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Biography group Cypress Hill

Many people wonder how the same was born this original and popular rap group like Cypress Hill, who are its leaders and what they were doing before they organized their group.

The leaders of this group were born and raised in a small suburb of South Gate is in Latin America, and, like most of their peers are familiar with street life, criminal gangs and hip-hop. which it was permeated their whole life. Moreover, one of the leaders of the group, namely B-Real. while still a Louis Fries, he was a member of one of the many street gangs, engaged in drug sales and street felt like a fish in water, while not even thought about what it “face” Career rap star.

At the same time, another future leader of this group Sen Dog (Senen Reyes) also knew about all the realities of street life, but not in one of the street gangs are not entered, but preferred to do football, to which at the time had an irresistible cravings.

Over time, become acquainted with each other through their common friend, known as Julio G, they met with Lawrence Maggeradom (dj Muggs). Muggs all this time just raved about creating their own rap group. Music, which was to combine the melodic rhythm of Latin melodies and mad recitatives reading of street boys.

Some time later Muggs shared this dream with Dog`om Sen, who literally fired up by the idea and decided to connect more and his friend B-Real `and that at that time was still a member of a street gang. At first he reacted negatively to the proposal and only after he was wounded in the back during one of the shootings, he decided to take part in the creation of the group. As he has said repeatedly in interviews, if not the insistence of his friends, and their faith in his talent, he would have died in one of the many street shootings.

Thus, in 1991, there was a group Cypress Hill, and in the same year they had recorded their debut album, entitled “Black Sunday & raquo ;. This album literally soared to the peak of popularity, ranking the first place in the charts thanks to such hits as the”How I Could Just Kill A Man & raquo ;,”Hand On The Pump”and” Latin Lingo & raquo ;. Well, after the group joined Eric Bobo, who was the son of one of the legendary Cuban musicians, and it – Willie Bobo, their success on the world stage was simply provided.

Already in conjunction with Eric`om Bobo they recorded a new album ” Temples of Boom & raquo ;, which is the same as the first, becomes platinum. After some time away from the team Sen Dog and organizes his own musical group SX-10. play hard guitar music and B-Real. Muggs and Bobo are in a band and touring successfully. After some time Sen Dog returns to the team, and they recorded together in 1997, one more album – IV.

Cypress HillCypress Hill
Cypress HillCypress Hill
Cypress HillCypress Hill

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