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Chet Atkins (CHET ATKINS)

Across America probably will not find a person who has not heard of this name. Still – one of the most famous guitarists of the United States, a musician and composer of works which are written tutorials for beginner guitarists, one of the fathers of modern country and blue grass style, and even the media nickname Mr.Guitar!

Who else can boast such, though unofficial, but so desirable for the guitarist “nickname” N If you still do not know who is the living legend of guitar music. suggests: Chet is Atkins .

Listening Atkins . it seems that this man was born with a guitar in his hands, and that playing the guitar for him is as natural as for “mere mortals” – spoken language.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that started his musical education a little Atkins is not a guitar and violin. However, at 9 years old, he realized that his future laid in a completely different instrument – in the guitar – and traded guitar for a gun belonged to him. To be sure, history is silent, whether firearms present or is it child’s play. but in any case, thanks to this wonderful exchange in the music world has another bright star.

One of the first teachers of the future guitarist was his older brother who, by the way, also went on to become quite famous musician in the late 30s he played in a pair with a Les Paul himself.

By the time of graduation. v1941 the year, Chet was already the established guitarist. Using his contacts in the music world. He almost immediately settled musician on radio and appeared on ‘Bill Carlisle Show’ in Knoxville, Tennessee. At the same time he became a member of the band Dixie Swingers.

Three years later, he changed his place of work and signed a contract with the radio station in the city of Cincinnati.

In 1946, the year Atkins for the first time appeared in the popular at the time the transfer of Grand Ole Opry. In the same year he published his first (not yet solo) plate.

But do not think that everyone in the life of a young musician evolved easily. The road to fame was thorny, and an example of this are the constant dismissal Atkins from the radio stations. Over the next few years, he changed a lot of work because of the rejection of his leadership of the music stations. Alas – that is by far the canon of guitar music. It was once the vanguard and met resistance.

Life threw Atkins in St. Louis, Missouri, in Denver, Colorado. However, Fortune still not left the couple – a result of his wanderings around the country with his film songs fell into the hands of Steve Sholes, who at the time headed the Chicago branch of the famous record companies – RCA.

After listening to the film immediately phoned Shoals Atkins and offered him cooperation.

Soon Chet went to Nashville, where the studio RCA recorded eight of his compositions, and became a permanent employee of the company. Due to his connections with the Shoals, he began to take part in the popular program “Grand Ole Opry”. Thus, in Nashville (which, incidentally, is the historic capital of music “country”) Atkins has become his own man.

In 1053, it was the RCA did Chet its permanent consultant in Nashville, and by the end of the 50s the whole country knew him as one of the best guitarists, thanks to its continued participation in the records of the plates with the most famous artists of America.

In 1957, Scholes retired from RCA, leaving Chet manager of the company in Nashville. However, the work does not kill korporatsionnaya in to Atkins musician. In 1960, he delighted the audience with his play on the famous Jazz Festival in Newport, and in 1961 was invited to a solo concert at the White House.

In 1965, the year of one of his solo songs hit the top five songs of the year. It should be noted that this is a great success, given that the yard were the days of rock ‘n’ roll, and Chet played country music and jazz.

Once this began a period of a creative slump: Atkins was still one of the most famous guitarists of the country, but his solo work rarely rises above 40 th place.

In the early 70s Chet once again emerged from the shadows, but as a solo artist and as one of the musicians of the popular trio of Nashville String Band.

By the end of the ’70s work with RCA has become difficult for a musician: he has long wanted to write complex jazz compositions, but the company did not allow him, citing the fact that jazz is not popular music. As a result, more and more increasing differences in the 82nd year, Chet left RCA in the least popular company Columbia Records.

Between the 82nd and 94th years, Chet recorded album after album. His style is increasingly manifest desire to jazz, but not disappear, and notes its brand country style. The list of famous artists with whom he played Atkins . It is so great that listing it in one sketch is simply impossible. In parallel with the work in Columbia Records were published in textbooks and videos, which were described in detail techniques of his game. Because of these benefits thousands of guitarists around the world were able to raise their level of play, or to expand the range of its capabilities.

The most famous textbook was released in 1996 and was called The Guitar Of Chet Atkins .

Today, the famous guitarist continues to work at full strength – gives concerts, writes and organizes festivals and foundations. Chet Atkins is not just an extraordinary, outstanding guitarist with his unusual style of play. it is also a man who creates and sustains the entire musical culture. Nashville Nashville would not be without Chet Atkins .

We would like to mention the cooperation with companies Gretch musician and Gibson. Thanks to this cooperation in due time a whole series of great guitars. First, the firm has released a wonderful Gretch jazz instrument called “Country Gentleman”, and after a while, thanks to the ideas of Atkins . the company has released a series of Gibson guitars in his name. The popularity of these guitars is so great that today they played all over the world – from David Matthew in America before Zemfira in Russia.

And another interesting point.

Before you write this essay, I turn over mountains of material to write about Atkins a variety of (mostly Anglophone) authors. In my possession were the details of his biography, some I even lowered so as not to bore you with a string of dates and events, but that’s what I was somewhat surprised: worldwide Chet Atkins is known as a famous guitarist, but almost no one He writes about his wonderful ability to write songs. It was not instrumental music. and the songs.

I myself, being a fan of his work, listened to numerous recordings made by Atkins in different periods of his life, and I want to mention his beautiful poetic details and constant, good sense of humor that is present in all texts of his songs .

Listening to the recording Chet Atkins . at the same time exciting and unique game. and relax the soul, listening to his sweet voice and intelligent, beautiful lyrics.


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Chet AtkinsChet Atkins
Chet AtkinsChet Atkins
Chet AtkinsChet Atkins

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