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Tracy Middendorf / Tracy Middendorf – Margaret “Maggie”Duval from the series”Scream”

Tracy Lynn Middendorf – American film producer and actress. Best known for her roles in Mission: Impossible 3 (2006), Nightmare on Elm Street 7: New Nightmare (1994).

Tracy Middendorf was born in Miami Beach, Florida January 26, 1970. In addition to the Tracy family has more children: Tiffany Middendorf. The aspiring actress received schooling in «Pickens High School» in Jasper, Georgia. In 1987 – the last year of studies, she left Jasper to finish acting classes in Miami, and then began attending State University of New York at Purchase (at State University of New York).

Actress career began in 1992 with a part in the TV “One stormy night» (One Stormy Night) in the American soap opera “Days of Our Lives» (Days of our Lives), where the actress played the role of Carrie Brady. Since that time, Tracy Middendorf removed as actively supporting roles and starred. Actress Tina in the first series of “Angel» (Angel), girlfriend of Steve Laura Kingman in the fourth season of “Beverly Hills 90210: The New Generation» (Beverly Hills, 90210), incorrect bride Risa Helms in two episodes of “Ally McBeal» (Ally McBeal) young widow Adele Swenson in the TV series “Six Feet Under» (Six Feet Under), Carla Matheson in “24 hours”(24) – all of this talented actress Tracy Lynn Middendorf. In 1994, the actress also played in the famous horror film”Nightmare on Elm Street 7: New Nightmare» (New Nightmare). It Tracy starred Julia – babysitting Dylan and girlfriend Heather. When Dylan’s mother taken away, Julia protects and looks after Dylan, but eventually it catches up with Freddie and kills.

All in all an actress Tracy Middendorf about fifty four played roles in television series and movies. She has appeared in such high-profile projects such as “Lost» (Lost), «Murder, She Wrote» (Murder, She Wrote), «Star Trek: Deep space 9» (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), «Millennium» (Millennium), «Confidential materials» (The X Files), «Practice» (The Practice), «Alias» (Alias), «Cold Case» (Cold Case), «Dr. House» (House MD), «Mission: Impossible 3 »(Mission: Impossible III),« Law & Order: Special Victims Unit »(Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), CSI “CSI» (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), «Bones» (Bones). In 2014-2015 she starred in the TV series “The last ship» (The Last Ship) as Derian Chandler and the TV show “The Scream» (Scream), playing the character of Margaret “Maggie” Duval. In addition to the movie Middendorf also playing in theaters. Of the latter role – playing Shakespeare Theatre Company «Old Times», and the Yale Repertory Theatre in the «Battle of Black and Dogs». Tracy is also well known as a producer. In 2006, she produced fiflm «El Cortez».

Tracy Lynn Middendorf for his contribution to film and theater work has a number of awards and nominations. Of particular note is its participation in the short film “Snowflake» (Snowflake) in 2013. This is a touching love story of two women who lived together. When one of them dies, she leaves beloved last gift: a diary in which she described the whole story of their love. This small movie with a deep storyline won several prestigious awards (“Best Actress”at the ceremony, the US film awards,”Best Actress”- nominated for the Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles,”Best Supporting Actress – Diamond Award» – on International independent film awards ceremony). Interestingly, the role of Aurora in the “Snowflake” Tracy confirmed just two days before the shooting.

Middendorf married. Her husband, Franz Uazner, is the author of “Honeymoon with my brother”and”How the world deals with love.” The couple has two children. First Tracy gave birth in 2003, even without being officially married. The second was born in 2008 when the actress was 38 years.

Laci PetersonLaci Peterson
Laci PetersonLaci Peterson
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