Eva Braun

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BROWN Eva (Braun)

Brown . Eve ( Braun ), (1912-1945), the mistress of Hitler, became his wife the day before their joint suicide. Born in Munich in the family of a school teacher. In his youth was assistant Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s personal photographer, who introduced them to each other. Tall, slender, with regular features, rather pretty than beautiful. she enjoyed sports. fond of swimming, gymnastics, skiing and rock climbing. She is extremely fond of dancing that are engaged professionally. Reserved, even shy, Eva Brown little interest in politics, preferring to pay more attention to the sport. reading novels and watching movies. The sole purpose in life was to her – be useful beloved Fuhrer.

After the suicide of Geli Raubal September 18, 1931 Hitler had bad luck in relationships with women. He wanted to surround himself with beautiful women. but he is too afraid to become attached to one of them. “Intelligent people ought to have a primitive and stupid woman. – Said Hitler. – Imagine if I was a woman. That would interfere with my work.” It scared the idea of ​​a woman. participating in politics. For many years, the propaganda minister Goebbels had tried unsuccessfully to win the favor of the Fuhrer, acquainting it with a strikingly beautiful blonde with a true Nordic features. Instead, Hitler drew attention to Eva Brown – undemanding assistant photographer. leading chronicle of the bourgeois world and Nazism.

Hitler had absolute influence on her. Worried about her health. He forbade her to fly or drive a car quickly. He made her financially independent by transferring the rights to publish her own photos and Heinrich Hoffmann.

Eve Brown perfectly fit the alpine environment of Hitler’s Berghof in Berchtesgaden. It was introduced here as the Fuhrer’s mistress, but always stayed in the shadows, cut off a wall of silence. The servants were forbidden to speak to her, except for necessities. Although Eve Brown , and was part of the entourage, but she sent out her apartment whenever there were important guests. Very few people in Germany knew of its existence.

Hitler forbade her to appear in Berlin, only in the last 2 years of her life she receded from the ban. During the war. when the Führer was a long time in one of his bets Eve Brown has remained at the Berghof, read, play sports. He wrote letters, kept a diary, and missed. Her fate was sad to expect the return of his master. At the same time her suffering was so great that she tried several times to commit suicide.

April 15, 1945 Eva Brown arrived in Berlin to share the fate of Hitler. Fuhrer sent her to Munich, but she refused. When he told her to leave the bunker, she again did not comply. “Germany is no Adolf Hitler is not suitable for life,” – once she said. Before his death, Hitler decided to fulfill the long cherished desire of Eva Brown . he agreed to marry her.

The formalities were brief – April 29, 1945 held their wedding. Both stated that they are citizens of Aryan descent and have no hereditary diseases. They shook hands with the guests and briefly attend the wedding breakfast. Then Hitler went to dictate his last will and political testament. The greatest moment in the life of Eva Brown come when conventional treatment workers “Fraulein,”she said,”Now, you can confidently call me”Frau Hitler.”In the afternoon on April 30, about half of the third, Eva Brown took poison and died next to her husband.

Eva BraunEva Braun
Eva BraunEva Braun
Eva BraunEva Braun

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