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General actors serials “Lost”and”Supernatural”

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The American TV series Lost («Lost,””Lost,””Lost”) was released in 2004 and instantly became a cult. During the show in 2004 – 2010 television series spawned dozens of imitations, parodies and references in the form of borrowed ideas and direct references to scenes from the movie.

Passengers flying from Sydney to Los Angeles and got in a plane crash, it was not so much, but the actors in the series “Lost”had accumulated more than 630 people. This is far from the nearly 2,000 actors”Supernatural”, but your favorite TV series, which began in 2005, successfully entered the 11th consecutive season and lowers the speed.

I wonder how many actors from “Supernatural”, had to withdraw and “Lost”, how many of them took part in the adventures of the unfortunate passengers somewhere in the godforsaken island in Oceania. Given the fact that the show “Lost” the action takes place directly in the tropics, and in parallel storylines (past, future), these actors managed to count relatively few.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous are the actor Mark Pellegrino and Fredric Lehne – they meet in the roles of different characters in almost all of today’s popular television series. With them and begin review of the common cast two films.

The actors who starred in the TV series “Supernatural”and”Lost»

Mark Pellegrino (Mark Pellegrino)

Actor Mark Pellegrino starred in 10 episodes of the TV series “Supernatural”as Lucifer (Lucifer). The first appearance – in episode 5.01″Sympathy for the Devil” September 10, 2009 (first as Nick, whom Lucifer requested him my body, and then as Lucifer himself).

Last Appearance – Episode 7.17 “The Born-Again Identity” (2012.)

In the series “Lost» (“Lost”) Mark Pellegrino was filmed in 2009 – 2010, in seven episodes. Frame episode 6.16 (Pellegrino as Jacob).

Fredric Lehne (Fredric Lehne)

The actor starred in four episodes of the series “Supernatural” (2006 – 2010.) as the Yellow-Eyed Demon Azazel (Azazel), because of which actually started the whole story – this demon killed the mother of the brothers Winchester, tried to teach Sam to the demon Blood for a secret mission and more …

In the series “Lost” actor played the role of Marshal Edward Mars (Marshall Edward Mars) ten episodes (2004 – 2010.). The credits are sometimes referred to as the Frederick Lane (Fredric Lane).

DJ DJ Qualls (DJ Qualls)

US actor and producer DJ Qualls, better known as DJ DJ Qualls, forever remembered for the role of funny hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV in the series “Supernatural” (4 episodes in 2011 – 2014).

In the series “Lost”actor appeared in one episode 2.04″Everybody Hates Hugo” as Johnny (2005).

Crazy Hunter Kriser Martin (Martin Creaser) in two episodes of “Supernatural»: 5.11 “Sam, Interrupted”(2010) and 8.09″Citizen Fang” (2012).

Roger Linus (Roger Linus) in six episodes “Lost” (2007 – 2010).

Miller Alice (Alice Miller) in episode 1.14 “Nightmare”(2006) TV series”Supernatural».

The young American actor in 2009, Carter played the role of Danny (Danny Carter) in episode 4.11 “Family Remains”series”Supernatural».

David Shepard (David Shephard) in four episodes of the series “Lost” (2010).

Titus Welliver (Titus Welliver)

Another actor in hundreds of TV shows, Titus Welliver, in the TV series “Supernatural”played the role of Roger-War Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Roger / War). He appeared in episode 5.02″Good God, Y ‘ All” 2009.

In the series “Lost” actor played the role of the man in black (Man in Black) in three episodes 5-6 seasons. And here his torment – the hero of Mark Pellegrino, by the way.

Kristin Richardson (Kristin Richardson)

In the series “Supernatural”actress played the role of Jenny (Jenny) in episode 1.09″Home” 2005. When everything is just beginning, so to speak.

Jessica (Jessica) in episode 1.08 “Confidence Man”TV series”Lost” (2004).

Gauter Dan (Dan Gauthier)

Dan – an American, so his name is unlikely to be read in the French style as “Gaultier”. In any case, he played the role of David McNamara (David McNamara) in episode 2.16 “Roadkill”TV series”Supernatural” (2007).

The second pilot (Co-pilot) in the TV series “Lost» – Episode 5.09 “Namaste” (2009).

God Osiris in episode 7.04 “Defending Your Life”(2011) TV series”Supernatural».

Killer Ishmael Bakir (Ishmael Bakir) in the TV series “Lost”episode 4.09″The Shape of Things to Come” (2008).

Jeff Kober (Jeff Kober)

Randall (Randall) in the TV series “Supernatural”episode 2.19″Folsom Prison Blues” (2007).

An auto mechanic (Mechanic) in episode 6.03 “What Kate Does”(2010) TV series”Lost” (uncredited).

Michael Robinson (Michael Robinson)

Stuart Holmes (Stuart Holmes) in episode 5.18 “Point of No Return”(2010) TV series”Supernatural».

Trader (Trader) in episode 3.05 “The Cost of Living”(2006) TV series”Lost».

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