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Farewell to the actors of the first season

25 g of of June 2011.

It just so happened – we are often faced with death on the screen and learned to treat it safely. We are accustomed to the fact that in movies and romantic literature for centuries the main characters, and if you do not achieve happiness, then at least stay alive. Especially strong belief in such an outcome for the series. A textbook example – a “revival” of Sherlock Holmes. However, this does not work in literature and film that claims to realism. A real romantic, Martin in his saga, however, tried not to depart from realism. And here we begin to follow the fate of the characters, imbued them feelings, they become close to us like old friends, and suddenly, literally lose their heads. When a viewer watches the show or reading a book, he has plenty of time to the characters no longer perceived to step back and emotionally touched their death.

Today, we once again look at the characters, which no longer meet. And to thank the actors who embody the favorite (and not so) characters.

Sean Bean (Ned Stark)

The main star of the show, Sean Bean. Lord of Winterfell played Eddard Stark. After his death in the 9th episode, Network filled with indignant reviews. How so? Why is a man with the poster did not have lasted at least until the end of the season? Yes, I’ll just looking for him! And even those who knew about the death of Eddard, who read the book – and after viewing admitted that the scene was shocking penalty. The law and justice were on the side of Ned, but how many they mean no force capable of defending them? Ned loses power, however, all interested in the fact that he remained alive. After he abandons his honor and retreat from the truth, and does not remain a single reason to Ned was executed – and yet it happens. Is not this is the cause of impression the event on the steps of the septum Beyelora?

Sean Bean – mainly big screen actor and theater. Insanely charismatic Bean was, of course, the dream candidate for the role of Ned Stark, and held his participation in the “Game of Thrones”has become an indicator of a serious attitude towards the fans and for the adaptation of the quality mark for the rest of the audience; it itself drew attention to the series and advance added fans. In the absence of an opportunity to show the internal monologues Ned, it was very difficult to create a living dramatic fashion on the screen. Probably the game of the actor in the”northern” part of the series of claims does not and can not be, and that’s kind of lost and open mouth of the Red Castle Ned some dissatisfaction of fans still aroused. Well, Ned Sean Bean of course different from the book, for which indeed the most characteristic feature was grimly clenched mouth, but in this case the series is not played out in nature, and the situation Ned. In any case, the hero is a vivid and volume that causes and respect, and compassion.

Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon)

Mark Addy – another great role, and death. Martin tried to convince fans that Eddie is great, but too many did not believe that the fat man and the artist mostly comedic roles will be able to adequately represent the King Robert. And the view has changed rapidly with the release of the first series! You can stubbornly blind eye to the book « extremely put on weight”and”at first did not recognize an old friend” and argue about the blurred figures weightlifters, but one detail Mark certainly did role – his voice.

The debate on the interpretation of the image of serial Robert still continues to this day. Robert Mark Addy for a long time not young and he knows that his best years behind him, and the future is the same gray as the present. Nothing, it seems, do not touch it, but the old friendship with Ned, which serves as a reminder of what he once was. All of his present life – an attempt to distract from the realization of how he spent his days aimlessly. The series introduced the scene where Robert entire faces of the past – in a conversation with Barristanom, with his wife and hunting. Eddie was able to show how in dealing with Ned Roberts to awaken the best feelings.

When Robert dies, we do not feel pity. On his deathbed, Robert says, and behaved with dignity: sad jokes and even seemed relieved.

Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen)

Many of us knew about Harry Lloyd before? Yes, he was playing somewhere … Brilliantly portrayed madness in “Doctor Who”. But do we know how good, almost perfect, will Viserys by Harry Lloyd? Here’s one of those cases where the movie won the book due to its expressive means. One thing read about how Viserys almost sympathetic touch to the hair sisters. And another – see . he gently explains Denis that he was ready to fuck her all over khalasaru his stallions, if it will help the cause. Viserys like boy admires cloth dress; royally, but genuinely proud of wild animal Drogo, his instrument; instantly goes into communicating with others on the sublime, heartfelt speeches to the contemptuous, sneering ridicule; childishly offended when the world once again turns out to be not at his feet – all this clearly seen on the screen.

In an interview with the actor has said many times that his mission was to show the outside evaluation Viserys Daenerys eyes which served his character in the book. Viserys Lloyd humane book, the actor reveals that there is madness Viserys and the reasons and excuses, and his madness itself – obviously lighter sense than his father: he is more foolish than mad. The end of the sixth episode – only holds one Viserys. In a few minutes he plays madness, anger, joy, fear, happiness and peace. Against this background, one might say, a beginner, a very young actor, lost even more experienced, like Ian Glen.

The Dothraki and their victims (or vice versa?)

Khala Drogo searched long and hard. It is not easy to find a tall actor with Asian appearance and article Panthers. News of the casting Jason Momoa came just days before the start of filming the pilot episode. We were told that he conquered all the dance performance hack (it is based on a ritual dance at Drogo vows in the 7th episode). Momoa big fan of the book, a man terribly charming and hilarious. on the screen of the first half of the season playing a fierce warrior and fucks his face impassive. After the first episode of the opinion it was very negative, both among those who read the book, and among the majority unfamiliar with the book. But after a rapprochement with his wife, he suddenly from the “scenery animated” becomes a living character, one of the favorite.

Jason and Emilia look amazing together, but I think the nature of its increasingly revealed in scenes of dialogue with the tribesmen.

Purebred Drogo quota play Dar Salim. Quotas in the book describes a cruel man, but the emphasis is put on show his loyalty and friendship between him and Khala. The new interpretation of the quota appears advocate customs and faith of its people; He does not understand why, when choosing between them, by blood, and his wife, Drogo chooses a woman.

The third died dotrakiets – Mago. Daenerys takes away from it a woman, breaking all traditions Dothraki, and Mago appeals to Drogo, whose name Daenerys covered. Drogo forgiving wife and calmly and even casually takes her side, depriving Mago legitimate rights and exposing a laughingstock. Mago throws Drogo call and dies. In this book, there is no conflict, but a mortal wound Drogo causes blood khala another.

The fourth character plays Daenerys role in the history of no less than Drogo. Mia Soter as Mirri Maz Duur managed to embody a witch and priestess at the same time. Here she revels listing deformities Daenerys unborn son, but she says that life itself is worthless when “the rest of it is gone.” Again, this is a case where observation of how coolly businesslike, reasonable meyega explains his motives, gives more than just bringing her words in a book. Among the shortcomings can be noted only way too sinister appearance Mirri Maz Duur who once explained that she bad . beginners series.

The head of the guards, septum and dance teacher

Jory Cassel (Jamie Sivz) and CEPT Mordeyn (Susan Brown) appear on the first episode and flashed in a shot continuously until his death. They both registered special stage, revealing them a little more to enhance the effect of their optional, almost accidental death. However, it is always the case – a gentleman fighting, and at lackeys forelocks crack.

Sirio Trout is not a man of Ned Stark. His opposition to Lannister – a conscious decision, dictated by a personal code of life. Miltos Erolimu initially auditioned for the role of Varis, and in a sense, we were lucky that at that time he did not come. However, the appearance of serial Sirio Forel almost completely contrary to the book description, but still it turned out one of the minor characters, who like almost at first sight. Wonderful actor – a wonderful role.

The Trinity of the prologue

It does not take fifteen minutes of “Game of Thrones”, as we are faced with three deaths. A bit sad that Rob Ostlir. played Ueymara Royce. I got a small role – a haughty lordenysh embodied them wonderful. Severe man Gared (Dermot Kenny) in the series has changed the fate of the young Will (Bronson Webb). but this is not the case when someone was lucky no one managed to escape from the forest, and the second – the only thing – for some reason, Another gives life, but soon he will say goodbye to her.

The killer in Winterfell, vintner, Wild, Steve – the role of very small, these heroes are introduced only to die quickly. Of this trio is noticeable except Simon Lowe (vintner).

The victims of kings, intrigues and will of the gods

Mick (Rhodri Hosking) – the first death of the innocent to the south of the Wall in the series. Suspected of complicity in the murder of his lord, arrogant sire Hugh of the Valley (Jefferson Hull) does not cause sympathy. It’s quite another thing – sire Vardis Egan (Brendan McCormack). who fought for the wrong side, and who was killed by the will of the gods and armor.

The last on our list – murdered untimely “character”, which is so desperately trying to guess the fans after the famous interview with George Martin. All names that offered fans were incorrect. For this character, and if you act independently, except in the introduction: “My tongue – my enemy.” In the book, Marillion and stayed in Eagle’s Nest, where Lisa Arryn entertained with their songs (and perhaps courtship), and it was endowed from head to toe. In the end, he still dies in the fourth volume, but primarily plays an important role in the intrigues Petyr Baelish, both the singer and his tongue. In the same series for the singing of songs about the death of King Robert Joffrey orders snatch Marillion language.

Ned StarkNed Stark
Ned StarkNed Stark
Ned StarkNed Stark

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