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known for its exceptional entertainment videos Bjork decided to take a bold step. The singer refused to engage with recognized clipmakers instead giving carte blanche to his fans. Bjork Fans are invited to participate in the contest for best video for the song «Innocence». This composition will be the second single from the new album, the singer’s «Volta», tentatively due on May 8. Pilot single «Earth Intruders», recall, there was a virtual release in April. The official website of Icelander created a special page on which wishes to try their hand at klipmeykerstve be able to find the necessary materials for inspiration – the song and colorful slides. To enter the competition you need to register on the site, after which the organizers of the contest will be sent detailed instructions. Reception of works will continue until the beginning of July. The winner is determined.

Biography of Aerosmith Steven Victor Tallarico (Steven Victor Tallarico) and Anthony Joseph Perry (Anthony Joseph Perry) met in the summer of 1969. A year later, they formed a band that has become one of the best rock bands of America. The man who today named Steven Tyler (Steven Tyler) knows all rock fans, was born in New York on March 26, 1948. As a teenager, he knew that he would study music. However, his first instrument was the drums. That drum kit entrusted to him by the first companions in his life group Strangeurs, which brought Steve in 1964. The guy is not just sitting behind the drums, but he began to compose songs with keyboardist Don Solomon (Don Solomon). Renamed in Chain Reaction, the band performed their own compositions and in the tradition of the time actively rehash songs.

Biography The Prodigy Musical Prodigy story began in 1990, when there was their first single “What Evil Lurks”, consisting mainly of the early works of the young Howlett. The single did not go unnoticed that time the rave scene and immediately got into the rotation at various clubs. Even today, this drive is perhaps the cult hardcore thing, the original of which is almost impossible to get anywhere. After the successful release of their debut single, the band went on tour in the United Kingdom, speaking mainly in small underground clubs. But their first overseas concert in Italy, has been enthusiastically received by the Italian ravers. They proclaimed best band Prodigy then-rave scene. August 12, 1991 Prodigy released their second single – the legendary “Charly”. Already a few months.

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Anthony RizzoAnthony Rizzo
Anthony RizzoAnthony Rizzo
Anthony RizzoAnthony Rizzo

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