Jane Leeves

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Jane Leeves (Jane Leeves)

Born Jane Leeves in Salford April 18, 1961. After beginning his acting career in the legendary show called «The Benny Hill Show» . Jane moved from England to the United States. While it was not included in the cast of the sitcom “Murphy Brown,”she starred in small roles. Jane is known most of all for the role of Daphne Moon, in a sitcom called « Fraser ». For his role in this film, she was nominated for”Golden Globe”and”Emmy».

As a child, Jane studied ballet, after a little worked as a model. His acting career began in the «The meaning of life» in a show called “The Benny Hill Show».

A step forward has become an interesting role in the sitcom titled «Throb!» . Another, no less important role in the life of the actress, was noisy and uncomfortable role of Audrey in the film titled «Murphy Brown» . This unusual show was the most famous of all those whom it removes all previous years. Other roles that she played, were known role of Marla-Devstvinnitsy in four episodes of the series under the name «Seinfeld» . in the American version of the science fiction television movie titled «Red dwarf» . and many well-known role of lesbians in film shot in 1985, under the name «To Live and Die in LA» .

1993 he became an actor is very important because it finally came in the cast of the television series entitled “Fraser”. Leafs played a great role parapsychologist named Daphne Moon, and, fortunately, it is very liked by the audience.

It is very interesting that when at the beginning of the season in 2000 – 2001 godu Leafs waited child, writers entered the series in a big surprise, as the extra weight because of multiple stresses from heavy relations.

By the end of the show, the actress received the “Emmy” for his role, and has become a highly paid actress in Hollywood.

Leafs became less and less appear on the TV screen. And in 1996, she worked on voicing the animated film titled «James and the Giant Peach» . filmed in 1996. Later, in 1999, she played the role in the film «Music of the Heart» .

In 2002, she appeared in an interesting musical called “Kibar”. In 2004, Jane led the release of the comedy television show called «Have I Got News for You» . Today, it plays a role in the series titled «Divorce Hollywood» .

Actress voice of Lulu in the cartoon titled «Madagascar» . and «Garfield 2» . Jane, together with a colleague on the series “Fraser”, founded a production company called «Bristol Cities»

Recently, she starred in the sitcom titled «The Vicarof Dibley» . starring Kirstie Alley is.

In 1996, the actress Jane Leeves married Marshall Kobena – manager of the company, which is called «CBS Paramount Television». In 2001, Jane and Marshall was born long-awaited daughter who was named Isabella Kathryn Coben, and in a short time and a son named William Finn Leafs Coben.

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Jane LeevesJane Leeves
Jane LeevesJane Leeves
Jane LeevesJane Leeves

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