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Amir Khan can fight Manny Pacquiao, says Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter

Amir Khan may get a shot at Pac-Man, says the Filipino’s promoter, who says that it is “a farce” that Floyd Mayweather Jr has chosen to fight Andre Berto rather than the British welterweight

Amir Khan could face Manny Pacquiao next year in the Middle East.

Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, is set to open talks with the Bolton fighter’s team in London this weekend. A possible match with the Filipino legend may go some way to easing Khan’s disappointment at apparently having missed out on a showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Arum has branded Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto “a farce” and insists that Mayweather should have fought Khan. The next best option, according to Arum? A fight between Pacquiao and Khan .

“This kid Amir Khan keeps shooting his mouth off about Manny Pacquiao. I can arrange for Khan to fight Pacquiao,” Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, told The Telegraph.

“Amir Khan has been begging Mayweather for a fight and now he can get a major fight. I’m not a hard guy to deal with. I’m not going to mess them around,” said Arum.

Floyd Mayweather will fight Andre Berto on September 12. Mayweather is hunting the 49th win of his career, which would equal Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record. But Arum says he should have fought Khan.

Like many boxing fans, and critics, Arum was underwhelmed by the Mayweather-Berto fight. “That’s a farce. Mayweather should have fought Khan next. It would have been an interesting fight.”

Mismatch? Floyd Mayweather plans to sign off against the modestly talented Andre Berto Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS

“One thing’s for sure, Pacquiao is not ducking Khan. Pacquiao will fight him. I don’t know if Khan will fight Pacquiao, but it’s available.”

However, Arum was clear that any Khan-Pacquiao showdown will not take place in 2015.

“Manny’s not going to fight this year,” he said.

“He’ll fight early next year and probably in the Middle East. Vegas is a possibility, but more likely in the Middle East. It won’t be in Dubai but it will be in the Middle East. If not, we’ll do it in Vegas.”

“There’s two different groups in the Middle East (wanting to host the fight). I’d like to do Pacquiao against Amir Khan but they’ll take Manny against any decent guy.”

Arum is convinced Pacquiao will beat Khan, but believes the style match-up will be intriguing. “It’s a good fight. Manny beats him, though, in my opinion. Manny is getting up in age, so you never know what’s going to happen. But I think he hits too hard for Khan.”

“We’re not dangling (an offer for Khan like Mayweather did). I want to go in and make a deal with the guy. I’m happy to have lunch with them and discuss the situation.”

Arum also confirmed that Pacquiao is recovering well after surgery and is on track for a comeback.

“He’s over in Japan now trying to get a basketball tournament for the Philippines. He seems like he’s fine, though, physically.”

“The doctor here was amazed when he saw pictures of his movement and everything,” added Arum.

“The doctor says he’s got to see it himself. Manny is promising to come here at the end of August. There’s no question he’ll fight again.”

Tale of the tape: Manny Pacquiao poses with basketball legend Yao Ming Photo: AP

Arum will also engage in talks with Matchroom Sports in the coming week to discuss fights this autumn involving another of his Filipino fighters, Nonito Donaire.

A match could be made with rising star Scott Quigg . the WBA ‘Regular’ super bantamweight champion, from Manchester.

“I’m going to talk to Barry Hearn about a Quigg-Donaire fight. The Philippine television channel, ABS CBN, which has been dabbling with the idea of fights in Dubai, wants to do that fight in Dubai,” Arum told The Telegraph.

“So we’ll either do it in England or Dubai depending on the best deal. It doesn’t matter if Brits don’t travel to Dubai for it. There are plenty of ex-pats there. But Donaire also has no objection to fighting in the UK, either.”

Pain in Spain: Scott Quigg (r) made short work of tough Spaniard Kiko Martinez, knocking him out in two rounds in July Photo: PA

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