Bruce Wayne

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Batman is the superhero protector of Gotham City. a man dressed like a bat who fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his secret identity he is Bruce Wayne . billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy. Although he has no superhuman powers, he is one of the world’s smartest men and greatest fighters. His physical prowess and technical ingenuity make him an incredibly dangerous opponent. He is also a founding member of the Justice League.

Early Life

Bruce Wayne was born to the wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha. who were themselves members of the prestigious Wayne and Kane families of Gotham City. respectively.

When he was very young, Bruce’s mother Martha was expecting a second child to be named Thomas Wayne, Jr. However, because of her intent to found a school for the underprivileged in Gotham, she was targeted by the manipulative Court of Owls. who arranged for her to get into a car accident. She and Bruce survived, but the accident forced Martha into premature labour, and the baby was lost. [1] While on vacation to forget about these events, the Wayne Family butler, Jarvis Pennyworth was killed by one of the Court of Owls’ Talons. A letter he’d written to his son Alfred. warning him away from the beleaguered Wayne family, was never delivered. As such, Alfred – who had been an actor at the Globe Theatre at the time [2] and a military medic before that, travelled to Gotham City to take up his father’s place, serving the Waynes as butler. [3]

As he grew older, his family’s reputation made Bruce restless, and he began sneaking out of school to visit Gotham City, where he wouldn’t be so easily recognized. [4] On one such outing, he was picked up by Officer Jim Gordon and his partner on their patrol. En route back to the station. Bruce witnessed Jim accepting a trenchcoat as a bribe from a tailor – though neither realized it was a bribe at the time – but Bruce would remember it as an indicator of Jim’s character. After his parents came to retrieve him, the Waynes went to see The Mark of Zorro at the Monarch Theater. After the film, a mugger named Joe Chill attempted to rob them at gunpoint, and panicked, shooting both Thomas and Martha dead. [5]

After their deaths, Bruce became obsessed with the search for meaning in their loss. He thought perhaps the mythical Court of Owls was responsible, but he never found anything to prove it. [6] Troubled by grief, Bruce attempted to erase his memory with electroshock therapy, but chose not to go through with it, and to use his pain as a motivator. [7] At the age of 18, he used his relationship with Erin McKillen [8] – a daughter of the Irish mob, and with whom he attended Roxbury Academy [9] – to locate Joe Chill, and learned that he had simply needed the money, and there was no deeper meaning to his parents’ deaths. [10]

Travels and Training

The Zero Year

With only his mission in mind and no care for his legacy as a Wayne, Bruce moved himself out of Wayne Manor and into a brownstone on Park Row from which he based his early attempts to infiltrate the Red Hood Gang after only six weeks back. [15] Despite trying to remain off the grid, Bruce’s uncle Philip Kane had kept tabs on him and had also gained control of Wayne Enterprises in Bruce’s absence, hiring strategist Edward Nygma. who advised him to have Bruce killed if he wouldn’t play ball. [4] Philip outed Bruce’s return to the media. When Bruce refused to return to the company while his uncle was selling weapons, Nygma advised Philip to have Bruce killed, and the Red Hood Gang soon attempted just that by blowing up Bruce’s brownstone with him inside. [12] Injured, Bruce crawled back to Wayne Manor and, in his father’s study, decided to take on the appearance of a bat. [13]

Bruce WayneBruce Wayne
Bruce WayneBruce Wayne
Bruce WayneBruce Wayne

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