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Carson lueders biography

They became a symbol of blood, red scarves; It said that in the 90’s in the homes most respected members of Bloods, such as Suge Knight even the walls were painted scarlet. It is believed that the creation of Bloods occurred after a small gang from Compton Piru Street Boys known that nurtured rapper Game has not found understanding with significantly exceeding its quantitative Compton Crips and entered it into open conflict. In an effort to enlist the support of other groups, the leaders of Piru Street Boys have collected all the other hardcore non Crips street gang in Los Angeles, such as L. Brims, whose members were guilty of the murder of several “blue”.There to mid-80s were active divisions”blue”. At the meeting in Compton on Piru Street, and it was decided to create an alliance Bloods.

Sen Dog, another member of Cypress Hill, appeared before the public in a vest “Latin King”. Ray Washington, founder of the first gang Crips, was killed in 1979 at the age of 26 years.

His companion Tookie Williams is still alive – yet. Black vinyl seller in the English film “Human Traffic”told customers that”when a rapper gets in jail, his record rise in price by 10 pounds, and if it is put in the electric chair, the prices generally soar into the stratosphere.” Soon Rap. Another 4 acted in Compton, one – in Athens and Inglewood.

After 25 years in Los Angeles, there were 138, in Compton – 36 in Inglewood – 14 in Long Beach – California 10. Most Crips and Bloods African-Americans.

The exceptions are applicable in Long Beach Samoan Crip, Samoan Blood of Carson City, which included the Samoans and Inglewood Crip, consisting of natives of the Pacific island nation of Tonga. The main rivals of “red”and”blue” in California are the Latin Kings – Hispanic gang, consisting of the descendants of Mexican and South American immigrants. While most of the C-73 prisoners were members of the Latin American gang Latin Kings. Latinos were numerous and well organized, they humiliated African-American prisoners, forced them to perform the most menial tasks.

Around the most strong-willed and zhestkoih blacks and events pertaining to the Bloods, rallied a group calling itself the United Blood Nation, called to rebut the Latin Kings. Prison gang United Blood Nation copied the rules and customs of the California Bloods. Later leaders UBN formed in New York City and its suburbs about a dozen groups of “red”, such as the Mad Stone Villains MSV, Valentine Bloods VB, Gangster Killer Bloods GKB, Hit Squad Brims HSB, Sex, Money and Murder SMM.

Ru – excerpts from these memoirs.

From New York they have spread throughout the east coast of the United States. Only Fuckty Bloods often refer to themselves as Damu “blood” in the African language Swahili or Dawg DOGS.

Carson LuedersCarson Lueders
Carson LuedersCarson Lueders
Carson LuedersCarson Lueders

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