Maggie Grace

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Maggie Grace

Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Born: 1983-09-21

Height (in meters): 1.75

Nationality: is not defined


Maggie Grace was born on September 21, 1983 in Columbus, Ohio. At 16, she, like many young girls dreamed of becoming an actress, came to Los Angeles and soon began to appear in commercials. His first role played Maggie, when she was 18 years old – in the movie “Murder in Greenwich.”One year later, she won the role of Grace pozametnee. In the drama”Twelfth road mile” she played the daughter of a strange and gloomy Tom Selleck and Wendy Crewson.

This actor’s luck has come to Maggie year later. His 21st birthday she met in Hawaii, filming the series Lost. Maggie got the role of a spoiled rich beauty Shannon Rutherford, stranded on a desert island together with other survivors in the crash.

The role in this project, as the Lost – a great success for any young actress, and Grace realizes how lucky she is. She still was not used to how it is popular. “When we go to some event, we were met by a crowd of fans,”- says Maggie. -“It is a lot of sympathy, my character ziruyut Shannon, despite the fact that it is – not an angel. On the street people come up to me and say, “We are so sorry that your brother is dead,”referring to what happened to my character in the series. It is amazing”. Maggie says that her Shannon – certainly not the best person in the world, but promised that the second season of the nature of her character will occur significant changes.”It would be strange if it did not happen, right? Boone’s death made her think about many things, in addition, it is moving closer to other people, with Said. Perhaps in the new season, we learn something about the past, Shannon. Several clues had already been given in the first season, she was married, she is able to manage people. In general, I think the audience will not be bored ».

Like her colleagues, Grace is glad that they work exactly in Hawaii. The anonymity of the work here, she said the main advantage. “Hawaii – is a place where it is easy to stand alone, if you need it,”- explains Maggie. -“I’m here for a lot of walking, and most of all – one. It’s very soothing. Of course, we know here, but it’s a completely different type of recognition than in Hollywood. Here a man can be friends with someone who works in the show, and they talk about it. Nobody pays attention to us more than they need ».

In Hawaii, Maggie has a new hobby – surfing. She enthusiastically recalls the first time got up on the board. “I studied myself, without an instructor, and almost immediately caught a big wave,”- says Maggie. -“It was a fluke – the wave does not look that big when I started rowing, but then …”. Historical meeting with the wave left “huge terrible bruises”on the legs of Maggie, where it knocked her as their own board.”It looked terrible,”- says Grace. -“It is not the best thing for the shooting in a bikini.” However, this is just the least worried the producers of the series – all the actors themselves instruct bruises and bumps, running in the jungle on the set. Maggie says that at the end of each shooting day, it consisted of a half-dozen new bruises in his feet.

«There are still a lot of things I’d like to try here,”- said Maggie -“such as skydiving or”bungee”, but in our contracts have an article, which clearly says that we do not have the right to do something that could expose our lives in danger. ” So on the set of the girl has to entertain themselves less extreme ways – for example, a guitar singing along with colleagues Naveen Andrews and Terry O`Kuinom.

In the life of Maggie Grace is not much different from her peers: she likes to have fun, povertetsya front of the mirror and do some shopping with her friends. She has no boyfriend because she was “too busy for that.”But she truly teen delight refers to his colleagues on Lost Naveen Andrews (“He’s so funny, good-looking, he just radiates sexuality … well, you know what I mean!”) And Matthew Fox (“When we hang out at his home in Hawaii, he so taking care of us – walking around naked all the time”). And she jokes that during the filming of the series has seen enough of naked men more than in my entire life.

She loves autumn, strawberries and funny shoes, brings cat named Roo and after filming loves to relax in the hot tub surrounded by scented candles. Maggie lot of reading and thinking about making the most ever to do with writing. However, employment in the movie does not leave her time for such a serious hobby. Soon comes a new horror film “Fog”, which starred Maggie. This remake of the John Carpenter film of the same name of the ship, which disappeared in a mysterious fog. A hundred years later the souls of dead people back in Northern California town where the tragedy occurred to avenge his death, which was not at all accidental. Maggie played a student who returns to his hometown for the summer holidays and into the whirlwind of mysterious and terrible events; her co-star was the actor Tom Welling, star of TV series “Mystery Smallville».

Maggie GraceMaggie Grace
Maggie GraceMaggie Grace
Maggie GraceMaggie Grace

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