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Interviews & rarr; Interview with Mercedes for “Adolescente”.

Anita (correspondent of): Hi Mercedes. How are you?

Swords: Hey, everything is fine.

A: Can I call you for short?

MG: Yes, swords or Mercy.

A: Excellent. Mercy, you starred in the TV series & # 8220; & # 8221 Violet; and played the role of villain and vreditelnitsy. How do you like your role? And do you have in life is your character traits?

M. Well I can answer that, I fell in love with the role, even though it was given to me it is not so easy. I have in my life is so evil, and do not like, such as Lyudmila, but something in it touches me, I can not say that like it’s so bad. There are reasons. What about the character, we had like a jealous and pursue his love.

A: What do you have, and in addition to the general Lyudmila nature?

MG: Well, actually, yes. This wear and easy lifestyle. When we were given the characteristics of the character, I liked that Lyudmila loved juices and nature, as I myself was. Well, even the general Pablo & # 8230;

A: By the way, about his personal life. Can you tell us about it quite a bit?

MG: Yes & # 8230; I meet with Pablo in life, met a few episodes in the series. On the site, I thought I raskhochu to see him, because the writers made him uncomfortable role to me, and mine to him. It was unbearable. Still sometimes interfere with romantic scenes with Tina. Best friend and the guy & # 8230; I tried to make up, but she could not. Several times simply do not stand up and run away. The next day I could give Pablo and output after kompnsatsii and we held it together. I can say that it is not at the game of love, and a serious bid. We plan to engagement & # 8230;

A: It’s great! And what can you say about the other actors?

MG: All the guys are insanely cool, and I could fall in love with them very quickly. I do not like it when others something bad or Tina talked about Pablo. I protected them as best she could. Sometimes there were disputes, quarrels, but they were rare. I have not loved when Nicholas said Jorge or & # 8220; and Mercedes Facundo equal love! & # 8221; I could not stand those jokes. I have for all the shooting was a scandal with Clara 3 and 1 with Rodrigo Velilla. Apart from the small squabbles with Pablo & # 8230;

A: I think the quarrel normal. And you could not do a little spoiler of the series?

MG: Violetta change, Francesca will be stronger and will remain with Vila & # 8230; with me

A: Hahaha, Swords, you’re such a joker! Thank you for this interview! What do you wish our readers?

MG: I wish not to make mistakes, to love and be loved!

Mercedes LambreMercedes Lambre
Mercedes LambreMercedes Lambre
Mercedes LambreMercedes Lambre

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