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Hello, dear readers! Lodovica comello, best known for the role of Francesca in the telenovela “Violetta” won the hearts of many people all over the planet, thanks to the incredible charm of the actress, her radiant smile, expressive eyes and hard work! Filming on the show takes a lot of power, and Lodovico time to meet with friends, travel the world, has released several videos and even record a solo album. Fantastic, what else to say! Want to learn more about this actress a little more, then offer you to explore her biography, clothing style, to learn the facts of life, check out the interview, and as fun to collect puzzle with a picture of her and look her best video.

Biography Ludovic butt.

13 April 1990 in a place called San Daniele del Friuli (Italy) was born pretty baby that parents named Ludovico (App. Lodovica Comello). Parents rising star named Paolo butt butt and Anna, the girl has an older brother Loris and sister Hilary, ie Lodovico get the third child in the family. It is known that from the early years Lodo active in dancing, singing, and was fond of playing the guitar. In 2009, she studied at the Music, Art & amp; Show. In 2012, she moved to Buenos Aires, specially for the filming of the TV series “Violetta”. In this series, she plays the role of impulsive girl with a beautiful open smile named Francesca. Due to the role of Francesca, Luigi gained worldwide popularity, and soon (in 2013) recorded a solo album called “The Universe”, in the same year was nominated for “Best Actress in Television” from the Kids Choice Awards Argentina.

Interview Lodovico butt.

Just a few weeks after writing the third season of the popular series “Violetta”Louis gave an interview in which spoke about her album, entitled”The Universe”, as well as how to start a solo career. Lodovico, tell me about it.

– Once Disney Channel chose me to shoot the series “Violetta”, despite the fact that I spoke Castellano (a language similar to Spanish), for that, I moved to Buenos Aires. Television began shooting rounds, well, then there was my solo album “The Universe.” My dream is to become like Raffaella Carra.

In 18 years, you moved to Milan to start studying at the academy of music, singing, acting and dance, and after two years of study moved to live in Argentina, all right?

– Yes, I do not know Spanish, I even Spanish was not hearing, so I took lessons from Laura Eskvil, which has asked for help in this matter. Skype me she learned the language, I worked very hard for a month, has mastered the rest in place.

Tell us about your first impression of Argentina?

– I came here in August and thought that I shall get at a time of extraordinary heat, thinking there will be tropical, hot life, salsa, merengue and other exotic things, but when I got off the plane, I felt an unusual cold! My first thought was: “What have I done? Why I decided to fly here? “. I was confused and depressed, but pulled herself together and went to his new home in Palermo.

From 6 years old did you start playing guitar, and constantly singing songs at family celebrations. It is true that in your home always listened to the music of Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Fabrizio De André?

– Yes, that’s right, the whole family loves to listen to these artists.

You’re perfect girl Disney?

– Yes, I have the perfect girl Disney. Quiet, quiet, do not like scandals and crimes.

The work at Disney does not limit you to a particular audience.

– The released discs I tried to present different styles that would be happy to listen to very young people and older people. I’m still looking for his style, his music and songs I want to tell others what to love life, to pursue their dreams.

Are you taking advantage of the success of the show “Violetta” to continue shooting the movie?

– I want my career to be successful, I want to once and for all determine its style. I’m inspired when I see the posters hanging around the city. And proud to be a part of himself presented the project “Monsters University”. I was even nominated in the Kids Choice Awards Argentina for the award for “Best TV actress” for her role as Francesca, has nominated Bailando Por Un Sueno », but later rejected, I think the main part, the fact that there is a difference between the Argentine version and Italian, so there was no scandal, I do not want any trouble.

What do you want to say to your fans?

– I know that a lot of guys see me as a role model, you must understand that I have achieved such popularity itself, their work. Seek and you will succeed!

Finally I want to say that I greatly admire Rafaella Carra, what a woman! She is already far not even a girl, but she is full of energy, I try to imitate what she has achieved here in Italy.

Facts about Lodovico butt.

    He likes to ride on horseback; She likes meat with potatoes and pizza; Can not live without orange juice and a banana split; As a child dreamed of becoming a doctor; He loves to cook; Favorite color – black, yellow and blue; On a horoscope Aries; My favorite music is pop and rock; He loves cartoon Pocahontas; Height 167, weight 52 kg; Natural brunette; Eyes are brown with Zelentsy; Shorten called LoDo; Fans called Comelico.

Lodovica ComelloLodovica Comello
Lodovica ComelloLodovica Comello
Lodovica ComelloLodovica Comello

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