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English Italian Prime Minister shook Online

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (Matteo Renzi) urgently need to tighten his knowledge of the English language after the video with his performance in the language of Shakespeare gained more than two million views on YouTube.

After Matteo Renzi exchanged mayor of Florence on the prime minister of Italy. he had to seriously work on improving his knowledge of English. Earlier this month, he has demonstrated his success at the conference & # 171; Digital Venice & # 187 ;, delivered there a speech on the Berlin Wall.

Unfortunately, much of what a politician simply has not been translated into other languages, but it is fully able to convey to the audience their concern own performances. Numerous pause prime minister, his thoughtful & # 171; & # 187 um; and frown became a subject of ridicule users of the World Wide Web – after a break for lunch (which happily told Renzi in English), with his speech video was uploaded to YouTube, as craftsmen even tried to make it to the subtitles. & # 171; Nau de time of the the the the the the the the IIT (?) De lunch endefor e Italiana politishian absolyuteli kushial s & # 187; – The prime minister said, referring to the & # 171; Now it & # 8217; s time for lunch, which is absolutely crucial for Italian politicians! & # 187; (& # 171; It is time for lunch, which is essential for Italian politicians! & # 187;)

Surprisingly, most video statement by the representative of Italy interested people in this country: more than 880 thousand of his views is in Italy. Perhaps today this speech Matteo Renzi is the most popular among Internet users.

This is not the first time the performance of the Italian prime minister becomes the object of attention. Earlier, a YouTube user with the nickname & # 171; Snish is the Word & # 187; & # 171; & # 187 zamiksoval; one of the speeches Renzi. Later unusual remix has been viewed more than 1.2 million times. It should answer that popularity of this type significantly affected the ranking of the policy.

Meanwhile, Renzi, it would seem, did not shy about their insufficient knowledge of the language spoken by the entire world. Not long ago, he has demonstrated his English conversation with the Head of the Department of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

By the way speaking, the prime minister of Italy is considered quite an active user of Internet resources. Often, in his statements, he mentions the & # 171; buzzword. & # 187; For example, in early July, in his address to MEPs Renzi, as a representative of the country designated by the EU presidency, he said he saw the & # 171; weary Europe. & # 187; & # 171; With great regret I have to say that, if Europe is made the self, in the photo would appear iznemozhdennoe face. & # 187;

Italian Prime Minister calls on countries outside the EU, to the maximum rapprochement, arguing that & # 171; if we keep the borders of their countries, we will not move forward. & # 187; Earlier Renzi argued that during its EU presidency Italy will focus on the economic growth of the union, while not forgetting about the people.

Matteo RenziMatteo Renzi
Matteo RenziMatteo Renzi
Matteo RenziMatteo Renzi

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