Bobby Lockwood

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S ue Ellen was once again drinking heavily, emersed in her own guilt. At the celebration party for Jennas release from jail and the Ewings latest victory over Cliff Barnes she again hit the bottle imagining Dusty was back with her.

Pamela then informed Sue Ellen she was going to remarry Bobby, Sue Ellen adored Pamela but could not find it in her to be happy for her ex sister in-law. Instead Sue Ellen warned her that all Ewings are the same and she was crazy to want back in with the Ewings. Pamela urged Sue Ellen to get help for her problem but by now she was weigh led in her own self pity. Sue Ellen had given up on any hope of a positive future. Sue Ellen said "Didn’t Bobby tell you, Im Southforks resident alcoholic". Sue Ellen explains the only time she will stop drinking is when she finds something to replace her need for alcohol. And that something she was about to find.

Sue Ellen was very aware of her husbands latest passion with Mandy Winger, she drank to numb the pain. But it wasn’t until October 1986 that the two women in J.R`s life would finally come face to face. While eating and having her now habitual lunchtime vodka Sue Ellen spotted Mandy leaving the restaurant.

Sue Ellen :" its the Winger tramp, don’t tell me JR let you out of bed long enough to have lunch".

Mandy :You don’t understand JR at all,

Sue Ellen: JR always uses that line.

Mandy :he told me that you have a drinking problem and I can see that’s true.

Sue Ellen: JR will get bored of you soon .

Mandy. "tired of me. just look at me Sue Ellen, I’m years younger than you, prettier than you, he loves my body, you may be at Southfork, but its me he wants in bed and out"

This latest humiliation was what Sue Ellen needed to remind her how much she despised J.R. The thought of J.R talking about her with his latest fling created a hunger for revenge against J.R. Sue Ellen had found something finally to replace her need to drink. and that was her need to hate J.R.

The first part of her plan was to a scare tactic to let J.R know she meant business. She hired a private detective to follow J.R and Mandy, just close enough that he would be spotted and J.R and Mandy would wonder what stunt Sue Ellen would pull next.

Sue Ellen had found a new strength in her revenge for J.R and like a cat with the cream she was enjoying every moment and using every opportunity that came her way. Sue Ellen was sent a mail catalogue from Valentine’s Lingerie, to JR’s disgust. He says that no self-respecting woman would ever be caught dead posing for one of those magazines. This gave Sue Ellen an idea. she visits Valentine Lingerie later that day and finds the owner there. She says she would like to buy 90% of his business for $ 50,000 – way more than it’s worth. She says he can keep 10% of it as incentive to become her silent partner and follow her lead.

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Bobby LockwoodBobby Lockwood
Bobby LockwoodBobby Lockwood
Bobby LockwoodBobby Lockwood

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