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Kanye West

Kanye Omari West (Eng. Kanye Omari West race. June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA, USA) – American rapper, singer and producer. Winner of 21 Grammy Awards. World copies of his records more than 30 million copies. As a music producer, he has collaborated with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Nas, Janet Jackson, TI and others.

Kanye was born and raised in Chicago photojournalist father and mother, a teacher at the university. He, unlike most rappers, did not know the world of dirty alleys and Trade crack because grew up in a wealthy family of the middle class. However, there is a suspicion that the pocket money he was not spoiled – otherwise why being in China (where his mother worked), demonstrated on the streets of small skills in karate, for the Chinese ridiculed him. And enough of that stuff just for ice cream … Kanye spent his childhood playing basketball, drawing, inventing video games. But everything has its time, and the solution mixed with codes kicking the ball once bored with our kids – he decided to try his hand in the music, and to give way to 100%.

The first who touched him to the quick, and made it clear that he likes, then had debuted Kid ‘n Play and De La Soul «Me Myself & I». In a city where at that time there was no rap radio, talking about this hip-hop it was funny. However, Kanye is not stopped. On the result of this dedication can judge for yourself.

He began by saying that he had stolen the keys “Casio”. The team gelled immediately: “My mother was a friend of her mother Common, so when I started making music, Common quite naturally followed me.” Although first met Kanye No ID at the time of recording the first album Common «Can I Borrow A Dollar?», He immediately said it as versed in the human soul.

While for those who are engaged in bitmeykingom, guarantees for the future did not exist, that’s Kanye and enrolled at the State University of Chicago. But the temptation to take up music was too great.

The following year, he quit college and sold the chain to get hold of some money to move to New York. Not everything went smoothly, and the ups, humiliatingly low – worthy of mention except that part in Jermain Dupri «Life in 1472″ – followed by long periods of lack of demand. In 2000, Kanye looked up and summed up the black band – he sold the tracks on the album Lil ‘Kim, Beanie Sigel and Da Brat, and, more importantly, really interested in the pillars of the then Roc-A-Fella, Damon Dash and Sean Jay-Z Carter. He entrusted the work on the album Jay-Z «Blueprint» and Kanye did not disappoint.

Disk Dzhiggi named the best album since the time of the unforgettable «Reasonable Doubt», and this is an expensive cost. «Takeover», «Izzo (HOVA)», «Heart Of The City (Is not No Love)», «Never Change» – the contribution of Mr. West was weighing both in quantity and quality. For a couple with another genius with stables Roc-A-Fella, talented producer Just Blaze they gave Jay-Z a completely new sound, built on soul samples and zapitchennyh hysterical vocals. More tunes, but the Kacha and more! And Jay-Z, like no other, the resulting structure is equipped with a cleverly witty metaphors and merciless panchlaynami. Pare beatmaker predicted a great future and made a mistake in only one – Kanye has achieved a lot more than that meted gifted producer.

The news that Kanye West sees itself as an active rapper could, if not shocking, that hard to impress – the star caught the guy? “Many people do not understand, but I started making beats just because began writing texts – he explains. – In 1996 I beat Common’a Freestyle ».

In 2002, we heard it in the track «Bounce» on «Blueprint 2″ near the Jay-Z. Not everyone begins to precipitate such a chance! However, bread is earned Kanye others. Several tracks for Dzhiggi (including a perfectly well-known «’03 Bonnie & Clyde». Something for Talib Kweli, including «Get By», the main hit album «Quality». Well, on the little things – Trina, Cam ‘ ron, Scarface. And then there was a car accident on October 23 that nearly put an end to this not really start a career …

This event has become a kind of crucial. Inspired, two weeks later, with a fixed jaw, Kanye has recorded «Trough The Wire», which is destined to be the first single of his debut album. Hence the belief that only God helps him, hence the line of religious texts and another superhit «Jesus Walks» also started around here.

«When I go into the studio, I turn into a beast, a monster, in Mike Tyson – West explains the technique. – I feel the urge to bear his people’s heads a bit. I do track and I say to myself, “Farrell, did you hear that?” Yes, when I write music, I try to impress Andre 3000 and Pharrell. But when I sit down a text, try to make the surprise Jay-Z ».

In 2003, he surprised those and others. By focusing on the album, the side he produced only hits – «Stand Up» for Ludacris, «Slow Jamz» for Twista, «You Do not Know My Name» for Alicia Keys. Well, a little bit for DMX, Memphis Bleek, Lil Kim, Freeway, Fabolous, TI And at the beginning of 2004, came the long-awaited «College Dropout» and seemed to burst out the window the wind dispersed the dust in the corners of musty rooms, which in those years was like hip-hop. Double-platinum album showed the masses an entirely new piece – “conscious” hip-hop, but not boring, didactic, and hot! And his «Jesus Walks» and became a hit at all times.

While hot, Kanye Nakovana iron. In 2004 he produced the album, John Legend, with the help of «Overnight Celebrity» resurrected career Twista, and worked with such diverse artists as Janet Jackson, Brandy, Mobb Deep, D-12, Slum Village, Shyne, Jin, Talib Kweli, Jadakiss , Cam’ron, Consequence, 213, Mos Def – then everywhere. No wonder that in 2004 West gave my mother a house in Los Angeles, and surrender – “Mercedes» CLK500.

2005 triumph came for Kanye. The second album «Late Registration» surpassed the success of the firstborn – this week the shelves carried away 860,000 copies. He had a hand in the success of the album Common, produced tracks for the Game and the blockbuster Mariah Carey, immediately claimed eight Grammy Awards – the most prestigious in the world of music (eventually won three). Finally, he established himself in the status of a fighter for the problems of the people during the airtime dedicated to hurricane Katrina.

Kanye Attitude to social problems of his country deserves a separate paragraph. Not experienced the hardships of poverty, it is, nevertheless, an active and consistent advocate of the black population. Sometimes it even seems that his incriminating statements he goes too far – the word “policy go home for”Mercier”and”Bentley”, while the black population is dying of hunger” sounds both comical and hysterical. But do not forget that the older generation of African Americans remembers racial segregation in action.

Lyrics Kanye is very radical. In «Crack Music» he accuses President Reagan that he “has brought to the ghetto crack”as a way to stop the”Black Panthers”. Bush Sr., and no one else, according to Kanye, gave Saddam chemical weapons. But Bush went on the air the Telethon, dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 2 September 2005 the whole country Kanye West’s live on NBC, postponing a leaflet with the prepared phrases to utter bewilderment standing next to comedian Mike Myers (“Austin Powers”) stated that “hates today portray us [black] means hour all year round information. If you show a black family – they steal. If white – they are looking for food … It’s been five days [waiting for federal government help] because most of the victims were black. And even I, complaining it look a hypocrite, because he turned away from the TV screen, not being able to look at it …. “Mike Myers, who decided that Kanye finished, he continued to read the prepared text, but the rapper interrupted phrase”George Bush do not care about black people.” The camera immediately switched, but the words flew around the country. Perhaps this was the most severe criticism of the authorities for the time of the tragedy in New Orleans.

In 2006, a brawler and more metrosexual reaped laurels, and worked – so with one hand. Again immediately received three Grammy Awards, Kanye said that the prestigious award for “Album of the Year”was to get all to him. At the ceremony MTV EMA he quarreled organizers for that clip on «Touch The Sky» remained unrewarded. And apart from this – wrote some music for”his boys» Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco and John Legend, as well as for the status of children Game, Jay-Z and Diddy. He has performed on tour to legends such as U2 and the Rolling Stones. As well as preparing the album, the new album «Graduation», which we will hear whether the spring of 2007, and whether even later.

And what do we see? West Life was the main concept of his records. His playful, but a passionate expression of thoughts, emotions and contradictions involved in trying to describe the life of the middle class, where he grew up, worked, which was angry over which rejoiced. It covers topics college fraternity life, sex, hunting for money single women and his own materialism, which is based on insecurity. And a fast ride … This is probably one of the few topics that Kanye is trying to get round (drive slow, homie!).

«I am going to to create an image of a man who is still nobody really touched. Commercials dude who believes in God, but uhlestyvaet for girls. You know what I mean? A man who spent the last dollar to buy a cool car … That’s what I’m thinking way ».

West said: “I am not different from some that admit all this garbage about gangs, weapons, etc. and that openly saying where I am, and I sing about it, sing about the street life, I sing for those who it is close and understandable. Singing for black, white and all the rest. I’m real as much as possible. I – a new world of hip-hop. »

11.09.07 Kanye West released his third solo album. On the album Kanye West «Graduation» seen people like Chris Martin (COLDPLAY) in the song «Homecoming», Daft Punk in the main amped album «Stronger», T-PAIN (rising star of R & B, 2007) in the song «Good Life», Mos Def («Drunk And Hot Girls»), Dwele («Flashing Lights»), Lil Wayne (Barry Bonds). The album went multi-platinum, that such a complex time – sverhdostizhenie.

November 25, 2008 – fourth album comes out.

The new album Kanye West’a was very sad and at the same time a beautiful gift for his listeners experiencing his personal problems as svoi.Proshloy winter from unsuccessful plastic surgery actor died mother Donda West, who was also his manager and friend. The singer is very worried about the black stage in my life I decided to write an album unlike anything he had done before etogo.Albom 808s & Heartbreaks true to its name, it is crowded and intimidating deperessivnymi chords drum udarami.Takzhe pass it thought two guest stars who have gone “face control”on his album is the victor of all possible prizes rap Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy.Novoe creation is ambiguous, but one thing is for sure, he does not stand still, and he has something to tell his aficionados with music, because the language of music, too there.

2009-2010 year was a very emotionally intense for Kanye, and it all started with the fact that he was at the ceremony when awarding VMA2009 Taylor Swift Award for Best Video of the Year went to the scene, the singer took the microphone and said that the title belongs to the Best Video of the Year Beyonce and its clip Single Ladies. After the incident on Kanye was a wave of condemnation from the mass media. What would somehow get away from the situation Kanye went to Hawaii to record a new album (but not before he spent a few months in Tokyo and Milan, working for well-known fashion brands of clothes).

Kanye returned to public life in the summer with the release of a new single «Power» with his upcoming album. The single brought very good reviews from critics. Soon, Mr. West got a Twitter account and started promotion of its upcoming album in full. Ye made a new single at the ceremony BET awards. And in September, he presented to the public at VMA2010 second single Runaway. The speech was very original and remembered everything. Just rapper promised to release every week on Friday on a new track up to Christmas, are called GOOD Friday’s fans Fridays (some of the tracks presented Kanye how good friday tracks includes 5 studio album) .tak Mr. West also took a 35-minute film «Runaway». which is an accompaniment to 5 studio album Kanye West «My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy». Filming took place in Prague in the summer of 2010. The film premiered in Paris in 2010 (after Paris, Kanye visited with the premiere of the film a few cities, such as Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles.) The film was used most of the tracks from the new album Kanye. Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous, Power, All of the Lights, Devil in a New Dress, Runaway, Hell of a Life, Blame Game, Lost in the World

The release of the new album «My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy» took place on 22 November 2010. The fifth artist album became a favorite of music critics and earned top scores of famous magazines and websites, such as Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Pitchfork, and also received platinum status.

In 2011, Kanye returned to collab-album with Jay-Z «Watch The Throne»

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