Miriam Leone

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Miriam Leone: the 10 stages in the career of the sexy queen of fiction

Miriam Leone is the female face of this TV season: l & # 8217; former Miss Italy is currently starring on the small screen with two TV series: 1992 on Sky and The veiled lady on RAI 1.

Photo: LaPresse

But who is this red-haired girl who is being talked about half of Italy? Born in Acireale April 14, 1985, Miriam Leone it is a quasi-thirties with a splendid career still all ahead. A career that began in 2008, with the participation in Miss Italy. and continued in television, film, and & # 8230; some gossip.

  • 7. THE LADY VELATA & # 8211; 2015 seems to be the & # 8217; year of Miriam Leone: on RAI 1 plays the role of the Countess Clara Great Fossà in The veiled lady, feuilleton period piece set in the Trentino of the late nineteenth century, between secrets, intrigue and a great love alongside linen pillow in the role of Guido Fossà.
  • 8. 1992 & # 8211; Meanwhile, Miriam is also the protagonist of the TV series in 1992, broadcast on Sky Atlantic: here the Lion plays Veronica Castle, a young woman determined to become a showgirl of success against the backdrop of a Milan theater of Tangentopoli.

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Miriam LeoneMiriam Leone
Miriam LeoneMiriam Leone
Miriam LeoneMiriam Leone

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