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Legiao Urbana

One of the most successful rock bands in Brazilian history. Founded was in 1983, he continued to perform successfully 1996. It broke up after the death of lead singer Renato Russo (Renato Russo).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Even before the ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ Rousseau has worked in other Brazilian musical collective, ‘Aborot El & # 233; trico’. This band broke up due to constant disagreements between Russo and brothers Fe and Flavio Lemos (F & # 234; and Fl & # 225; vio Lemos) – By the way, shortly after the founding of ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ Lemos launched its own, dovolno- after a successful project – ‘Capital Inicial’. Speakers Fe and Flavio to this day; However, to succeed ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ them away. It should be noted that a series of early songs ‘Capital Inicial’ was written Rousseau.

For the first part of ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ includes Rousseau, drummer Marcelo Bonfim (Marcelo Bonf & # 225;), guitarist Eduardo Parana (Eduardo Paran & # 225;) and keyboardist Paulo Paulista (Paulo Paulista). Parana and Paulista, however, worked in a group of remarkably long; soon he became a full-time guitarist Dado Villa-Lobos (Dado-Villa Lobos). In early 1985, the band got more and bassist – Renato Rocha (Renato Rocha) took the post after Rousseau seriously injured his wrist during an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide. Fully repair a damaged arm Renato did not succeed; Later, he focused solely on vocals.

On the work of the group strongly influenced by ‘The Smiths’ and ‘U2’ – particularly strong performances in Rousseau felt soloist ‘The Smiths’ Steven Morrissey (Stiven Morrissey). Quite often the basis for the compositions ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ went texts popular writers and poets – in particular, Portuguese Luis de Kamoesa (Lu & # 237; s de Cam & # 245; es).

The first album of the band was recorded and released in 1985. Sales company engaged in ‘EMI label’ – c them ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ will work throughout his career. The second album, ‘Dois’, was released a year later – texts, music and personal charisma Renato Russo at that time brought the group a certain popularity in the country – especially among young people, who lived under the yoke of authoritarian Brazilian regime. In 1987, the band finally secured success plate ‘Que Pa & # 237; s & # 201; Este ‘. Fans of the team became more and more; Many have even started to jokingly call ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ new cult.

A few less successful was the case with the concert performances. At the first concert in Brasilia (Bras & # 237; lia) in the riots 200 people were injured. Since then the band has performed more than ever to the masses in his hometown.

In 1989, before the release of the new album – ‘As Quatro Esta & # 231; & # 245; es’ – Renato Rocha left the band; rumored to be made

he is under pressure Bonfim and Villa-Lobos. The album was the most commercially successful of all the works of the group; Fans, however, were far from him in delight – not everyone liked the change in the style of the group. By the way, one of the album’s songs Rousseau hinted at his bisexuality; Later he officially confirm their sexual orientation.

The band continued to perform quite well in the ’90s; They broke up only after the death of Renato Russo, the cause of which was associated with some with AIDS disease. Bonfim and Villa Lobos Quits ‘Legi & # 227; o Urbana’ the next day after the death of Rousseau.

It should be noted that even broke up the group remains the third best-selling group in Brazil – all according to the 2003rd year sold about 350,000 copies of their albums. Currently out of print about 17 million of their drives; Especially popular creativity of the group enjoys the Brazilian youth.

Renato RussoRenato Russo
Renato RussoRenato Russo
Renato RussoRenato Russo

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