Giorgio Napolitano

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Giorgio Napolitano.

Giorgio Napolitano (ital. Giorgio Napolitano; b. June 29, 1925, in Naples, the Kingdom of Italy) – Italian politician, the 11th President of the Italian Republic. He was one of the most senior leaders of the state of existing in the world and the oldest acting head of state in Europe.


He was born June 29, 1925 in Naples. He graduated from the University of Naples Federico II with a focus on the history of labor law. As a youth, he wrote theater reviews, playing small roles in theater and participated in the resistance movement.

Immediately after World War II joined the Italian Communist Party in 1956, he was elected to its National Committee, where he was responsible initially for the problems of southern Italy, and in 1970-1980 for the culture, economic issues and international affairs. He was an active supporter of the “Italian road to socialism” and Eurocommunism. After the dissolution of the ICP participated in the transformation of the structure of the Communist Party in the Party of the Democratic Left Alliance, and then – in the Democratic Party of the Left.

Since 1953, for more than 40 years he represented the Naples Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, in 1992-1994 was her head. In 1996-1998, the Minister of Internal Affairs. Lifetime Senator from 2005 to 2006 and from 2015.


He was elected president of the country 10 May 2006 in the 4th round of voting took office on May 15. The presidency of the Italian government-parliamentary crisis in 2008, when Parliament expressed its distrust of the government, did not accept the resignation of Romano Prodi and dissolved parliament; the second time played an important role in governing the country in 2011, offered the post of prime minister, Mario Monti – as noted in the New York Times, thus Napolitano “orchestrated one of the most difficult political changes in post-war Italy, while remaining a key guarantor of political stability.”

In the sixth round of the presidential elections in Italy April 20, 2013, 87-year-old Giorgio Napolitano has become the first in the history of Italy’s re-elected president. April 22 took the oath.

resonant was the decision of 13 August 2013, adopted by the president. He refused to pardon former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

At the end of 2014 Napolitano said that he was in a few weeks will go into retirement.

January 14, 2015 at 10:35 signed an act on his resignation from the post of the President of Italy.

Giorgio NapolitanoGiorgio Napolitano
Giorgio NapolitanoGiorgio Napolitano
Giorgio NapolitanoGiorgio Napolitano

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