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G.G. Allin: G.G. Allin – biography

Unprecedented of cult and fanaticism figure in rock music, Jesus Christ Allin was born in 1956 in Lancaster. It is curious that G.G. Allin really think he is a real Jesus Christ, and makes a direct parallel between his birth and the appearance in the same year, the rock ‘n’ roll: I created it, I created Elvis.

The world of rock ‘n’ roll did not see the figure more wild and crazy than GG He is on the scene attempted suicide, more than fifty times arrested by the police on the concert almost did not get out of prison, and at the same time managed to record clips vulgar and vigorous punk-rock albums. He was replaced by a considerable number of groups – THE JABBERS, THE SCUMFUCS (a part thereof were even members of the MC5) ANTI-SEEN, MURDER JUNKIES etc. About him go billions of legends and tales necrophiliac. A typical example: when G.G. Allin did not come to the prison to taste the local inhabitants, nigger ambal approached him from behind and over the head with a bottle zapendyuril. Once the glass fragments fallen on the floor of the chamber, GG He turned to the offender, baring a sinister smile, said: You cho, asshole? Yes, I live alone on his head broke thousands of bottles!.

G.G. Allin is clearly not the kind of rock characters who quarreled obscenities and spat on the stage but in the audience pobleval consider themselves the most steep asses in the universe. Its very notoriety is not a grain of any fiction. I’ve always been at war with the underground. In recent years I have seen a group GWAR or CANNIBAL CORPSE and other commands from the fucking titles, I saw these assholes are poured fake blood. But as soon as the show ends, they go home to their city apartments, a beautiful car and a pretty girlfriend. Returns to his quiet serene life. But I am sure that those who believe in GG Allin – real nonconformists, and if we can create a lot of people, we can start a war we must again return to rock ‘n’ roll in the combat zone. We must find out who is really the truth, and who just naduvatel and a liar, and the latter, we must destroy.

To realize its supreme mission GG Allin enjoyed by all, even the most amusing ways – until defecation and masturbation on stage. I drink blood, I drink urine and eat shit – he says, – And these actions are already out of body sense. Bowel movement – a spiritual exchange between souls. To be as close as possible to the right person, you’ve got to get him bodily fluids – a kind of energy a gift.

Writing a lot of records on one another frenzied anal-potroshitelnuyu theme, GGAllin never been knocked out of a trained music track – drayvovy aggressive hardcore sound with an extremely barbaric. He died, as expected, an inglorious death two months after recording Brutality And Bloodshed For All – a heroin overdose in New York after the show in 1993. The remains of his group decided to continue their business started, but this time across America have bred a crowd of imitators of varying degrees of psychology.

As an application is listed accompanied his compositions, GG Allin & amp; THE JABBERS – his first band in which he played Chris Chaos (guitar), Allen Chappie (bass) and Englishman Steve L (drums). This composition as special guests played along with Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson (MC5 garage idols). Since 1984 G.G. He performed in public and in the studio with the band SCUMFUCS, when he was joined by Gerard Cosloy – guitar, Greg Bullock (guitar), Mike Kirkland (bass) and Mike Machine Gun Edison – drums. Then there was a project G.G. ALLIN & amp; THE HOLY MEN, then in companies were Dork keyboardist and guitarist Johnny X.

Once an impressive pause (when GG was sentenced to four years), in 1993 came the last drive Brutality And Bloodshed For All – the first decent (in quality, but not the content) a record GG Allin. and the last. Last, the group of death-MURDER JUNKIES included William Weber – guitar, Merle Allin – bass and Dino Sex – drums.


Always Was, Is Add Always Shall Be 1980

No Rules EP 1983

Live Fast. Die Fast EP 1984 +1987

Hated In The Nation in 1987

Public Animal # 1 of EP 1 987

Dirty Love Songs (compilation) 1987

Suicide Sessions 1989

G G Allins Doctrine Of Mayhem 1990

Insult & amp; Injury Vol. 1 (compilation) 1991

War In My Head – I’m Vour Enemy 1993

Boozin & amp; Franks (live) 1988/1995

Insult & amp; Injury Vol 3 (compilation) 1997

Insult & amp; Injury Vol 4 (compilation) 1997

Troubled Troubadour 1997


Gg AllinGg Allin
Gg AllinGg Allin
Gg AllinGg Allin

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