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known for its exceptional entertainment videos Bjork decided to take a bold step. The singer refused to engage with recognized clipmakers instead giving carte blanche to his fans. Bjork Fans are invited to participate in the contest for best video for the song «Innocence». This composition will be the second single from the new album, the singer’s «Volta», tentatively due on May 8. Pilot single «Earth Intruders», recall, there was a virtual release in April. The official website of Icelander created a special page on which wishes to try their hand at klipmeykerstve be able to find the necessary materials for inspiration – the song and colorful slides. To enter the competition you need to register on the site, after which the organizers of the contest will be sent detailed instructions. Reception of works will continue until the beginning of July. The winner is determined.

Biography VIA GRA all started with the fact that on September 3 on the air broadcasting company BIZ-TV premiere of the debut video of the band – the video “Attempt #5”. After this event, we began to develop as fast as even surpassed all expectations of the collective producers Dmitry Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze. The first hit the team quickly won the top positions of the charts and has been published in many popular Russian and Ukrainian collections. “Popytka#5″came out on compilations Hit FM (Moscow), XXL”Dance”Auto hit,”Greatest Hits BIZ-TV. Part 2″and others. Refuting rumors that this all will end by the beginning of winter screens out another clip on the bright dance song”Hold me.” By the end of 2000, the group’s repertoire was already 7.

Biography Linkin Park Ingredients: Chester Benninton – vocals Mike Shinoda – vocals, Rob Bourdon – drums Brad Delson – guitar Dave Feyrell – bass Joe Hahn – Dj / sampling Linkin Park – is a completely new style of performance, and, in the eyes of the simple listener, very high quality executable. Most people know about Linkin Park, after the song “Closer one step” [One Step Closer]. A mixture of hip-hop, rock and electronic samples Linkin Park presents a new color, highlight the gray crowd of new rock bands – their style is unique. This is one of their best qualities. It’s a type of music, listening to you, most people enjoy – it is impossible to resist – your body will jump a rhythmic beat. Surprisingly, Linkin Park made the move to the tops of the charts worldwide with a very strong word.

Aaron LewisAaron Lewis
Aaron LewisAaron Lewis
Aaron LewisAaron Lewis

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