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Courteney Cox

Born: June 15, 1964, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Courteney Cox Height: 1 m 65 cm

An American actress, producer, director. World fame was brought to her role in the popular sitcom Monica “friends”and Gail’s tetralogy”The Scream.”One of the last prominent roles – Jules in the series”Cougar Town».

Courteney Bass Cox / Courteney Bass Cox was born on June 15, 1964 in Alabama in the family of a businessman Richard Cox / Richard Cox and housewives Courteney Bass / Courteney Bass. Courtney – the youngest daughter, she has an older sister Virginia and Dottie, and brother Richard. In 1974, Courtney’s parents divorced and her father moved to Florida. Later, her mother married a businessman Hunter Copeland / Hunter Copeland.

Once graduation Courteney Cox moved to Washington, where he went to college in Mount Vernon on the course architecture and interior design. During college Courtney was a member of the team cheerleaders, played tennis and was engaged in swimming. In the final year Courteney Cox received a job offer for a modeling agency. As a result, because of the employment it has not graduated. Instead, she moved to New York and signed a contract with the famous agency Ford.

Courteney Cox began to appear on the covers of youth magazines. She starred in commercials Maybeline, Noxema, Tampax.

In parallel with the work of the model Courteney Cox classes in acting. In 1984 she appeared in the music video Bruce Springsteen / Bruce Springsteen «Dancing in the Dark». In the same year she made her debut on television in an episode of «As the World Turns».

1985 Courteney Cox moved to Los Angeles for the role in the TV series «The Martyrs of Science». Then she got a starring role in the popular TV series «Family Ties». In 1990, Courteney Cox got a role in the sci-fi flick “Mr. Destiny”. In 1994, she starred alongside Jim Carrey / Jim Carrey in the hit comedy “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”and appeared in an episode of the popular satirical TV series”Seinfeld».

Star Time Courteney Cox came in 1994 when she landed the role of Monica Geller in the new sitcom “Friends”, despite the fact that it originally held the casting for the role of Rachel. The series was a huge success and went 10 seasons until 2004.

Courteney Cox and her colleagues at Sitka hit the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-paid actors on television. In the last two seasons, Cox received a million dollars per episode.

In 1996, Courteney Cox has played a major role in the horror film “Scream”. The picture was so successful that it came to light three sequels “Scream 2″in 1997,”Scream 3″in 2000 and”Scream 4” in 2011.

In 1999, Courteney Cox played the lead female role in the crime drama «Easy Money», in 2001, she starred in the melodrama «3000 miles to Graceland »and in the comedy« The Shrink Is In ».

After the end of “Friends”Courteney Cox was the main contender for the role of Susan in the new series”Desperate Housewives,” but it could not be removed because of the pregnancy.

In 2005, Courteney Cox has appeared in the psychological thriller “November”. In 2007 she returned to television as a tabloid editor in the series «Tabloids» channel FX. The show was closed after the end of the second season.

In 2008, Courteney Cox has appeared in three episodes of the sitcom “The Clinic».

In 2009, Courteney Cox started acting in sitcom ABC «Cougar Town.” Coke is not only a producer of the show in the third season, she has acted as a director of two episodes.

In 2012, the Courteney Cox shot television film «TalhotBlond» about a man who leads a double life.

Private life Courteney Cox / Courteney Cox

Courtney met with a rock promoter, and the nephew of his stepfather Ian Copeland / Ian Copeland. She was also romantically involved with singer Adam Durittsem / Adam Duritz.

From 1989 to 1995, Courtney Cox was having an affair with actor Michael Keaton / Michael Keaton.

Courteney Cox met her husband, actor David Arquette / David Arquette, on the set of the thriller “Scream”, where he played her beloved heroine. They were married on June 12, 1999 during a break between filming the fifth and sixth seasons of “Friends.” After the wedding, Monica took a hyphenated name – Cox-Arquette.

In June 2004, Courteney Cox birth to a daughter Coco Riley Arquette / Coco Riley Arquette. Godmother of the girl is the best friend Courteney Jennifer Aniston / Jennifer Aniston.

In October 2010, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to have another child, Courtney and David announced the break. In June of 2012 Arquette filed for divorce.

Interesting facts about Courteney Cox / Courteney Cox

Despite the divorce, Courtney and David saved the joint business – the company Coquette Productions, which, in particular, produces “Cougar Town».

Courtney plays the piano and drums. It has a brown belt in karate.

The role of “Cougar Town,”Courteney Cox earned a nomination for the”Golden Globe”and”Scream 2″- nomination for”Saturn”. In 1995 she and her colleagues received the award “People’s Choice”for”Friends.”Her duet with David Arquette in”Scream 3″was awarded the prize”Teen Choice».

Coco ArquetteCoco Arquette
Coco ArquetteCoco Arquette
Coco ArquetteCoco Arquette

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