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Pat Boone – eternal values ​​of rock ‘n’ roll

In rock and roll fever gripped in the fifties of the last century half of the world, it had its heroes and idols. The name of one of them – Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll”- know, probably all. Much less is known Pat Boone – a singer, first performed”black”rhythm for the”white” of the public. He managed to do it with such tact and skill, even puritanical minded America does not afraid of new music and dance enthusiastically threw a rock ‘n’ roll.

Charles Eugene Patrick Boone (Pat Boone), which entered the history of pop music like Pat Boone was born in 1934 in the southern city of Jacksonville is located in Florida. His family believed that their distant ancestor was Daniel Boone – went down in American history as one of the first settlers of the heroic.

Life Pat was on the beaten track, he managed it. He was well in school, and graduating, he entered the college. There he took part in a music competition and, of course, won.

In 1954, Pat Boone recorded the first single on the music studio Republic Records, and then worked for many years in the recording studio Dot. There at the end of 1955 he released his first hit – a cover version of the song «Is not That a Shame» African American Fats Domino. After her song Pat Boone has 54 times is a leader in the charts. Among them were many songs of black singers «I Almost Lost My Mind» . Nat King Cole, «Tutti Frutti» and «Long Tall Sally» Little Richard, «Do not Forbid Me» El Flamingos, as well as their own singles, for example, hits 1957 years «April Love».

At this time, the singer enjoyed a huge success, at one time even surpassing the popularity of Elvis Presley. This is not surprising, Pat Boone was almost perfect – he was handsome, elegant, has excellent manners and had the voice of an unusually beautiful velvet tone.

The Church and the family

However, as it turned out in rock ‘n’ roll voice and manner decided by no means all. And Boone had to see this first hand. On the music scene gained momentum entirely different manner of performance. Compared with duck gait Chubby Chucker and crazy wiggle his hips Elvis Presley, the performance of compositions by Pat Boone seemed young insipid, and his classic suit is simply ridiculous … In addition, the singer did not hide his conservative views – he spoke openly about his faith in God and commitment to family values.

All the forces of Pat Boone tried to fight: Like Elvis he performed at concerts, record albums, starred in the films. All of this he gets quite successfully, but to eclipse the glory of his Presley and failed … In the early 60s the music scene appeared Beatles – and Pat Boone decided that he should tie the fate …

He started a completely different musical career – began to sing country music and religious chants – gospels. Often he appeared on stage with his wife and four daughters. One of them – Debby Boone – later also became a famous singer.

We can not say that about Boone completely forgotten, he periodically reminded of himself, taking part in political activities. He supported the election campaign of Ronald Reygona, spoke approvingly of the landing of US troops in Iraq and condemned the musicians who opposed military action.

In 1997, almost the first time in his career, around the name of Pat Boone scandal. The singer decided to revive old and record covers. However, this time as the originals he used such hardrochnye composition as the «Smoke on the Water» and «Stairway to Heaven» , etc. But special outrage among fans of the singer, the album is not called, and the extravagant appearance of Pat Boone on a concert dedicated to the awarding of the American Music Awards. The singer appeared in a black leather suit with hands decorated with tattoos (as it turned out later, painted). Joke perceived too seriously, were voices demanding the excommunication from the church musician. Later, though, his apology was accepted.

Name Pat Boone recorded in the Hall of Fame performers gospel, but it is not in the Hall of Fame rock n ‘roll. In this sense a kind of injustice, because the hits of the singer – «Speedy Gonzalez», «April Love», «Moody River» have long since become classics of rock, that listen to and play the representatives of several generations now.

Pat BoonePat Boone
Pat BoonePat Boone
Pat BoonePat Boone

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