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Matron (Matron)

Frank Bertinelli (grandfather is dead)

belonging to the group:

Spiral (Spyral), the Institute for Noble Maidens St. Adrian (St. Hadrian Finishing School)

Dick Grayson / Agent 37 (Dick Grayson / Agent 37)

Mr Minos (Mr. Minos), Netzach Frau (Frau Netz), Tiger / Agent 1 (The Tiger / Agent 1), Alia / Agent 8 (Alia / Agent 8) Cap / Agent 24 (Hood / Agent 24 ), Poppy Eshmur (Poppy Ashemoore)

Helena Bertinelli (Helena Bertinelli) – granddaughter of Frank Bertinelli (Frank Bertinelli), heir to the whole of the Sicilian Mafia and the most sought has a woman in the world. About five years ago, she ran away from the family and is presumed dead. In fact Helena joined spy organization Spiral (Spyral) and became one of their best agents. Helena is also a lecturer at the Institute for Noble Maidens St. Adrian (St. Hadrian Finishing School), the center prepares girls operatives for various intelligence organizations.

A few months ago, saved Helena Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Leslie Thompkins) Fist of the cult of Cain (Fist of Cain) and deliver it to the headquarters of the Helix, where she learned of the secret identity of Batman (Batman).

Continuing to investigate the activities of the cult Fist Cain Helena constantly faced with the unknown, which prevented the activities of the cult. After crossing in Allahabad, Helena followed the unknown and discovered that it is Dick Grayson (Dick Grayson), formerly known as the hero Nightwing (Nightwing) and presumed dead after a collision with a crime syndicate (Crime Syndicate).

After the death of his partner, Agent 25 (Agent 25), Helene was asked to nominate its candidate for replacement. Helena, after studied the biography of Grayson, Nightwing nominated former role on his team-mate. Mr. Minos (Mr. Minos), director of the Spiral appeared Helena refused on the basis not of affection between the coil and the family of Batman. Minos revealed that the anticipated range of Helena and captured Grayson. Minos asked Helena about the service, and that without further ado arrow stabbed in the forehead Grayson. In fact, it was a test for Helena to make sure it does not lead to a pretty face and charm Grayson and not in love with him. After checking, Helena received permission to recruit Grayson.

Helena found Dick in Kampala, Uganda, where he stopped regular criminals. Rescuing his life, Helen Grayson offered to join the spirals. Dick has accepted the offer and became a partner Helena, codenamed Agent 37 (Agent 37).

Send Nightwing, from Spirals we have a mission for you.

However, Helena did not realize that Grayson actually a double agent embedded in the ranks of the Spiral Batman.

The Hunt for bodies Paragon

Helen and Dick were assigned to track down and get bodies Paragon (Paragon), being created with genetic material of the Justice League (Justice League) and having their power. Government forces were given the owner of one of the members of the League, and could help in uncovering the personalities of members of the League, which was the main purpose of Minos.

October 12, 2014, Matron and Agent 37 entered the train on the Trans-Siberian Railway to take over Ninel Dubova (Ninel Dubov). Helena slipped Dubov wine drug that was supposed to cut down, but he has shown resistance to the substance. Plus agentshi of the RAF was able to get to him before Helena. Agents Helix had to change the plan. Grayson, spilling wine, agentshi forced to go to the toilet, which was waiting for the Helena. Matron used Hypnos (Hypnos) to neutralize the competitor, while Agent 37 took off from the train Ninel. Later, Helena reached Spiraleleta (Spyralcopter) and evacuated Grayson and oak. Although the mission did not go and secretly, as it counts, Mr. Minos still greeted with Helene and Dick has successfully completed assignments. In the evening, Helena went to the room of Dick and told him that impressed with his skill in dealing with Hypnos and a little flirt with him.

During the lesson in shooting a crossbow for shooting suddenly appeared wounded Hood (Hood), the heroes and the agent Spirals and Helena in the last moment managed to repel the arrow accidentally released by one of the students. Hood walked on the trail meta bio-weapons on the black market, called Biomechanical digestive processor or “Superior stomach.” Helene and Dick was instructed to continue the investigation Kolpak where it stopped – in the town of Farmington, Leicestershire. Upon arrival, Helen and Dick were divided, while Grayson asked local bars, Bertinelli went to investigate the disappearance of local sheep. Helena found pogryzennye sheep bones in a cave, and went deep into it. Hearing the shot, Bertinelli rushed forward and was in the tunnels under the Farmington, where she found Grayson. Grayson told Helena about ultrafast woman who lured him into a trap of information about their target. Exploring the tunnels, agents found an old bomb shelter with mannequins in uniforms of various spy organizations. Compromised computers, Helena learned that earlier greeted the woman – a doctor Poppy Eshmur (Poppy Ashemoore), a former scientist who worked on the British organization O.N.I. (T.H.E.Y.). Poppy stole files and moved to the countryside to protect Improved stomach. She also killed and ate spyware that it encountered. Poppy again attacked the agents and explained that she wanted to use the stomach for the benefit of mankind, and because there was no test, she used it on himself. She received a super-speed, but because of it grew old, if not calories, and spies tried to prevent her studies. In Helena he had a conflict with Grayson because of their views on what to do with Dr. Eshmur. Dick saw her only killer-cannibal and Helena useful resource, and was going to offer her a job in a spiral. Helena was forced to cut down the use of Grayson, using the code word for its Hypnos. Then discuss the details with Dr. Helena brought it to the base. Helena decided this time not to report insubordination Grayson.

You can anticipate my punches, Agent 37. But do not for a moment think that it means that you know me.

Helen and Dick, together with the Agents 1 and 8 participated in a failed attempt to capture the old gun (The Old Gun), owner of Paragon eyes.

Some time later, Mr. Minos summoned Matrona to her and instructed her to calculate the one who sends the encrypted message from the headquarters of the Spiral.

The next mission Matrona and Agent 37 was to steal the hard drive to the data of the “ParagonĀ» (Paragon Project) from the ship the Black Knight (Black Knight) belonging to the organization Checkmate (Chackmate). The mission was successful, but not without complications. In the evening, Helena inspected the campus and found remote cameras mounted one of the students to observe the school staff. This Helena, and reported to Mr. Minos after Grayson reprimand for violations of arranging cover and “cat-mice” with the pupils. Helena, who saw the catch, saw the joy in the eyes of the movements and Dick. He liked the night, enjoyed the chase, he liked to be fearless hero, he liked to be Nightwing. Since crime syndicates away from him this, he began to forget who he is. Therefore, Helena decided to give him a catch-up because they do not want to Dick Grayson forget yourself.

I want you to remember the roof. I want you to remember the night. I want you to remember Nightwing. Catch up with me.

During the next mission, agents Spirals again faced with the night owls, which led to conflict with A.R.G.U.S.om (ARGUS) and the collapse of Spiraleleta the middle of the Arabian desert. Agents with a newborn baby, Midnight and went through the desert to the nearest town. However, due to injuries received during the crash, on the 4th day of the journey Helena eventually fell to the ground. Grayson, organizing the canopy, leaving supplies, was forced to leave his partner in the middle of the desert. Later, Helena was evacuated Spiral.

Helena played the role of bait in the operation to capture St. Francis (Saint Francis), the leader of a rival gang with family Bertinelli and the owner of the Polar Division of skin. Helena was forced to spend some time related to the trunk of the car, depicting prisoner disguised Grayson as he negotiated with the people of Francis. During the meeting with Francis, Dick knocked out of the blow to the jaw, and freed Helena neutralize his two assistants. Using Hypnos Helena made so that Claire (Clair) considered Paddy (Paddy) a traitor and a murderer Francis and dealt with it.

The final aim of the Matron, and Agent 37 was the brain Paragon. They found out that the brain is in the hands of groups AWOL (The AWOL), consisting of people defecting from different gangs. The group was hiding in the ruined prison on the island of Gaga-Up. On the island of agents first encounter with the security system, which is still operated, despite the destruction of the prison Mother Machine (Mother Machine), and then found that all AWOL soldiers killed. However, among surviving soldiers found the bodies with a tattoo “Cain” in the hand. Helena suggested that the brain was in the hands Cam Cain, and decided to use a Hypnos to penetrate into the mind of a fighter and learn the details of their plans. Helena found that Cam Cain wants to fill the brain Paragon hatred, and then release the psychic wave during a rally for peace in Tel Aviv. They want to show that mankind – a cornered beast, and that is nothing but murder. However, while Bertinelli interrogations, her partner had disappeared. Since stopping the terrorist act was the primary goal, the matron immediately flew to Israel, leaving the search for other agents Grayson. In approaching the target, Helena learned that Hypnos Grayson is still active and has asked her to download the last 5 minutes of recordings of his Hypnos. Because of this it became clear that Agent 37 in captivity, and someone else uses it Hypnos. That someone turned out to Midnight. Helena decided to pass on the Hypnos Grayson information about the attack Fist Cain in Tel Aviv to know about that and Midnighter, because if it fails to stop the attack, it will be able to Midnight. Arriving at the venue of the meeting, Helena almost immediately came under the influence of the brain, despite the protection of Hypnos. However, night owls arrived with Grayson managed to bring it over the range of the brain. Suddenly Helena kissed Dick that, she says, helped her to clear the mind. Helena was left to guard the perimeter while Grayson went to deal with the brain. Matron almost was strangled Christian Fleischer (Christian Fleischer), the founder of Fist of Cain, but was saved by a man looking like Mr. Minos. Meanwhile, Dick managed to get to the brain and neutralize it. After that agents from the brain back to the base. After the surgery, Helena had some memory lapses, especially after the arrival of Grayson. It is not known whether this is due to the influence of the psychic brain, too intensive or Hypnos is Minos cleaned her memory.

During the conversation with Mr. Minos, he asked crossbow Helena suddenly shot her in the heart. Fortunately, the sight crossbow was shifted and Helena has not received a mortal wound. Helena had to pretend to be dead, until Minos will not go away, and then she was able to get out of his office. She found Frau Netzach about the school and the gym made it inside. Helena, before losing consciousness, ordered Netzach reconnect, and Dick said Minos to target other agents Spirals, and his first target will be the agent 1, which at the time was praying in the chapel. After Grayson managed to win restored Paragon, Minos admitted that he used the spiral to achieve their goals, and steal the secrets of the organization. He threatened to reveal all the secrets, but suddenly an arrow pierced his heart, and behind him stood Bertinelli with crossbow raised.

But what no one knew it was not true, Mr. Minos, and a copy created to divert attention. This Minos later was liquidated Agent Zero (Agent Zero), the spider in the web (presumably it was Katherine Webb-Kane (Katherine Webb-Kane) – approx.’s).

Once the Death of Mr. Minos, Helena Bertinelli took his place in a spiral.

Powers and abilities



Pilot: A skilled pilot of helicopters, including in emergency situations.

Treatment of weapons: Helena has excellent crossbow and can discourage their bolt bolt fired from a crossbow another.



Hypnos (Hypnos): Implants give a kind of telepathy. Mainly used to instill certain people thought. Also Hypnos gives capture the face of the owner, in human memory, and the various monitoring tools (cameras, satellites, etc.). Hypnos protects the wearer from the effects of the mind. Hypnos can receive and transmit various data and work as a video camera. Hypnos also can serve as an analog beacon GPS, determine the location of the carrier. Hypnos, as a security measure, the brain can send the agent a weak shock outputting a signal of failure. Imlanty However, like other electronic equipment, are vulnerable to EMP.

Crossbow: Compact crossbow pistol scheme. Helena is a crossbow in a special holster on his right leg. Helena Also when holding a crossbow in a holster, shifts his sight. It has been shown that in addition to the usual screws and bolts used Helena with attached cable.

Different vehicles Spirals mainly Spiralelet.

Spiralelet (Spyralcopter): A special twin-rotor helicopter is equipped with a system like Hypnos, which not only suppresses the radar, but also makes it so that people do not remember that at all saw the helicopter. Also, a helicopter is armed with 4 quick-6-barreled aircraft gun with a rotating barrel unit.

Interesting facts and notes

Although Helena retained its Sicilian origins, the color of her skin was changed to a darker. This was done to delay her appearance on the appearance of Helena Wayne (Helena Wayne), which for some time enjoyed the personality of Helena Bertinelli.

Although Helena and does not act as Huntress after Flashpoint, some elements of its superhero-preserved. For example, on her T-shirt white cross is present, as in some versions of the costume Huntress. Helena also uses a crossbow as a primary weapon.

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