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Place of birth: USA, Louisiana, Covington

Born: 8 December 1978

Age: 32

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height (in meters): 1.77

«I decided to become an actor to explore different sides of yourself and be able to live a different life … not to hide from you, but to understand who I am in reality”, – explains his choice of profession Yen Joseph Somerhalder.

Ian born December 8, 1978 in Covington, Louisiana, the son of a builder and a masseuse; he has a brother and a sister. With the full approval of the parents, the boy was ten years old began acting in commercials and conscious age has reached a certain height in this case. Ian has worked for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Versace and several other well-known designers. However, he does not like to talk about her modeling career, not wanting to be the viewer just another guy – a model that someone has unwittingly admitted to the cinema.

Ian became interested in acting at school – first played in the school theater, then – in the local drama school. Work as a Model Somerhalder allowed to travel to European capitals and make some money out to pay for lessons in acting. He even starred in an episode of the film “Black and White”, but his role was cut during final assembly.

In 1999, Ian made his debut on television in an episode of the science-fiction drama “from time to time.”The following year, he landed a starring role in the youth drama”The Young Americans”then do not sit without work: Somerhalder had to be noted in the top ten notable television series (among them – «CSI: crime scene,””Law & Order”and”Secrets Smallville “) and in several films. The most famous of them – the black comedy “The Rules of Attraction,”which starred Ian James Van Der Beek.”I did not think twice before you take on this role,”- says Somerhalder, who played in the picture slashavogo fagot -“This film could have become for me in what have become”Cruel Intentions”for Ryan Fileppi, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I am happy that I can get big roles, which can develop due to the images that are far from my own. This is the essence of acting ».

The authors of the series “Lost”Somerhalder saw something more than an ideal texture for the role of a gay man. Of all the actors of the series was the first Ian, who was cast irrevocably. He played Boone Carlyle, the young heir to the rich, which for several series of bad tempered desert island where he had to survive, and the other deceased passengers of the aircraft. Ian himself was somewhat disappointed with his character.”All that we know about Boone, is that he always follows his sister, – said the actor – it’s great that it annoying and that they both – spoiled rich kids. Nobody likes these guys. And I thought, maybe they really different? Boone – a guy who really quickly begins to understand life, once on the island. I was almost sorry for him, because he did not know about those necessary for the survival of things that I know. I grew up in Louisiana. We had horses and own land. There you will learn how to survive. You learn to work in the woods to make fire, to properly handle a rope. Boone did not know any of this. He was very fragile, because derived from the environment in which I have never been. “However, over time the character Ian changed, more and more pleasing performer.”Friendship with Locke Boone helps self-realization on the island,”- said Terry & # 96; Quinn (Lok). -“With the help of Boone learns unexpected things about themselves and their abilities.” “The Island of changes people – echoes Ian – and I am glad that my hero was the first who felt these changes. I started getting to know Boone and the things that I did not like it at least became clear to me ».

Unfortunately, roam the show Ian failed. His hero was the first victim of the island (or rather harsh writers) and died in the twentieth episode of the account Do No Harm. While Boone was not a central figure in the story, Jack, Kate and Sawyer, he is liked by the audience, who have unanimously asked the question: “Why Boone?”. Damon Lindelof responded to it, that death is inevitable in a project with so many characters that it is this death was needed to prepare the audience for the final show and Boone – is just the beginning. Producer Yen also praised the work of the show and noticed that the delicately played in the last episode.

«The day when we were shooting death of Boone, was very hard, especially for me and Fox – says Ian. – He and I became very close while working on this episode. Of course, all of us from the first day to know that not all of us will be able to hold out until the end of the show. But between all of us establish a real camaraderie and it was very difficult to part with the team ».

The producers promised to show that the Yen will be in one of the flashbacks of the second season. But for the most Somerhalder, “Lost” – is turn the page. He continues to storm the great movie – in 2006 out several films with his participation; Ian in some projects and even tried his hand at producing. In his spare time, he practices yoga, horse riding and skiing – both on the water and on the ordinary. Try their hand at writing. As for his personal life, the actor Ian adheres to the traditional position: privacy – reinforced concrete. At this stage, the rumor writes his bride actress Kate Bosworth, who has enjoyed some fame as the now ex-girlfriend of Orlando Bloom. Ian wisely keeps silent.

Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder

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