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Biography Guns N Roses

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The group Guns N ‘Roses was founded in 1985.

At a time when popular music was dominated by pop and dance styles metal, Guns n ‘Roses blasted charts his furious rock’ n ‘roll. They have never been exemplary boy. Exemplary boys do not play rock and roll. Most often, they were rude violent misogynous. But it could be delicate, sensitive and vulnerable. It is necessary to listen to a terrific hit «Sweet Child O ‘Mine», to feel it. Slash (Slash) and Izzy Stradlin (Izzy Stradlin) in a duel fight raging guitars matched Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones. Axl Rose (Axl Rose) shrill voice sings about sex, drugs, and the indifference of the big city. The soft rhythms of bassist Duff McKagan (Duff McKagan) and drummer Steven Adler (Steven Adler) confer the power of music and freedom. Music Guns N ‘Roses uncompromising, it combines hard rock with elements of blues. It is this and should be a real hard rock and heavy metal – dark, vulgar, vicious, but sincere.

In 1986, Guns N ‘Roses produced the first record, and concluded a contract with the record company Geffen Records. A year later the debut album «Appetite for Destruction» («The propensity to destruction”). Many times, the musicians played it live at concerts. But album sales began only a year later, when the composition «Sweet Child O ‘Mine» appeared on MTV. Soon after the album hit the top of the charts, and Guns N ‘Roses has become one of the best bands in the world. In late 1988, the band released the album «G N ‘R Lies», which includes four new acoustic versions of songs from the first album.

In the late 90’s Guns N ‘Roses set about creating a new album. In October, the band parted ways with Adler. Because of their attachment to drugs Steven could not play at the proper level. Place the drums took Matt Sorum – drums The Cult. In the process of recording the album, the group added keyboardist Dizzy Reed. By the end of the work it turned out that the recorded material just enough for two albums. Almost a year later, the fall of 1991 were released «Use Your Illusions» I and II. Albums turned bold enough. Of course, still dominated by the classic guitar rock music. But the musicians to experiment with the creation of ballads in the style of Elton John, added wind instruments, female backing vocals, combined several styles in one ten-minute tracks. Add to all this psychological self-critical lyrics. In short, Guns N ‘Roses made a real art to the masses, and, surprisingly, they have it really well.

Despite the fact that initially the album sold well, soon the band had lost its former glory. In late 1991, Stradlin left the band, the musicians lost as a result of a better songwriter. In early 1992, Nirvana with his album «Nevermind» topped more than a list of the best albums. In the world of rock music appeared on a clear division of fashionable and unfashionable hard rock. Guns N ‘Roses with all its pretensions, impressionistic videos, scandals and star antics proved beyond fashion. Themselves as musicians realized what had happened only in 1993 after the release of the album of punk covers «The Spaghetti Incident». The album received some good reviews, but it was not quite what it used to. In mid-1994, Rose decided to develop in the direction of industrial, while Slash wanted to continue working in the style of blues hard rock. It was the first time there was a rumor about the imminent collapse of the group.

In 2008 came the long-awaited by fans (15 years!) the new album Chinese Democracy . By this time, the original composition of the group was only Axl Rose. Cool met, the album is very different from the previous albums by the group, however the 13th track “This I love”, written by Axl himself, it takes its rightful place next to such ballads as “November rain”and”Do not cry”.

In 2009-2010, the band is touring in support of their latest album.

Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses
Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses
Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses

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