Leonardo Favio

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Leonardo Favio.

Leonardo Favio (Spanish. Leonardo Favio – an alias name at birth – Fuad Jorge Khoury English. Fuad Jorge Jury ; May 28, 1938, Lujan de Cuyo – Nov. 5, 2012, Buenos Aires) – Argentine singer, actor and film director.


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Fuad Khoury Jorge May 28, 1938 was born in a family of ethnic Arabs in the city of Lujan de Cuyo in the northwest of the province of Mendoza. Living in a poor area and the actual refusal of parents on the upbringing of his son led to a boarding school for difficult teenagers, and later – to prison. After completion of the sentence, the young man went to Buenos Aires, became interested in cinema. First he appeared in episodes and supporting roles. At the same time he worked as a director of several short films: “Senor Fernandez”(Spanish. El señor Fernández . 1958), and”other”(Spanish. El amigo . 1960) . The first feature film”The History of a lonely boy”(Spanish. Crónica de un niño solo . 1965) Argentine Film Critics Association named the best picture of the year, and at the film festival in Mar del Plata, he was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize. According to surveys of critics and film experts, conducted in 2000 by the National Museum of Cinema,”The History of a lonely boy” was named best picture of the 100 respondents offered sound films in Argentina. About Leonardo Favio talked about as a bright representative of the new Argentine cinema. Certain influence on the work of director provided his older comrade Fernando Ayala.

In 1966, Leonardo Favio takes drama “Romance of Aniceto and Francisca”(Spanish. Este es el romance del Aniceto y la Francisca, de cómo quedó trunco, comenzó la tristeza y unas pocas cosas más. ), which not only won the”Silver Condor”, but has become extremely popular with viewers. According to a survey in 1998 the magazine «Tres Puntos» film has been called “the best Argentine film of all time».

Leonardo Favio gifted versatile. Even as a child he learned to play the guitar. His performance of romantic ballads to his own accompaniment was a success, first in the circle of friends. Gradually, he began to speak, and on the big stages. The success of his popularity as a singer reached a peak in the late 1960s – 1970s. The songs of his works have been translated into 14 languages. Throughout his career he has released no less than 20 solo albums.

Throughout his life he adheres to the ideology of Peronism. He joined the Peronist quite a young age and has worked with them on the first two terms of the presidency of Colonel Peron. This led in 1976, after the country’s military leaders unleashed a dirty war against dissidents, forced emigration of Leonardo Favio, where he stayed until 1987. Excellent knowledge of the topic Peronism allowed to remove the director in 1996-1999 six-hour documentary film “Perón, symphony of the senses».

In 2008, Leonardo Favio took a new version of the film “Romance of Aniceto and Francisca”-“Aniceto” (Spanish. Aniceto ).

In October 2010, Leonardo Favio presidential decree appointed Ambassador of Culture of Argentina (Eng. Argentina’s Embassador of Culture ).

In the years 1967-1973 was married to actress Mary Vaner. They had two sons, one of whom, Leonardo became an actor.

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Leonardo FavioLeonardo Favio
Leonardo FavioLeonardo Favio
Leonardo FavioLeonardo Favio

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