Jane Wyman

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Jane Wyman

The talented American actress who began her acting career in the thirties of the last century and for several decades actively act in films. At the time, Jane was nominated for “Oscar”(in the category”Best Actress”) – for taking part in the movie «Johnny Belinda» (1948). In the eighties, the actress was at the peak of popularity, especially after the execution of a leading role in the TV series «Falcon Crest».

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Jane Wyman (born Sarah Jane Mayfield) was born on January 5, 1917 in Missouri – family and working stenographer Gladys Manning Mayfield.

In October 1921 the mother of the future actress filed for divorce, and a year later Jane’s father died suddenly and dramatically changed the life of the baby. After the death of her ex-husband’s mother, Jane went to Cleveland, and Jane took the family of the adoptive parents – Emma and Richard Falks. Subsequently, the actress recalled that her childhood was not the best, and education was very strict.

When Jane Wyman (Jane Wyman) was eleven years old, she went to California, and in the 1930th returned to Missouri and there entered the school of Lafayette High School. In the same year, Jane began to work on the radio (where she began her singing career), but then was called as Jane Durrell and added myself several years (to age – legally – meet the occupation).

In 1932, Jane went to Hollywood and soon appeared in the films «The Kid from Spain» (1932), «My Man Godfrey» (1936), «Cain and Mabel» (1936), was originally playing Minor

itelnye role.

After some time aspiring actress changed her name again, this time for “Wyman” and began actively removed by working with film company Warner Bros.

In the late forties creative activity actress Jane Wyman (Jane Wyman) has been appreciated and rewarded. A large army of fans happy waiting for new works of the actress, and the leading producers are increasingly invited Jane to act.

In the mid-fifties, the actress first appeared on television – in the project «General Electric Theatre». After – she often played the role of leading the various programs, as well as – starred in the TV series.

At the time, Jane Wyman (Jane Wyman) was the first wife of US President Ronald Reagan. She divorced in 1949, and since then, it was called “the ex-president’s wife».

Jane died in 2007, the year in their own home (Rancho Mirage Country Club).

Jane WymanJane Wyman
Jane WymanJane Wyman
Jane WymanJane Wyman

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