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Biography Bobby Vinton

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Stanley Robert Vintula ( Stanley Robert Vintula Jr. . b. April 16, 1935), better known by his stage name < strong> Bobby Vinton ( Bobby Vinton ), – American singer of Polish descent, whose peak of popularity came in 1962-64. when his sentimental ballad «Roses Are Red (My Love)», «Blue Velvet», «There! I’ve Said It Again »and« Mister Lonely »headed the Billboard Hot 100.

Born in Pennsylvania. in the same city with his idol Perry Como. There boulevard named after him, but the idea to put on it the monument Vinton residents had to be abandoned at the insistence of the singer. In the early 1960s, Vinton, use good girl-boy image and executes honeyed voice slow love songs in the old-fashioned way doroknrollnoy achieved phenomenal success on the charts. His hallmark was the languid ballad «Blue Velvet», drawn from the repertoire of Tony Bennett.

Although it was seldom spoken of as rock ‘n’ roll singer Bobby Vinton (Bobby Vinton) sometimes referred to as a rock audience, because his music is bought mostly young audience during the heyday of his career, and also because, that his songs can still be heard in the air retro radio. Magazine Billboard Magazine called Bobby Vinton “the most successful singer of love songs of all time Rock Era.” In the first ten years of rock ‘n’ roll, from Winton had the most hits, won first place in the charts of all the male performers, including Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) and Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra).

Bobby was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh), son of the leader of the popular local band, Stan Vinton (Stan Vinton). When Bobby was a little boy, his parents asked him to make music, and when he turned 16, Bobby formed his first band. The band played in clubs around the Pittsburgh, and the money they earned, Bobby paid his higher education at Duquesne University. There he studied music and graduated with honors from the study as a music composer. Thanks to the university, he became the master of all instruments in the band: piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, drums and oboe.

Once a brief stint in the army, (which served as the inspiration for one of his biggest hits “Mr. Lonely”), Bobby and his band recorded some demos that Bobby began to offer many radio stations as I could. At one of these radio stations, DJ by the name of Lawrence Dick (Dick Lawrence) staged one of the demos and heard singing Bobby. He was impressed enough to take a drive to CBS. Manual recording studio signed a contract with Wynton and released Bobby’s first single “Roses Are Red”, by which he began his career of singer. The single climbed to first place in the US charts and sold more than four million kollichestvom copies.

1963 was his best year as his single “Blue on Blue”took third place, and then headed the singles charts in”Blue Velvet”and”There! I’ve Said It Again”.

“There! I’ve Said It Again”was removed from first Beatles single”I Want to Hold Your Hand”, but the “British invasion”, surprisingly, did not mean “commercial end”for Winton, as it was for many other singers of ballads and idols of young people. In addition, he had one of his greatest hits (and the final number 1), the melancholic”Mr. Lonely” at the end of 1964.

In the period from 1962 to 1972, he hit 28 times in the Top 40. Not once, he updated the musical world of the ’60s pop tunes, among them such as the “Halfway To Paradise”, “Take Good Care Of My Baby”and”Sealed With A Kiss”. A couple of them – “Please Love Me Forever”and”I Love How You Love Me” hit the Top 10, which was quite surprising in 1967 and 1968, in the heyday of rock influence.

Winton began a thorough return in 1974 with the single “Melody of Love”, which took 3rd place in the charts, and was distinguished as the only major US hit, partly executed in the Polish language. He was also invited to participate in the show for CBS Television and starred in two films of John Wayne (John Wayne): “Big Jake”(Big Jake) and”train robbers” (The Train Robbers).

In 1980, after a speech in overcrowded rooms in Branson, Missouri, Bobby built a “Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet Theatre”, at the European-style theater with 1600 seats, ceiling frescoes, Italian tiles and, of course, the most important part-blue velvet . Bobby stayed in the theater 10 years before being resumed touring around the country.

In the following years, Bobby was awarded thanks to the more than 100 national organizations and more than a dozen mayors across the United States for his unique contribution to the development of society. He was invited to Poland as a guest of the government. As a tribute to his talent and for his services to the community, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce gave Vinton bronze star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

Interesting facts

  • In Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” (1990) played the role of Winton his son Robbie.
  • David Lynch used the «Blue Velvet» as the main theme song of the cult film “Blue Velvet” (1986). In the movie, which it gave its name, sugary ballad vintonovskaya becomes more sinister.

Bobby VintonBobby Vinton
Bobby VintonBobby Vinton
Bobby VintonBobby Vinton

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