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Cartridge .45 Long Colt arr. 1873 Why is the legendary patron of the Wild West, and is available now?

And it is true, why? It’s one of the old cartridges with a metal liner in the world. Why so it is not sent to “retire” as some more modern munitions? Let’s deal.

The Civil War between North and South of 1861-1865 showed the advantage of revolvers in the melee in front of all kinds of weapons and firearms at the time. Especially for the cavalry, the main strike force in those years. No sword or smoothbore gun or rifle could not compete with the convenience and short, and simultaneously multiply-charged weapons with lethal force sufficient to stop a rider on a horse. However, the time capsule revolvers were very unreliable and were charged for a long time.

The first issue of rapid charging decided company «Smith & Wesson», projecting a gun under the metal cartridge and drum unit with cylinder bores for this cartridge. After patenting the design of a drum, the company «Smith & Wesson» has long been a monopoly, no one in sound mind and memory would not produce such weapons must charge competitors for each sold a revolver. However, in the early 70s of the 19th century, the patent expired. And then came into play longtime rival company «Smith & Wesson» – arms giant Colonel Colt.

is set in 1871 in order to make a weapon more powerful than that of a competitor, the combined efforts of firms «Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company» and «Union Metallic Cartridge Company» was established a new cartridge 45th inch caliber. This round was all the more powerful pistol cartridges that time.

The cartridge .45 Long Colt is a simple cylindrical sleeve with a rim (welt) filled with black powder and sealed with a soft lead bullet.


The actual bullet diameter: 0.454 inches. It is important to remember it!

Bullet weight: 17.3 grams.

Muzzle velocity: 260 m / s.

Muzzle energy: about 570 joules.

At the same time, and it was created under this cartridge revolver, originally called the US Army New Model 1873 Single Action revolver. He developed commissioned by the military. “The main criterion in the development of new weapons was a requirement Cavalry and Horse Artillery US”to stop the one-shot rider at a shot in the horse.” Wikipedia. Following the approval of the military commission of the weapon was officially named Colt M1873 Single Action Army, in abbreviated form – Colt SAA.

Once approved as a weapon and began to purchase military Colt company began its expansion in the civilian market. The world’s largest gun was positioned as a “weapon for real men.”Sheriffs, cowboys, gangsters … During the conquest of the Wild West probably was not a man who would not want to have a weapon at hand. And at this time it got its nickname, which became his second name: Peacemaker (Peacemaker). There, where he started to”speak” the Colt Peacemaker, the debate ended well, very quickly. And yes, heavy and strong colt was never convenient and comfortable weapon, but was reliable, versatile … and a status. Civil revolvers of this caliber were produced in large quantities in the United States until World War II.

The soft lead bullet inflicted terrible wounds. And if it gets stuck in the body, passing the bones and organs of all his great energy, man was almost doomed, he died from a painful shock. Remember this.

Colt M1873 Single Action Army was on the military service of 19 years. And chuck .45 Long Colt, too.

But everything passes. Colt .45-caliber army decided to replace the more easy, comfortable and long-range guns .38. The new cartridge .38 Long Colt shoot farther and more accurately. Revolver .38 was not too heavy, had smaller dimensions and did not have such a terrible impact, as the Colt SAA. It seemed, “the old man» .45 Long Colt forever “demobilized.” But no! Soon he was again called up for military service.

The reason for this was the return of war in the Philippines (1899-1902 gg.). Local guerrillas, “Moro warriors”inflated potent drugs and masterfully holding machetes, cut army patrols in the jungle, and in the villages. The American soldiers could not do anything even after being hit by six bullets .38 Moro warriors continued to fight. Yes, after a man died, but managed to kill or injure an enemy. There was even a myth of immortality”Moro warriors” that drew in the formation of many new guerrilla recruits.

That’s where the handy superior stopping power .45. It was enough for one hit to immobilize the attacker. After re-army patrols Colt .45-caliber most zealous “partisans” shot down quickly, and attacks on army patrols have ended.

And one more comeback in army cartridge .45 Long Colt was in 1909, before the invention of the cartridge for automatic pistols .45 ACP.

Other names cartridge .45 Long Colt. 45 Colt. 45LC, 11,43h33 R, 11,43h33 mm, SAA 7690. 45 Colt USA.

Another “remake”of the old Army cartridge came in the”era of westerns,”the beginning of the 50s of the 20th century. That was when there were competitions in”cowboy shooting” that are popular in our time.

Weapons under this cartridge produced in our time both in America and in Europe. Most often it is a replica of the legendary Colt M1873 Single Action Army. However, there are under this cartridge, and hunting rifles.

And one more thing, why chuck, which is now considered to be weak, so fond of “fans of the big guns.”There is a heavy-duty revolver cartridge .454 Casull, which is very uncomfortable to shoot. Giving a huge, deafening noise, blinding flash of muzzle flash. Why, then buy weapons under this cartridge is uncomfortable? Yeah, it hurts a lot, nice and status! The diameter of the sleeve and a bullet of this cartridge, 0.454 inches, is identical to those of the”feeble» .45 Long Colt. Therefore, for recreational shooting cartridge .45 Long Colt fits better than “status» .454 Casull: not will turn the arm, blinded and stunned. And if he is also charged with black powder, the smoke from the barrel of the gun turns into a “burning bullets”in the spectacular”a la Wild West».

In addition, the cartridge can be loaded .45 Colt revolvers in a smoothbore rifle cartridge 410 caliber. which further expands the “sphere of activity” good old cartridge.

Yes, too early 140-year-old retired old man, apparently early! I think, to live and to please their fans .45 Colt cartridge will be a long time. Or a very long time …

Colt 45Colt 45
Colt 45Colt 45
Colt 45Colt 45

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