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Pink Floyd – p>


b>(Syd Barrett) – p>

b>(David Gilmour) – p>

b>(Nick Mason) – p>

b>(Roger Waters) – p>

b>(Richard Wright) – p>

b>Pink Floyd p>

b>Syd Barrett ) b>David Gilmour ) b>Roger Waters ), b>Richard Wright ) b>Nick Mason ). b>Jokers Wild .

b>Abdads, Sygma-6, T-Set b>Megadeaths b>Pink Floyd. b>Pink Floyd Sound. i>”Tonight Let`s All Make Love In London” i>”Arnold Lane”, “Let`s Roll Another One” (i>”Candy And The Currant Bun” ), “Nick`s Boogie” i>”Interstellar Overdrive” .


Pink Floyd Marquee”, Blackhill Enterprises”b>Peter Jenner ). “b>The Beatles“. – i>”i> – i>i>

“Arnold Lane”, i>”i>

i>”See Emily Play” i>”The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” i>”Apples And Oranges” p>

i>”A Saucerful Of Secrets” (1968). Make Love, Not War” Pink Floyd i>”Corporal Clegg”. Bp>

i>”Julia Dream”. i>”Point Me At The Sky” ) Pink Floyd p>

“More” (1969), i>”Green As A Color”, “Cimbaline” ) i>”Nile Song”, “Ibiza Bar” ). i>”Ummagumma”. i>”Atom Heart Mother” (1970). b>Ron Geesin ). i>”The Body” .

i>”Echoes” i>”Meddle” (1971), open air p>

i>”La Velle” (i>”Obscured By Clouds” ), i>”Zabriskie Point”. Pink Floyd p>

i>”Dark Side Of The Moon” (1973). b>Alan Parsons ) i>”Time” i>”Money” p>

Pink Floyd b>Dick Perry. b>Bonzo Dog Band ), i>”Wish You Were Here” (1975), Pink Floyd i>”Have A Cigar” ), b>Stephane Grappelli ), hi-end.

i>”Animals” (1977) b>Snowy White ), p>

i>”The Wall” (1979), b>Gerald Scarfe ), i>”When The Tigers Broke Free” (The Wall”, p>

i>”Final Cut” (1983), b>Michael Kamen ), b>Raphael Ravenscroft ), Pink Floyd, p>

Pink Floyd, i>”A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” (1987) i>”Division Bell” (1994). i>”Early Singles”. i>”La Carrera Panamericana” p>

live-i>”P.U.L.S.E.” (1995), Dark Side Of The Moon”, i>”Astronomy Dominy”. The Wall” – p>

Pink Floyd i>Whitesnake. Pink Floyd p>

i>”Amused To Death” The Wall” Pink Floyd, i>”In The Flesh”. p>

i>”Live 8″ Pink Floyd. i>”Breathe”, “Money”, “Wish You Were Here” i>”Comfortably Numb”. p>

i>”On The Island”. Dark Side Of The Moon” P.U.L.S.E.”.



The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)

A Saucerful of Secrets (1968)

Soundtrack from the Film More (1969)

Ummagumma (1969)

Atom Heart Mother (1970)

Meddle (1971)

The Wall (1979)

The Final Cut (1983)

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987)

The Division Bell (1994)

1974 – p>
Piper PerriPiper Perri
Piper PerriPiper Perri
Piper PerriPiper Perri

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