Of Monsters And Men

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Of Monsters and Men

The authors of the hit

‘Of Monsters and Men’ – a popular English-language indie rock and indie pop band consisting of five musicians from Iceland (Iceland). Warning listeners and critics all over the world attracted the single ‘Little Talks’, which appeared on the Internet in 2011 and was entered in more than 30 charts around the world, some of them made their way to the top spot.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Immediately after the release of the single ‘Little Talks’ in 2011, the ‘USA Today’ is the song ‘monster hit’ that was soon confirmed when the composition began its journey to the European and American charts, leaving behind the songs of others, where more famous musicians. The album ‘My Head Is an Animal’, which is behind the single for a few months, he repeated his popularity, clearly staking out ‘Of Monsters and Men’ glory of one of the most famous musicians of Iceland. Participants of the group, some of which have just turned twenty, it is not proud of their reputation and continue to spend much time in the studio and on tour, claiming that for them more important than the music itself, not the world fame that has plagued their creations. In 2013, the band was awarded the ‘European Border Breakers Award’, which is awarded to musicians whose work after the first album was released popular outside the country.

The group ‘Of Monsters and Men’ was founded in 2009 in the town of Keflavik, Iceland (Keflav & # 237; k, Iceland), when Nunn Brindis Hilmarsdottir (Nanna Brynd & # 237; s Hilmarsd & # 243; ttir) decided start a new group instead of his own project ‘Songbird’. Together with friends, she began writing songs, and occasionally to give concerts at local clubs and small festivals. The first success found musicians in 2010, the festival ‘M & # 250; s & # 237; ktilraunir’, where they first made under its current naming – ‘Of Monsters and Men’, – the author of which he was also the Nunn.

After the success of the festival the group was invited to the festival of ‘Iceland Airwaves’, which was first performed the song ‘Little Talks’, which has managed to record a radio DJ KEXP Seattle and returning to put in the rotation. Just a few days the song became a hit-to-one on the radio, so that at some point, the band received a call from the United States with a small news that they suddenly became stars.

In 2011, the band signed a contract with ‘Record Records’ and immediately went to work on their debut album. In August, the most famous single hit in the rotation station Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia (Philadelphia), and then sold on the radio all the cities of the eastern coast. The album ‘My Head Is an Animal’, which appeared on the shelves of US stores in the fall of 2011, it was so successful that the corporation ‘Universal Music Group’ signed a contract with the group to re-release plate in the other countries. With this solution, there were albums of most countries in Europe (Europe), South America (South America) and Australia (Australia).

The success of the album and the contract with the largest corporation in the world of music

espechil inviting musicians to the most popular music festivals in the world. So, in 2012, the band performed at the ‘Newport Folk Festival’, and a few months later on the ‘Lollapalooza’. In 2013, the band gave a concert at the biggest festival of Scotland (Scotland) – ‘T in the Park’, and then traveled to the concerts in a number of European countries.

Today, the musicians continue to work on new songs, because, according to them, they do not want to be remembered only for one song. However, as experience shows, often a song that became a hit, it is enough to bring the band over the whole world, but also to quickly send the rest of their creativity in music history. Fortunately, the latest work ‘Dirty Paws’, included in the soundtrack of the film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ‘(The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), he showed that in talking about’ Of Monsters and Men ‘hardly possible word’ normally ‘and’ as the experience ‘.

Of Monsters And MenOf Monsters And Men
Of Monsters And MenOf Monsters And Men
Of Monsters And MenOf Monsters And Men

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