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John Galliano: the biography of fashion genius

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in flamenco: John Galliano childhood

The future apostate Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano was born in 1960 in Gibraltar. His father was a plumber, an Englishman and a Spaniard mother – a housewife who “taught the children to dance flamenco at the kitchen table and dress up for any occasion.” It was this Spanish passion for fun and brightness influenced by the love of outrageous designer of the future.

In its collections are combined and brightness, and the nature and intensity of the mad inherent passionate flamenco dance. When John was six years old, his family moved to London. where the boy went to the first class. In school, all notebooks were Galliano izrisoval sketches, though he was joking fashion, which drew mainly “flowers”and”phones.”Nevertheless, after school, John Galliano was able to enroll in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in London – College of Design and Art of St. Martin’s, where John was regarded as the most successful and bright student. Along with learning Galliano took a job at the National Theatre, which gave him a passion for historical costumes and inspired the creation of the collection on the theme of the thesis of the French post-revolutionary movement”Unbelievable».

In the last years of John Galliano was invited to New York. the place where he awaited fashion illustrator, but leaving postponed because of the stunning success display graduation collection.

To collection “Unbelievable,” the designer has created eight outfits that immediately noticed the owners of the avant-garde clothing store Brawn’s, decided to put in the window of his entire collection of boutique of the young creator. Start to create a new legend was necessary, but for the stunning start lacking stars, which would open for themselves a young designer and walked in his clothes at all social events in London. Such was the young star of the famous American Diana Ross, who came in and bought Brawn’s vest from Galliano. From that moment on, John Galliano exists as a natural phenomenon in the fashion world, without which the world is already impossible to imagine.


John Galliano: all brands Master

John Galliano has not gone to New York, he was in London on a major and undisputed legislator London fashion. His debut collection he presented at Fashion Week in London.

The season after season fashion pleased secular audiences a fresh perspective on fashion, but it did not bring him a financial breakthrough in the early ’90s, John has left London to go to Paris.

As befits any genius John Galliano came to conquer the world of high fashion without a penny in his pocket. He slept on the floor in one of the college and fellow students worked on a couple of square meters of its factories. Trying to find livelihoods, Galliano was engaged in design, and tried to find a sponsor to create a new collection.

The moment of X for the designer came in March 1994 when he met Anna Wintour. American Vogue editor and patron of many young designers. It was she who helped John Galliano find work and create his first Parisian collection of “Fallen Angels».

In an atmosphere of minimalism that reigned at the time on the catwalks of Paris, mired in lackluster baggy dresses, Galliano released a collection full of extravagance and luxury. To display was released 17 completely chic black outfit that showed 17 of the most famous supermodels. among them Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

Defile more like a theatrical performance than a show. Before showing Galliano poured cold water all the mannequins and sent to the podium. This extraordinary act stirred up the public, from the time wearing wet dress became fashionable.

Soon pageants steel business card designer. The popularity of John Galliano began to grow at a frantic pace. In 1995, the budding star invited the owner of the corporation LWMH Bernard Arnault to the post of creative director of fashion house Givenchy. Then, for two consecutive years he led the work on the Galliano collection of fashion house Balenciaga. But the real breakthrough came when Galliano in 1996, was invited to lead the Christian Dior. Shocking Galliano had become conservative and revive dull New Look, like Lagerfeld, who has breathed fresh air into the little black dress.


John Galliano at Christian Dior

The first collection for the fashion house Christian Dior – it is a real sensation in the fashion world. It was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Dior and was called “African”. It Galliano boldly joined the motives of historical costume “Art Nouveau” and chic 30s, intertwined with ethnic motifs.

In his first collection of Christian Dior in 1947 led to the podium silhouette of New Look, John Galliano and 50 years later, in 1997, he brought to the podium of models with hair and make-up, which reminded primitive tribes.

Dior once challenged hungry for extravagance postwar Paris, Galliano as its theatrical models slapped minimalism 90.

Dior created a jacket, outlining his chest and emphasize the waist, Galliano also began his career with the vest. New Look loved and hated, he has split into two camps Paris that made him famous overnight. A similar fate has been and Galliano. It is not surprising that one genius replaced the other half a century later.

«I think we’re a little shook off the cobwebs, gave things easy … Our jackets are made in the traditional for Dior spirit, they are perfectly seated, but they are created for a woman who may be a one-second break and fly to dinner in New York” – said John Galliano for his collection of Christian Dior. Galliano was able to revive the style of Dior, he was able to make it contemporary and relevant. The clothes from Dior began again to wear the star.

The methods of work of John Galliano unique. Each of his collection – a story that has its own character (Lucrezia Borgia, Louise Brooks, Scarlett O’Hara). The designer likes to experiment with the story and inspired by the most beautiful representative of the era – the real icons of style, irrevocably consigned to history.

«The woman from Dior – a true Parisian, whose image gradually starts to leave in the past. I wanted to revive it, not to let him go out, because it is a style, and the style – it’s an eternity. I wanted to give the world is something that managed to revive Dior – fashion. We use new fabrics and colors, but the perfect cut – it’s still a business card Christian Dior ».

In 2010, John Galliano was the distinctive sign of the Order of the Legion of Honor for his contribution to the fashion industry from the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. Such an award has been awarded to Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren.


John Galliano Two houses

In addition to the work related to Christian Dior, Galliano also conducted its own brand. He fully shared the work on the brands Christian Dior and John Galliano. This is another unique feature of the fashion maestro. All the work was carried out on Christian Dior in Paris, and was to study the archives left behind by the great maestro.

«Working with Dior – is the work over time, with the history, to which must be treated very carefully,” – once said the designer.

The heroine Dior – a decadent aristocrat era that coyly moves in time as easily as moving from one opera to another.

Mark John Galliano – is New York, with its skyscrapers, fast pace of life and nightlife. Galliano inspire and easy trek to clubs with friends, and Victoria and Albert Museum in England, where as a student he liked to come and study the sketches of the great couturier Madeleine last Villon.

Working with its own brand of designer John Galliano – a “clean” work, where there is no any limits. His shows – is an idea that can be compared to Cirque du Soleil. The ruined theater, the Parisian rooftops or the Botanical Garden, home, in addition to models of Galliano, flamenco dancers, clowns, acrobats, tightrope walkers and other inhabitants of the beyond the world of dreams, John Galliano …

His muse – a woman with a dark history, with anguish, a woman who lives in a twilight city. Its habitat – parking or seedy cabarets, bars and she loves like a cat wandering around at night. These are the two parties live in the same genius, but you can not play for a long time, and black and white swans, one thing still prevail …


John Galliano scandal

February 24 2011 John Galliano was arrested by police on charges of anti-Semitic statements. Soon guide Christian Dior announced that John Galliano was fired. “What happened in recent times, it was scary and painful ordeal for all of us. We strongly condemn the anti-Semitic statements of John Galliano, which are totally unacceptable and are in complete disagreement with the core values ​​that have always been inherent in Christian Dior ».

The scandal occurred in a Paris bar in the Marais district, where the designer had wandered a drink. Intoxicated designer insulted a couple of Asian appearance and was immediately detained by police. Soon after the scandal erupted around John Galliano even stronger – the network has a video where people like Galliano, drunk as a lord, said the two women that he loves Hitler and people like them are going to die …

Many condemned the designer, but many have risen to his defense. Now John Galliano have to appear before the court, he faces up to six months in prison. Gagliano denies all the allegations and publicly states that do not support racism.

However, experts have bet – who will come to the place of Galliano in Dior? Among the possible candidates – creative director Riccardo Tisci Givenshy, Stefano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent and Olivier Tiskens from Nina Ricci.

The last show of Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week passed without the designer, and the first rows were empty.

The model Natalia Vodianova. Commenting on the incident, said that in any case does not justify his actions, but still in the assessment of the incident, advises to bet on the human condition, because alcoholism – a disease and people often do not realize what it says, and needs help.

This humane position is shared by many people who worked with John Galliano. They know it as open and kind person, and no one can explain what demon possessed him at the moment. In the history of fashion many designers who are struggling with addictions: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen … Opinions may differ, but in any case, a genius is best to say it is creation, and their shows Galliano from year to year showed incredible and unique design ideas …

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