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FAQ about the series FX «Fargo»

Start to watch the new series would be like to try on a new pair of shoes or an old piece of sushi to eat. It’s hard to say like it or not until you try. But there is an ingenious way to avoid blisters on your feet metaphorical or hours of sitting on the toilet. You can read a little about the show, before starting to watch it. This time we will focus on the new product FX called “Fargo» («Fargo»). Is it worth it, to see it? Let’s try to answer some questions about this show.

«Fargo»? Do not we already seen this back in 1996?

Yes, but you’ve seen the movie “Fargo”and that the show”Fargo.”Events of the series takes place in the same universe as the movie. Under the universe here it means the same place in Minnesota. There also have similar characters. Under similar characters here means a loser-seller and the few criminal elements”from the city.”Plus is similar storyline about a murder in a small town and the cops who say,”Ahh, damn it …” at the sight of the corpse, which makes the show amazing bloody black comedy. So, yes, all closely connected with the movie. But on the other hand, the movie and TV series are so different that it is not necessary to watch the movie of the series to understand it. That is, there can even cause some arguments against that, to see the movie before the show, to the best of his perception.

Who is behind this reinterpretation and who is played here?

This version of “Fargo”is the brainchild of November Hawley previously made such series as”The Unusuals» («The Unusuals») and “My Generation» («My Generation»). Both brothers Coen, who made the film, and Ethan and Joel, are registered in a screenwriter and executive producer, so that the show is not just pinned on the name of the cult film. Just want to mention Adam Bernstein (removed a few episodes of “Breaking Bad» («Breaking Bad») and many other shows), and Randall Einhorn (head director of the series’ Wilfred »(« Wilfred »)), who were directors of the first four episodes of”Fargo”and did the job perfectly well. But the cast is probably the main component of the show. Martin Freeman (Martin Freeman), Billy Bob Thornton (Billy Bob Thornton), Kate Walsh (Kate Walsh). Amazing, is not it? But that’s not all. Colin Hanks (Colin Hanks), Bob Odenkirk (Bob Odenkirk) and Oliver Platt (Oliver Platt). Wah! Moreover, Adam Goldberg (Adam Goldberg), Houerton Glenn (Glenn Howerton), Peel Jordan (Jordan Peele) and Keegan-Michael Key (Keegan-Michael Key)! But in addition to star and popular, here there is also a little-known actors Allison Tolman (Allison Tolman), Russell Harvard (Russell Harvard) and Julie Ann Emery (Julie Ann Emery).

When will debut “Fargo»?

On April 15 channel FX. The first season of ten episodes will show the full history. That is a project created as an anthology and a potential second season tells a new story with new characters.

Who would like «Fargo»?

Fans of perverse humor. The show will make you feel uncomfortable and laugh at the same time. As the series is somewhat similar to the early ‘Breaking Bad »(« Breaking Bad ») produced some of the jokes and impressions. Well, if you like the movie, you are quite welcome to stay satisfied and TV series.

What’s really cool in “Fargo»?

The show is incredibly funny, if you have a sick sense of humor. People are dying, and partly it’s funny. But the funny thing was going on from the problems faced by the characters, and see if their eyes all the residents of the Midwest, as well as thanks to a brilliant actor’s game, forcing the show live and breathe. Every actor in this series, from the leading role of the artist to play a very tiny role, really shines. Camera work at the highest level, and desert landscapes of snow-covered Minnesota looked great. Well, Hawley fully reveals his gift of writing funny deadpan dialogue, as this conversation cops: “What do you want me to be noted as a cause of death?” “Put yourself in his place».

What is not so well in “Fargo»?

In fact, it is a ten independent films that come on TV. So, if you do not like movies that are produced outside the major studios, you may not like and “Fargo.” There are no other problems.

So is it worth watching?

There is no doubt! The first episode, entitled “The Dilemma of the Crocodile”is one of the most interesting pilot episodes that came out last year. The”Fargo” has the potential to become one of the best series.

Let’s look at the trailer!

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