Paco Rabanne

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Paco Rabanne

Fashion Paco Rabanne is known around the world. In fact, the great fashion designer name – Francisco Rabanerro Kverro.

Paco Rabanne. Biography

The eccentric mystic, revolutionary, and even a little futurist – Paco Rabanne stepped forward a few decades and privnёs fashionable future. Fashion has always been somewhere beyond fashion. While everyone tried to elegant forms and playing with airy fabrics, he experimented and shock.

The connoisseurs of fashion and did not know to what extent they want to see in your wardrobe extraordinary outfits is not faced with a shocking collection of Paco Rabanne.

His clothes did not have to meet the high taste of French dandies, but nevertheless it is quickly spent in their wardrobe.

Paco Rabanne. Career

No chiffon, silk or jersey: Paco Rabanne preferred vinyl, metal and disks. It was he who invented the knitted fur, and began to create a fancy dress of the future – an unprecedented phenomenon in the global fashion industry.

It seemed that ever imagination must end, but it does not dry out and each time gave the designer collections, which were sold at an incredible speed.

He recognized talent and imagination were awarded the prize “Golden thimble”, “Golden Needle”, “Honors fashion.” He also received the Order of Isabel the Spanish and the French Legion of Honor.

The roots of the unique features and contradictions of his character, probably lie in the family. Born fashion designer in Spain in 1934. My grandmother was a deeply religious man, store occult secrets, my mother on the contrary – an atheist and a member of the Socialist Party, and his father – a real general. Mom Francisco held his own studio, so that the love of sewing skills handed down. Later, the family emigrated to the Soviet Union, and a few years later moved to France. Talented Francisco with his fine artistic taste without problems entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He studied to be an architect, but his school years developed and sewed bags, shoes, creating a variety of accessories, thus earning a living.

After he graduated, but did not become an architect, and connected his life to fashion. Although the effect of education can be seen in the unusual structural forms of Paco Rabanne collection.

Unusual ideas and undoubted talent of the student noticed the great masters. After high school he studied at Balenciaga, Givenchy and Dior.

With experience, he began to work independently in the 60s. While architecture filled the new fashion trend – the use of plastic and metal. Of course, Francisco has always followed trends in architecture and inspired by these ideas.

Paco Rabanne. new ideas

Inspired by new research, Paco Rabanne launches its first collection in 1966. The Paris public was shocked. The revolutionary, if not scandalous outfits that showed his model, made a lot of noise. Although a little later, fashion lovers have realized that this is exactly what they lacked in those turbulent years.

The rough metal, combined with the finest lace, chain mail, aluminum, leather, feathers, – all this began to appear on the bodies of famous people, famous for its good taste.

Continuing his quest, Paco Rabanne went to the grand experiment and created a collection of disposable paper dresses.

Soon after his bizarre costumes began to appear in the Hollywood movie heroes.

Even the great Coco Chanel recognized his talent and called designer-technician, for his love for the unusually strong materials.

Paco Rabanne himself always considered myself a designer of the future. The unique style of his models include metallic lace, chain, bright colors, ribbons, paper, precious stones, cut skin, fastened rings of metal and much more.

Shocking fashion always wanted to shock the audience, not seduce. And he achieved this.

In the late 60’s Paco Rabanne perfume released «Calandre», intended for dynamic and energetic ladies. Of course, the design of the bottle was unusual: it was traced automotive topics. A little later there was a line of perfume for men. Defiant, passionate and completely unique flavor quickly found fans.

Paco Rabanne. businessman

In addition to the brilliant talents, Paco Rabanne had the skills of a businessman and advertiser. He worked boutiques around the world and conquered the hearts of fashionistas from all over the world.

Paco RabannePaco Rabanne
Paco RabannePaco Rabanne
Paco RabannePaco Rabanne

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