Ivete Sangalo

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Ivete Sangalo

The Queen of Brazilian rhythms

Most of us Brazilian music scene is something strange and unfamiliar, as the country where the music is an integral part of the culture, to date, there was a completely different system of genres, different from everything else in the world. One of the few singers who became famous outside the country, has become the inimitable Ivete Sangalo. But exactly how she began her career? And in her work are in Brazil and in the rest of the world?

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Ivete Sangalo (Ivete Sangalo, full name – Ivete Mar & # 237; a Dias de Sangalo Cady) – a popular Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, television show and the model has received tremendous popularity as through his solo career and work in known group ‘Banda Eva’, with which it has released 6 albums. His professional career Ivechi beginning in 1993, the year and now, 21 years later, it is deservedly one of the most famous and popular singers in Brazil. During this time she has released more than 10 studio albums, a dozen singles, several live albums, and gave countless live performances – both in Brazil and far beyond its borders. She is the winner of the award Latin Grammy, and repeatedly won such awards as ‘Trof & # 233; u Imprensa’, ‘Melhores do Ano’ and ‘Multishow Award’; for his first appearance in 1992, she won the Dorival Caymmi (Dorival Caymmi Trophy), which is the Brazilian analogue prize ‘Grammy’.

Ivete Sangalo was born May 27, 1972, the year in the city of Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil (Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil); in the same city it passed all his childhood and much of his youth Ivechi. Her father had Spanish roots, and his mother was born in Brazil. From early childhood Ivechi interested in music and in high school was recognized: the girl often performed on school holidays, presentations, and soon began to try his hand outside the school, gathering crowds in the bars and clubs of his native city.

In 1992, she made her first major concert in the city of Salvador, Bahia (Salvador), and this performance has brought her fame and a record deal with ‘Sony Music’.

At about the same time, the producers decided to change the composition of the label is still unknown group ‘Banda Eva’, and the girl was offered a position as a vocalist and frontman. Who would have thought that over the next four years, the group not only gained popularity, but will change the Brazilian scene? Their first album, ‘Banda Eva Ao Vivo’, representing a recording of a live performance, became a hit in the country and has for the first few months became a ‘Platinum’; in total were sold over 1 million copies worldwide. So, over the next years, the band continued to work at the same pace, which resulted in five more studio albums.

Unfortunately, despite the success of the group, Ivete Sangalo in time I got tired of cooperating with other musicians and began to think about a solo career. In 1997, she broke with the group and began to record their debut album ‘Ivete Sangalo’, which immediately after admission to the sale in 1999, he became very popular. Sleep

beginning of the record received the status of ‘gold’, and then did become ‘platinum’ in Brazil. The second album, ‘Beat Beleza’, written shortly after the success of the debut, went on sale in 2000 and almost immediately became a ‘Platinum’.

In the following years Ivete Sangalo only gaining popularity. Managing to work in the studio and on tour around the world, Ivechi recorded another 10 studio albums and a lot of singles, many of which were written in collaboration with other musicians. Over time, we learned about the singer outside of Brazil: so, she often traveled to South America, collecting the entire stadium of fans; in 2010, she visited the United States, where he gave an incredible concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City (Madison Square Garden, New York City), a record which was later entered a separate DVD-drive.

His last album, ‘Multishow ao Vivo: Ivete Sangalo 20 Anos’, Ivete Sangalo released in 2014.

Ivete SangaloIvete Sangalo
Ivete SangaloIvete Sangalo
Ivete SangaloIvete Sangalo

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