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Anil Kapoor / Anil Kapoor

Birthday: December 24, 1956 (1959?), ibex

Place of birth: Chembur, India

Family: is married to Sunite Bhamhani (designer wedding – May 19, 1984.), daughter Sonam (actress) and Riya (producer), son Harshvardhan

Anil Kapoor – from a huge clan Kapoor. Although not a direct descendant of the legendary Raj Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor is one of the most talented and versatile actors of the Indian screen. His long work in the film Anil proved that it is beautiful in films of any genre: Action. comedy, epic, tragic, romantic – anyone! Anil Kapoor is a wonderful actor. Even if the film is bad – Anil Kapoor in it good. He puts a good role in heart and soul (he even shaved off his mustache for one of the films! More victims because mustaches seem integral part of his image.) Anil played in the movie a lot and well, so that the film-makers would like to invite it in his paintings. Now the actor can choose where he wants to play, and where – no.

Anil Kapoor received professional education of the singer, it can be called semiclassical singer. His guru was Chhote Iqbal, in which the school at the time visited the eminent duo Laksimakant-Pyarelal. He even sang in the movie Chameli Ki Shaadi in 1986!

At the age of 7 years, played a young Shashi Kapoor in the film is not released Tu Payal Main Geet, and realized that it would be an actor.

Birthday actor – December 24, 1956. (Actually, the exact year of his birth is indicated in different ways in different places. Some – 1956, in others – 1959) was born in Anil Chembure. And ended at Chembure elite school for boys.

At Anil Kapoor, two brothers and a sister. Brothers: producer Bonny Kapoor, who is 1 year older than Anil, and actor Sanjay Kapoor, which is a bit younger than Anil. Sister Rina is married and lives in New Delhi.

Anil Kapoor married to Sunite, which also is the designer of his clothes. She is also the head of the Academy of Fitness, which is not far from their home. This is one of the best gyms aerobics in Bombay. (It was opened by Anil in a festive atmosphere.) At Anil and Sunita three children: two daughters Sonam and Rhea and son Harshavardhan. Anil likes to spend time with his family and play cricket with his son.

Anil friends with many actors. Among his friends Shah Rukh Khan, Gulshan Grover, Anupam Kher, Poonam Dhillon, Sridevi Jackie Shroff. Most of all he likes to play some scenes with Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff.


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I was born on December 24, 1959 in Mumbai. The second child of his parents, I was shy, but lucky, and lucky. My father, Surinder Kapoor was then secretary of Shammi Kapoor and gradually he began to produce films. My mother, Nirmal (Suchitra), was a housewife and filled our lives with love and laughter.

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, and he could play all day, to be worn with bare feet, collecting cigarette packages such as “Gold Spot” and bottle caps, and the evening had not come home. In seven years, I made my debut on the screen. Shashi Kapoor played the hero as a child in the film Tu Payal Main Geet. Unfortunately, the film was never released in theaters, but since that moment I realized that the rest of his life wanted to do just that. Play the movie.

In the days of Ganesh Chaturthi on removable screens on our streets chasing a 16mm copy movies Kohinoor (Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari) and Insaan Jaag Utha (Sunil Dutt and Madhubala). We watched in awe and admiration of these films, but that’s what I do has delighted – so it Awara (“tramp”) Raj Kapoor. After seeing this movie, I was hooked. I did not want to be a doctor or an engineer; all I wanted – to be an actor like Raj Kapoor. Though the whole world then focused Chembure for me, I knew it was only my sink and I can give it the form of what I want.

Maybe my childhood was quite normal: I took him to Mumbai quarter Tilak Nagar, Chembur, near the school OLPS. But I would not trade him to any other. Because my parents and family gave me that middle class people usually do not get – perhaps. Ability and confidence to be himself. That’s what saved me in the dark days and that’s what led to the victory.

After school I went to a prestigious college of St. Xavier. It was a completely different world, both literally and figuratively. Lovely, wise and focused. Everything that I have tried, it seemed unattainable.

Since we lived in Chembure, I traveled by train from Kurla station VT and from there I went to college on foot. We made friends with Mazhar Khan, the same actor and the same dreamer. We started a couple to participate in theater productions every year, and soon I got the award for Best Actor at mezhkolledzhskom competition that has strengthened my ambition. Interestingly enough, the chief guest at the reception was Shashi Kapoor, and he was the first professional actor, who encouraged me. At that time, I often frequented the restaurant “Volga”and”Ritz”, ran into a movie, and spent the evening in the disco SLIP DISC – the new hall in the city. But sama enjoyable in life was to hunt for the girls at other colleges, such as the Jai Hind and Elfiston.

In the second year of college I was expelled for truancy. The parents were disappointed, but not shocked, and I was rescued. Finally I was able to devote his life to the pursuit of a dream. At first I tried to find passages in the Film Institute in Pune. But the work failed. So, together with his friend Mazhaorm Khan went to acting classes Roshan Tanedzhi. For two years I lived only these courses. Not a day passed. With two changes I get to the studio and back home late in the evening, completely exhausted, but quite pleased with how my life has changed.

To further his acting talent level, I learned to sing and dance. I have read several biographies of celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Laurence Olivier. Not so much in order to find some acting chips, but in order to understand what it is – to be an actor, and how to develop your talent. I worked as an assistant producer and director of casting at Boni brother in the film Hum Paanch (“The five of us”) and other family projects.

Back in Mumbai, M.S.Satyu offered me a role in Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya, a non-profit project, but it was close to me. After shooting in Calcutta KKGG Sawan Kumar So he signed a contract with me on Laila paired with Poonam Dhillon. At the same time, Bonnie brought me out to a movie Woh Saat Din (“Those 7 days”) paired with Padmini Kolhapur; the film came out ahead and surprised the film industry. Brand new, sensual love story, it has been appreciated not only by critics, but also the masses and was a commercial success. But most of all I was pleased that people appreciated me as suffering from unrequited love, singer and composer.

Then there was Mashaal. Large-scale project director Chsha Chopra, and my partner – Dilip Kumar. A chidhood dream. At the premiere of Subhash Ghai Mashaal he congratulated me and signed a contract with me to movies Meri Jung and Karma (“Destiny”). Finally, the dream came true. It was a turning point in my life. I realized that I had come that a star was born.

We met with Sunita on the phone. She gave me the number of a mutual friend, and it was “love at first sound”. A couple of months proflirtovav with her on the phone, I suggested we meet. And I fell in love with her at first sight. She was a top model, she lived in a luxurious home, I was a rookie with big dreams. We were the complete opposite of each other, but the attraction was so strong that nothing mattered.

Despite the difference in the education of our relationship grew deeper, they matured for five years. I decided that when the sign its first contract for a large project, we get married. When they came to me and Mashaal Meri Jung, I did Sunite offer and we suddenly got married. It was a very quiet ceremony, which was attended by only family members and close friends, it was held May 19, 1984.

Wife – Sunita

Sunil Kapoor, nee Bhambani, has been leading the model, her face was splashed on the covers of all, when I married her. In it I found my other half, my refuge. My wife and our three children – is the foundation of my existence. Worked before marriage, Sunita continues to conduct extremely busy and business life. She is well known as a designer among jewelers and was the first woman, who opened a fitness club IDEA, which brings a large income. In the gym it involved not just the rich and famous, but also creative and intelligent people for whom fitness – lifestyle. Despite the heavy workload and a variety of interests, remain a priority for Sunita house, husband and children. It is entirely involved in my work, and is an active participant in all of my projects.

My brother Boney Kapoor

My older brother Boni Kapoor – a very successful producer, his banner – Narsimha Films. The famous filmmaker, he started very young, he was an assistant in his Shakti Samanta Mehbooba, then took the reins of our father, Surinder Kapoor and released in the Lonely Ponga Pandit, a film with Randhir Kapoor. The film did not have much success, but Boni became known and secured the success of the film Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan with Rishi Kapoor and Shehzaade with Rajesh Khanna and Rakhi.

His first major success was the film Hum Paanch, directed by Bapu, a remake of the South Indian film. He could afford to present me his younger brother in Woh Saat Din. Shortly thereafter, he took Mr. India (“Mr. India”) – the film, which became a turning point for both of us. It was a fairy tale, which attracted viewers not only the children’s luxury, but also emotions. Film staked my position and the position of major stars Boni as a serious producer.

Then there were the luxury Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (“Beauty Princess and the King of Thieves”), provoking reflections Judaai (“Separation”) and sensual Sirf Tum. More recently his films Khushi (“Khushi”), starring Kareena Kapoor. Today, each star the film industry is honored to work with Bonnie. He fought a long, serious, but very successful. He just dared to dream of.

Brother – Sanjay Kapoor

little child of our family, Sanjay began slowly. His debut delayed for more than five years old, and still Prem (“Mysterious Love”) was not a success. Yet the producers were impressed by his quiet strength and the acting force. Film Indra Kumar Raja (“Love-obsession”) became a huge hit, and Kartavya (“Filial duty”) Raj Kanwar earned him applause, and yet the lady luck to avoid it. He’s now Sanjay still have something to surprise the audience. Sirf Tum, low-budget film with an unusual love story, refuted the view industrialists. Today, Sanjay’s career revived with such films as Soch (“Hellbent”) and Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche (“Who will ask of my heart?”). His villain in KMDSP made people sit up and notice his talent and producers lined up, calling on the parallel thinking actor role.

Sister – Rina

Rina, my sister, a graduate of a leading college in Bombay, married at twenty. The young and accustomed to the fact that everything is taken care of her, Rina has now turned into a loving wife and mother of two teenagers, they are living in New Delhi. Her husband, Sandeep – the brain center of the Asian Academy of Film and Television, conducting courses in all areas of film production.

My elder daughter Sonam received a bachelor’s degree of international standard in the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. Interested in art and dance. She is currently assistant director Sanjay Leela Bhansali film BLACK. My middle daughter Rhea studying in 12th grade at the prestigious School of Mumbai Dhirupati Ambani School. Interested in writing and rhetoric. My youngest son goes to school Harshvardhan Arya Vidya Mandir School and is going to be a filmmaker when he grows up.

While I was growing up, I had not so many friends. I was a loner and a dreamer, perhaps too relentless. Later, I was so busy trying to break up that I did not have time to party. Only with the passage of time and a certain level of success I was able to make friends – a few people, I think as I do, mainly filmmakers. These are people for whom the creation of films – a way of living, so that they can understand me. Together we have come a long way, and I know that at any moment I can rely on them. They have no selfish interests. I do not want to name anybody, because they are special to me. Well, my best friend, whatever it was – my wife Sunita.

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