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Rebecca Ferguson: “This is my first Russian interview”

Rebecca Ferguson at one time came 2nd in “The X Factor UK”. Since then she has become one of the most popular singers that the popular TV show has produced. Her debut album “Heaven” reached 3rd in UK chart, and the album has now sold over 1.5 million copies.

“” spoke with Rebecca just this week after she released her new jazz album “Lady Sings the Blues”. This is the first interview she has ever given to Russian media.

– Hey Rebecca! How are you?

Hi! I’m good, thankyou. This is my first Russian interview.

– Oh really? I’m so proud.

Yeh, it is. I’ve just been saying ‘oh we are going to Russia’ (laughs)

– Actually, my mom is big fan of yours.

Oh, lovely.

– I’m sure you have answered this question many times but she wanted me to ask you – how has your life changed after The X Factor?

Aww… if you tell your Mum, its been up and down but I feel very lucky, very blessed and just very happy. And that my dream came true.

– As we are on the subject of the The X Factor, all our readers want to know – are you still in touch with Cheryl Cole?

No, I don’t speak to Cheryl. Not because I don’t want to, it’s just because we are so busy really. She has an amazing career and I’m always busy. But she wished me well when I had my daughter, she treated me and congratulated me, which was lovely, yeh.

– Oh, that sounds nice. So, you are very bright example for my next question. Why do you think artists who became second or third on talent shows are more successful that the actual winners?

I think that there is a lot of pressure on winners of the talent shows, and I think as well that it is human nature to support the underdog. I think its human nature to want the second or third place to win. I think we all have a real love for the underdog. I don’t know what the real answer is there, it’s just what I’m guessing, but I sense maybe that’s it.

– You just released your third album “Lady Sings The Blues”. How is the feedback from your fans so far?

So far everything is going well. I feel really happy. I mean I’m always someone who pushes myself to always do my best, and always want the best for myself. So far it’s going well. So I’m very thankful to all my fans for supporting my album. I sent out a message to all my fans on Facebook just yesterday just to say that I’m very grateful to them for supporting this album. It’s quite a niche album, and so far everyone’s liked it, so I’m happy.

– Is it important for you to have a high position in the charts?

You know what, I’d be lying… I’d love to lie and say ‘oh no’ (laughs). but it is important to me. I feel like I work so hard, and like anybody I feel like we all want to win and we all want to do well. And so, yeh I would love a high position. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t (laughs) .

– As I understood you are working on your book now.

No, that’s not true! People lied and said I was working on a book but that’s not true. Maybe when I’m older and if everything goes really well then I would do an autobiography one day but not yet, I’m too busy.

– I think your life is a really good example actually, especially because you manage your music career and you have three children right?

Yeh I do, I’m very busy.

– How do you manage that? Your career and the family?

My daughter comes with everywhere with me… my little girl. I’ve got a couple of days off next week. I just balance it well. I’m lucky I’ve got a good team of family around me and I’m really well supported. I’m lucky for that really. Everything is about balance, making sure that I’m spending quality time with the kids, but as well as that I’m working hard to give them the best life I can give them.

– Did your children like the album “Lady Sings The Blues”? What was the reaction to that kind of music from the youngest one?

You know what? And this is the gods honest truth. My son and my daughter came along to a show in London and they really loved it. Normally my son just sits on his iPad when he comes to one of the shows, but he actually sat and enjoyed it and was clapping and dancing. So I think the kids like a bit of jazz.

– You said once that you’d like to record a track with King Of Leon. Have you talked to them about that?

I haven’t. I’m a big fan. I would love to work with Kings of Leon. I think they are brilliant writers and brilliant musicians. I’d like to see them back in England, and I’d love to work with them, yeh.

– Are you interested in recording a rock album in the future?

Oh I don’t know about rock. Maybe not a full rock album, but who knows. I didn’t know I was going to record a jazz album, so you never know (laughs). Maybe just one rock song.

– Maybe with the Kings of Leon.

Yeh, maybe.

– What did you know about Russia? Would you like to perform here?

I’d love to come perform in Russia. The women are very glamorous in Russia, from what I’ve seen. I think we’d get along, we’d just talk about shoes. Its somewhere I haven’t been, and its somewhere I’d love to visit. I like the architecture of Russia, what I’ve seen. I like seeing the history of places, and I’m hoping to come over.

– So, you are very welcome to visit us one day.

– And tell us, what is the last album of someone you liked very much?

Tracy Chapman, I’m a big fan of Tracy Chapman. I like Lana Del Rey’s album, her first album was unbelievable, well written, well produced. Also, Kanye West’s latest album. I like artists who create music that is future thinking and is different, and I think Lana Del Ray and Kanye West do that, yeh.

– Wow. And we know that you were at the “BRIT Awards” this year. What do you like and what don’t you like about these kinds of events?

I like that particular event, the BRIT’s as it’s very relaxed and everyone just has fun and has a laugh. Some events can be snobby, but the BRITs isn’t one of them, that’s why I go to it. I avoid events that are artificial and feel a bit fake, but one thing about the BRIT’s is that it’s very relaxed and casual. Everyone says hello. I don’t like snooty events.

– And I saw on your Instagram you have pictures of Sam Smith. What do you think about him?

He’s probably pinching himself about how everything has gone for him. I think he seemed very humble with it when I met him, and very sweet. Good on him. Every success. He’s one of those people who looks like when he sings he is always happy. And I love to see that.

– Would you like to record with him?

Maybe. I’d never say never, yeh.

– You are often posting inspiring quotes on Twitter. So I wanted to ask you to share with our readers your secret of happiness. What is it for you personally?

The secret of my happiness personally is my faith in God. I’m quite a spiritual person. As well as that I think what helps is not caring what people think. I got to an age when I stopped caring what people think, there are some days when I do, obviously I’m a human being, but for the most part I like to live my life for me. Also, not falling in love with material things too much as it’s a distraction from what’s important. I think working on yourself and your inner beauty is more important than possessions and accumulating. At the moment I’m really not caring what people think and live life for me.

– Thank you, Rebecca so much. I hope your new album will be really successful everywhere, and I really want you to come to Russia. I know you have fans over here and they would really love to see you.

That’s sweet. Well hopefully I’ll meet you one day.

– Thank you, and enjoy your promo tour.

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