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The Italians, you know, have always been a people love entertainment funny, & # 8217; performing art comic, and over time this specific tradition s & # 8217; evolved, renovated into presenting a thousand different facets, always with the & # 8217; s goal of a laugh to the public.

The Italian comedy of last century’s & # 8217; is identified in real giants that shaped with their humor our society, conversing daily with their brilliant staged for one simple purpose: make laugh.

Think of the famous Toto. the legendary Paul Village or all & # 8217; unforgettable Dario Fo. names remained etched forever in the history of the Italian comedy of the & # 8216; 900, and certainly for good reasons. Characters known by all, there is no Italian who does not know these great artists, even for fame, without necessarily seeing their shows. Yet the & # 8217; Italy in the second half of the twentieth century has another great master of comedy who are curiously hears little sadly, that Renato cockpit.

Class 1940, Milan, Renato cockpit made comedy his purpose in life as a young man, making his debut in the 1964 with the & # 8217; friend Cochi Ponzoni shows comedians to & # 8217; Osteria dell & # 8217; Goose and following the Cab 64, and then perform at the Milan Derby. until you reach the late & # 8217; 60 cameras Rai.

The couple Cochi and Renato was started with a comic style totally new in Italy: it must in fact cockpit and Ponzoni l & # 8217; introduction of cabaret in our country, art form Mother & # 8217; current stand up comedy. The duo had no artistic training behind him, but simply proposing one style very genuine, realistic and above all physical. to tradition Italian comic fact cockpit himself said: & # 8220; We did it for us, to have fun and entertain others & # 8220 ;. The key to success of & # 8217; humor Ponzoni cockpit and was also in the contrast. Ponzoni was l & # 8217; element of the pair refined, educated and elegant, while cockpit that more land to land, simplistic and popular, triggering automatically the laughter in the audience for the hilarious situations that the two comedians knew to stage.

The shows of cockpit and Ponzoni Rai were of various kinds: from sketch to gag, and even songs. Indeed, it is above song workhorse of Cochi and Renato . unforgettable, for example, & # 8220; And life, the life & # 8220;. Italian first song over everything to be commented by the images of a music video.

1974 Renato cockpit was hired for starring in the film & # 8220; To love Ophelia & # 8220;. film with which he made his debut in the film industry no longer get out and thanks to which in 1975 won the Nastro d & # 8217; Best Actor Silver novice.

From there Cockpit opened a new world. was required for many Italian comedies, a sign that his talent finally broke through in the hearts of the Italian public, so that today the comedian Milan boasts a vast filmography. Among the most famous films you can remember & # 8220; Oh, Serafina! . & # 8220; I’m photogenic & # 8220 ;, & # 8220; The country boy & # 8220 ;, and many more. Unfortunately this soaring career was also a major cause of the dissolution of the couple Cochi and Renato . which you will then reassemble almost thirty & # 8217; years later, in 2000.

The base of the cockpit-style comic actor remained almost the same as when she was performing in taverns and in Rai with & # 8217; friend Coco, very basic and realistic. Of course, changing in form over time and depending on the context of the movie, but the substance remained always the same: one style very simple and is based on the real. involving the public as what was being staged could very well happen to any viewer. This type of humor practiced by cockpit essentially embraces and takes the audience, making it more active. A humorous style that would later influenced generations of comedians & # 8211; Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo Fabio De Luigi. as well as many others.

cockpit has also worked with big stars of the Italian comedy: for example, with Christian De Sica & # 8220; Ricky and Barabbas & # 8220 ;. or with the same Paul Village & # 8220; The comic & # 8220; and & # 8220; The comic 2 & # 8220;. which Village also said a few years ago that he would like to return to work with the & # 8217; friend Renato as & # 8220; person extraordinarily fun, it’s what he managed to make me always laughing & # 8220;.

Today cockpit remains a Guru for the new generation of comedians: in & # 8217; s latest film in which he participated, & # 8220; What a lovely surprise & # 8220; (2015) with Claudio Bisio and Frank Matano. Cockpit, while playing a secondary part, can still be heard on the stage giving pearls of humor typical of his style.

In a & # 8217; interview inherent in said film cockpit himself he says that the comedy is something that evolves with the company. then we welcome the changes when we say impressed by gag of & # 8217; emerging duo The Idiots and very similar to the style of Bisio.

In short, comedians and comedians are going. What is certain is that a Master of comedy as Renato cockpit, showman lived who has experienced everything and more as well as model d & # 8217; inspiration. It deserves a place next to the great names in the history of Italian comedy.

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Renato PozzettoRenato Pozzetto
Renato PozzettoRenato Pozzetto
Renato PozzettoRenato Pozzetto

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