Henry Lee Lucas

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Henry Lee Lucas / Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas / Henry Lee Lucas

One of the most famous and ironic serial killers in history.

He admitted more than 600 murders. His narrative went on to become the basis for the stories of many movies.

Henry Lee Lucas, the biggest mass murderer in the history of the United States, already under investigation, told psychiatrists about his mother, who, perhaps, was the cause of the degeneration of her boy in a mass murderer: & # 171; I was pretty prominent guy but a hole on the face instead of beaten eyes led me to despair. I often looked in the mirror, thinking about why everyone thinks I jerk. The most severe was a mom, she called me the devil’s spawn, and the curse of his life & # 187;.

And in the end hatred and contempt cost her mother’s life. Lucas had killed her mother. He smashed her head with a bottle and cut the body of more than 100 pieces. He was then only 16 years old.

He was treated for a long time in an institution for the mentally ill. After he was found healthy, I got on the bus and went to seek his fortune in the West.

& # 171; I do not know how, but my artificial eye and prison jacket looked suspicious. Settled in a holiday trailer on an abandoned parking lot, ate garbage. At this time came the old woman prostitute Betty. It reminded me of the mother, so I killed her with a hammer and then crushed car & # 187;.

The turning point for Lucas was acquainted with Ottisom Thule bar for homosexuals in St. Louis. Thirty friend had a rich criminal past. Lovers together lured to a deserted place of the driver of the tank, killing accident and went to his car to the south.

It started terrible journey across the country, which cost many lives. & # 171; route Wild & # 187; subsequently called it – already on the court.

In the cab of the truck was stolen bed, air conditioning, a refrigerator, and an ingenious Ottis designed shower, which was used not only for its intended purpose, but also for washing off blood stains. The friends drove hundreds of miles every day, lifting & # 171; & # 187 voting ;, who did not know that this is their last journey.

& # 171; Ottis was a generator of ideas. He stole somewhere in the book with a description of the customs of cannibals, so we were able to extend our humble menu. Usually we our rape victim twice: before and after the murder, and then cut the long strips of meat and fry them in a pan. Not all people are our liking, but if spice ketchup meat, the dish was not much worse than a hamburger & # 187;.

Impunity relaxing, so the cannibals acted more sophisticated. Their appetites were huge and growing every murder is confirmed by the fact that a year of wandering, they killed 97 people. The age and sex of the victim had no value, and the death penalty was imposed after they were convinced that the passenger intends to travel long in another state. Violence and murder are committed in secret places, and then, after a meal, the remains were buried. Usually they beheaded, raskvashivali face with a hammer and hid it in another place than the body.

Among the victims Ottisa Lucas and himself became the latest victim of Ottis & # 171; & # 187 sentenced; friend to death for treason.

& # 171; I was afraid that he would kill me, and continue the journey with a Mexican bandit. Both of them knew how to drive a car. Unfortunately, I was forced to leave the truck on the outskirts of Mettl Rock because he was all bloodied & # 187;.

& # 171; route Wild & # 187; not interrupted by – Lucas moved on alone, leaving horrible marks on the side of the highway and motorway. The victims were men, women and children mercilessly killed with a hammer, a knife or a wire loop.

& # 171; I was constantly shivering and despair and suffering of the victims brought some relief. I looked them in the eye and killed once, resigned, they ceased to be afraid of. He understood what I was doing wrong, but the feeling of revenge for broken childhood was stronger. He wanted their lives, heat and meat & # 187;.

In 1981, he contracted pneumonia, which was a consequence of partial paralysis of hands and the need for care. The search continued for a friend a few months, they eventually became a terrible 30 missing women.

At this time, he had the idea to take the girl from the orphanage, and this required to collect documents about employment and bank account. Acquisition of securities cost the lives of ten men.

Trick boss orphanage was easy.

And soon, Lucas left the motorway since the adopted daughter of fourteen Betsky. They passed several states, drove to Texas. There’s a few weeks living in an elderly woman, Catherine Rich, helping her take care of the garden mountain, then entered the Protestant sects.

& # 171; received us into the community without question. Betsky all day singing psalms and began to forget about me. She did not deserve to be alive. I watered it with broth cactus, and we went out on the highway & # 8230; & # 187;

The bodies of the girls did not find because the killer dismembered corpse scattered at a distance of 40 miles along the highway. Two days later, Lucas returned to the municipality, saying that Betsky went nowhere. Nobody checked his words.

& # 171; in September again began to freeze, but the death of some random person was not able to give me heat for a long time. He came to the old woman and shot her in the grove & # 187;.

The remains of Mrs. Rich found June 7, 1983. Two days later, Lucas lost his revolver. Analysis of bullets and fingerprints gave the basis for his arrest. In December, Lucas appeared in court charged with three murders.

The trial of Henry Lee Lucas was very loud. Since the death penalty was abolished in Texas, it has led to its recovery in the state.

The accused confessed to the last words of another murder. He did not believe it, but made a check and found the body. At the regular process again sentenced to death, but the finale was like – an indication of the next scene of the murder and corpse. Until February 1991 Lucas confessed to 357 murders and indicated the place where the body was hidden.

& # 171; I have to play for time, – he said with a smile at the press conference, – because I was too quickly blamed. Enough to identify a corpse in a month. I have killed more than 600 people. Do not have time to execute me & # 8230; & # 187;

Henry Lee Lucas

In this photo with a reversal of the September 1990 number & # 171; Vanity fair & # 187; captured Henry Lee Lucas, one of the most paradoxical US serial killers.

While the vast majority of serial killers strongly denied any involvement in the crimes, and in the case of exposure of – understate the number of the Lucas voluntarily testified about the huge number of murders committed by him or his alleged.

From the moment of his arrest in 1983, the number of murders, which he officially recognized its increased many times – from 77 to more than 600.

The last number seems right – yet incredible; even the most horrific serial killers are rarely killed for his life more than 30 people (Gacy killed about 33 – 35, Chikatilo – 52 by the verdict of the court and 56 people on the incriminated charges).

Henry Lee Lucas – the son of a prostitute who had sex with clients in front of him, the one-eyed bugger, a drifter and mifoman, all their actions created an image of the perpetrator is extremely difficult to decipher. He then confessed to the murders, then renounced his confession, bringing to mind the investigators and relatives of the dead people.

In general, the police officers who worked with Henry Lee Lucas, agreed that this criminal has killed about 150 – 160 people (among them own mother and a lot of children) that although a lot less than the stated 600, but nevertheless, still making it the bloodiest murderer in the history of not only the US but the entire world of criminology.

Henry Lee Lucas during the investigative experiment

Photo 1984 Henry Lee Lucas captured during the investigative experiment in Williamson County, Texas, during which the offender is told about the circumstances of the murder of an unidentified woman, received a suspended name Orange Socks (the woman’s body was found naked, only his feet were orange socks). Over 6 years, Henry Lee Lucas drove across the United States, and he talked about the crimes committed. We can say that it was the longest in the history of the world investigative experiment.

Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas
Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas
Henry Lee LucasHenry Lee Lucas

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