Mira Sorvino

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Mira Sorvino

Born: 28 September 1967, Tenafli, New Jersey, United States

A well-known American actress, received the award “Oscar”and”Golden Globe” for her role in Woody Allen (Woody Allen) «Mighty Aphrodite».

Mira Sorvino Catherine (Mira Katherine Sorvino) was born on 28 September 1967 in New Jersey. Her mother Lorraine Ruth Davis (Lorraine Ruth Davis) – a former actress, now a psychotherapist and father of Paul Sorvino (Paul Sorvino) – the famous American actor and director, starring in more than a hundred films, including «Goodfellas» Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese).

As a child, Mira Sorvino, along with his girlfriend, too, later became an actress, Hope Davis (Hope Davis) invented stories and made them staging. After school he entered the world in the prestigious Harvard University. She majored in Eastern Asia, spent a year in Beijing and graduated from the University with honors. During her studies she sang in the student’s vocal group.

Once the World University spent three years in New York City in search of the actor’s work. In 1993 she got a job as a third assistant director on the film «Among friends». She managed to attract attention and get the main role. The painting has participated in the festival of independent cinema Sundance positive reviews from critics before the movie opened Sorvino doors in the world of cinema.

In 1994, she had a small role in Robert Redford’s «Quiz» and played the aristocrat in «Barcelona». After that she was invited to star in the television series «Guiding Light». Having played in several episodes, Mira Sorvino gave up a three-year contract. Instead, she appeared on television in the historical drama «Pretty Edith Wharton».

In 1995, Woody Allen has invited the young actress in the role of a carefree and good prostitutes in the romantic comedy “Mighty Aphrodite».

This role brought Sorvino “Oscar”, “Golden Globe”, a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award and made her a star.

Once the resounding success it turned to independent cinema and starred in dramas «Tarantella» and «Sweet Nothing». In the comedy «Beautiful Girls» she played the girlfriend suffering from bulimia hero Matt Dillon (Matt Dillon).

In 1996, Mira Sorvino has been nominated for the “Emmy”and”Golden Globe”for his portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the TV biographical drama”Norma Jean & Marilyn».

In 1997, she again returned to the dumb blonde role in the comedy «Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion». In the same year, Guillermo del Toro (Guillermo Del Toro), invited her to the role entimologa in the sci-fi thriller «Mutant», and a year later she played in the drama «Where are you, Lulu? ». The Korean film 1998 «Tired die» she was not afraid to play Death itself.

In 1999, Mira Sorvino has returned to the genre of romantic comedy with the film «At first glance,», and also appeared in the crime drama «Summer of Sam ».

In 2002, Mira Sorvino received a role in a film about the Holocaust «The Grey Zone» and in the crime drama «Women’s logic». This was followed by a role in costume drama «Gods and Generals» and the role of investigating a double homicide detective «Holy Week». In 2004, she starred in the futuristic thriller «Final Cut».

In 2005, Mira Sorvino starred in the miniseries “Living Goods”on trade in sex slaves. This role brought the actress another nomination for”Golden Globe».

In February 2008, she appeared in the popular TV series “House”, playing the sick during an expedition to the North Pole doctor. The episode was shown in the same rating time – immediately after the finale of American football cup. Mira Sorvino has admitted that she gladly watch this show and was happy to take part in it.

In 2011, the premiere of the new film with her participation, «Union Square», held at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Life Mira Sorvino

Over the past two years, from 1996 to 1998, Mira was having an affair with the cult director Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino). In summer 1998, she was fascinated by the singer Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony), but they quickly left. In the same year she met the French actor Olivier Martinez (Olivier Martinez), with whom it has a romantic relationship until 2003.

In the spring of 2003 at a party with friends the world met with the actor Christopher Backus (Christopher Backus), in September, the couple announced their engagement. In June 2004, they were officially married in Santa Barbara, and the wedding took place on the island of Capri in July, when the world was already pregnant with their first child. In November, the couple had a daughter Mattea Angel (Mattea Angel), in 2006 – the son Johnny (Johnny Backus), and in 2009 – the second son of Holden Paul Terry (Holden Paul Terry Backus).

Interesting facts about World Sorvino

Paternal Mira Italian roots. She has a brother Michael Sorvino (Michael Sorvino), with whom she starred in the movies «Among friends» and «Sweet Nothing», and younger Sister Amanda Sorvino (Amanda Sorvino).

Mira Sorvino is fluent in French and Mandarin.

This is known as an activist against slavery and trafficking in persons and is supported by the Amnesty International.

Mira Sorvino Filmography

  • The coat of arms of the angels / Angels Crest (2011)
  • Union Square / Union Square (2011), the role of Lucy
  • The Trouble with Cali (2010) The role: choreographer
  • Smitty / Smitty (2010) Role: Amanda
  • Theo / Theo (2010), the role of Monica
  • Presence / The Presence (2010)
  • Multiple sarcasm / Multiple Sarcasms (2010) Role: Kari
  • How dandelions / Like Dandelion Dust (2009), the role of Wendy
  • The Last Templar / The Last Templar (2009) Role: Tess
  • Leningrad (2007), the role of Kate
  • Reservation Road / Reservation Road (2007), the role of Ruth
  • Covert-One: Factor Hades / Covert One: The Hades Factor (2006), the role of Rachel
  • Living Goods / Human Trafficking (2005), the role of Kate
  • House MD / House, M.D. (2004), the role of Dr. Cate Milton
  • Final assembly / The Final Cut (2004) Role: Delilah
  • Gods and Generals / Gods and Generals (2003) Role: Francis
  • Just between us / Between Strangers (2002) Role: Natalia
  • Holy Week / Semana Santa (2002), the role of Maria
  • Women’s logic / WiseGirls (2002) Role: Meg
  • Grey Zone / The Grey Zone (2001), the role of Dinah
  • The Triumph of Love / The Triumph of Love (2001), the role of Princess
  • The Great Gatsby / The Great Gatsby (2000) Role: Daisy
  • Summer of Sam / Summer of Sam (1999) Role: Dion
  • At a glance / At First Sight (1999), the role of Amy
  • Easy money / Free Money (1998) Role: Agent Karen Polanski
  • Will & Grace / Will & Grace (1998-2006), the role of Diana
  • Where are you, Lulu? / Lulu on the Bridge (1998), the role of Celia
  • Tired die / Too Tired to Die (1998), the role of Gene
  • The Replacement Killers / The Replacement Killers (1998) Role: Meg
  • Mutants / Mimic (1997), the role of Dr. Tyler
  • Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion / Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997), the role: Romi
  • Erotic stories / Tales of Erotica (1996) Role: Theresa
  • Norma Jean & Marilyn / Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996), the role of Marilyn Monroe
  • Jake’s Women (1996), the role of Julie
  • Beautiful Girls / Beautiful Girls (1996) Role: Sharon
  • Blue in the Face / Blue in the Face (1995)
  • Mighty Aphrodite / Mighty Aphrodite (1995), the role of Linda
  • Sweet Nothing / Sweet Nothing (1995), the role of Monica
  • Tarantella / Tarantella (1995), the role of Diana
  • Belle Edith Wharton / The Buccaneers (1995) Role: Conchita
  • Everybody Just Stay Calm (1994)
  • Guiding Light / The Guiding Light (1952-2009), the role of Julie
  • Quiz / Quiz Show (1994), the role of Sandra
  • Parallel Lives / Parallel Lives (1994) Role: Matty
  • Barcelona / Barcelona (1994), the role of Martha
  • New York cop / Nyû Yôku no koppu (1993), the role of Maria
  • Swans Crossing (1992), the role of Sofia
  • Among the friends / Amongst Friends (1993), the role of Laura

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