie was 12 years old, she started acting in commercials Ugugvaya. She has been involved in 30 commercials. When she was 14 years old famous Brazilian singer and TV presenter Xuxa (Shusha) by selecting it from the many pretenders his main assistant in the show. Natalia Oreiro was accompanied by a popular singer during her tour.


When Natalia Oreiro was 16, she decided to participate in all the casting for the role in a variety of series and went to Buenos Aires. Not every casting Natalya waited for success, but in the end luck smiled at her, and in the series’ unconquered heart, “she starred in the role of Statistics. During the filming of the series Natalia met with Pablo Echarri. Then Natalie started acting in films and serials. In 1995 she took part in the filming of the series “Gentle Anna”. In this film, Natalia small role, but the main thing for a young actress, is involved. In 1996, she had trusted one of the main roles in the series “Models 90-60-90».

In 1997, it appears on the screen, which became a popular TV series “Rich and Famous.” With the release of this series to the young actress comes the real fame and success. Partner Natalya in the film becomes an actor Diego Ramos.

Once the shooting Natalia invited to work on the TV Argentine television channel TeLeFe. She invited Gustavo Yankelevich. He offered her the lead role in the film “Argentinian in New York.” The picture was a great success. With the support Gustavo Yankelevich Natalya released his first album under the name «Natalia Oreiro». The disk becomes so popular that its circulation is rapidly diverges. Soon disk becomes golden, and its author won the hearts of millions.

In 1998, Natalia Oreiro filmed in the series, which will be known all over the world. Natalia is not only starred in the title role, but she helps to write the script and participate in the creation of the image of Milagros. The series “Wild Angel”has become the most favorite of the audience, many left all his affairs in order to view the next series. So no surprise that the series”Wild Angel” is the winner of the contest «Viva 2000″ in Israel.

Once the shooting of the series Natalia decided to release a second disc. Disk «Tu Veneno» («Your Poison”), published in 2000 and is even more popular than the first.

Since 2000, Natalia Oreiro has toured extensively, giving concerts all over the world.

In 2002, creative biography of Natalia Oreiro marked by the participation in the series “Kachorra”, its partner in this series becomes Pablo Rago. Natalia in 2002 released third album – «Turmalina». Copies of this disc exceeded 1.5 million copies.

In 2005, Natalia Oreiro filmed in Russia in the 16-part film “The tango».

In 2006, Natalia Oreiro participated in the filming of the series, “You – my life”, her partner on the show again becomes Facundo Arana. Filming of the series were completed in 2007.

Natalia Oreiro constantly in films, her roles in such films and TV series as “Filmets”(2007),”Possible Life”(2007),”Amanda O”(2008 -2009 Mr. .)”Music in waiting”(2009),”France”(2009),”Miss Tacuarembó”(2010),”My First Wedding”(2011),”Clandestine Childhood”(2011 city),”Bad”(2011),”Message from the grave”(2012),”Only You”(2013),”Freedom for Joe” (2013 g of.).


Natalia Oreiro and her husband Ricardo Mollo

When Natalia starred in the TV series “unconquered heart”, she met actor Pablo Echarri. Soon they began dating and relationships have lasted until 2000. In October 2000, the couple broke up, most likely it comes from the fact that Natalia becomes very famous and popular.

Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro
Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro
Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro

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