Donna Karan

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Donna Karan

Donna Karan – biography

Donna Ivy Fusco, who later became a fashion designer Donna Karan, was born in New York City October 2, 1948. Her education from early years created favorable conditions for the novice designer’s career, because her parents were directly related to fashion: Donna was a model mother and father a tailor.

This environment was not in vain, Donna Karan successfully passed the entrance exams at Parsons The New School for Design. During her studies, she began working with the designer Anne Klein, and her work was so impressive that their union lasted until his death in 1971, Anna.

So Donna Karan became the chief designer of her house, and soon opened and your own – DKNY – Donna Karan New York. The debut line, which it has developed, has received the highest critical acclaim, Donna was the designer of the year, and her first collection was named best-seller in the US for innovative design and creativity.

Philosophy Donna Karan

Initially, the collection of Donna Karan had their own distinctive formula which itself dubbed as the creator of “7 simple things.” The philosophy of the designer is: wardrobe every business woman can be composed of seven stylish but simple installment of things that can be easily mixed and matched. This approach Donna explains that fit on the figure a few things much easier than to find a perfect sitting. The first and main part of the wardrobe – a body, also offers Donna Karan dress, skirt, blouse chiffon leggings, elongated jacket, blazer.

By the way, Donna suggested making the body part of the modern image of a business woman, and besides, it was she who came up with “equip” its clasps, much simplified the toe of the product.

Clothing Donna Karan

The majority of consumers and critics subdued design clothes designer. All her clothes are created to be understood by ordinary people. Inspired by the noisy and hectic New York, Donna is proud that may allow each person to look special. Designer collections are built on the principle “from the office – at a cocktail party.” Elegant and practical clothes contains a proportion of glamorous femininity, which is why the collection of the fashion house is extremely successful for many years now.

A collection of Donna Karan in 2013 presented a palette of cement-gray shades, black and white fabric insert of translucent chiffon. It is inspired by the urban landscape, filled with sensuality and temptation of the big city. Sophisticated draped jacket with crystals, pencil skirt, made in a way that are more like paper gowns, rather closed models with playful accents, opens the body-all this creates an image of a confident appeal.

A complete image gives perfumes Donna Karan – a drop of corporate exquisite apple flavor with a hint of sensual wood fills the possessor shining and charming naturalness.

Accessories and footwear Donna Karan

Shoes Donna Karan – it is always a bright style, fashion and dynamics of New York. Carefully worked details, elegance and expressiveness of the models immediately apparent. But in the first place at the Donna Karan always practical, her shoes for every occasion of life, whether it be working weekdays or shindig – your legs will always be comfortable and cozy.

Jewellery Donna Karen – is, above all, watches DKNY. The original, harmonious design, sophistication and traditional American brevity. The first customers were friends of Donna hours: Demi Moore, Barbara Streisand and, they say that one of the copies purchased for himself, Bill Clinton.

Donna KaranDonna Karan
Donna KaranDonna Karan
Donna KaranDonna Karan

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