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Paco Stanley and hurfanos the Gallinazo

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year wallpapers ± 16 years ago, in 1999, four machine gun bullets ended the life of Paco Stanley. With his death, millions of Mexicans were hurfanos of his sadly clebre “vulture”. However, expsitos slo were not on the side of viewers, but tambin, and follow those who followed his footsteps in the industry televisin. Contina stuffed his bully mood in dozens of discpulos the “qum cute, I’m pretty qucmo want me.”.

The death of Paco Stanley slo mostrno moral carelessness with galloping television stars, but tambin evidencithe baseness of this industry is capable. Ms sad thing is that most viewers will not even notice.

Although this da was clear, that the June 7, 1999 caynot even a drop of water in the Federal District.

That maana, Stanley terminyour A program after another . trasmita it from TV Azteca. Before leaving the station, he took time to give the “little kick of luck” (though well podra taken as a kiss of the devil) to his television program immediately.

Shortly occurs after © s, is dirigito taquera El Charco de las Ranas, where desayunwith patior Rodrguez Mario Bezares, the edecn Paola Durante and espectculos reporter Jorge Gil.

When finished, Stanley and Gil went first and got into the Lincoln Navigator SUV’s father’s Kiskiriskiskis . Mayito is quedin bao. Minutes occurs after © s, a man dressed in suit were acercand disparwith a machine gun. Gil was wounded in the leg, while the insurance agent Paul Hernndez muriafter being hit by a stray bullet; his wife and an usher of cars, and also © n were injured.

Then, the gunman cruzAvenue via a pedestrian bridge, subito a car waiting on the other side and huyP>

Four bullets to the head caused the death of Stanley. That is, he was shot with substance. One cheek, one in the crneo a ms you reventboth eyes and ltima, quedlodged in the nasal septum. A excepcin shot in the nose, the shots pierced the head of the creator of “Suzie has a mouse”.

Jorge Francisco Alonso Stanley Albaitero, better known in the farandulilla as Paco Stanley, was a native of Mexico City. Born July 3, 1942, during his youth desempeas high school teacher, where impartiLiterature matter.

Degree in Law from the UNAM, Stanley tambin curspsicologa specialty, marketing and advertising. Tena one maestra in Literature and was an active member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Stanley incursionfirst in radio, where ingresin 1969, but it was until 1974 that participin several unitary programs and newscasts asXEW. For that station drove the Smiles program and surprises . between 1988 and 1991.

His career in televisin comenzon Channel 4, with the Our people . Others followed, but is remembered for his appearances on The rifle Ambrosio . but above all for her role patior The home club . aprendera where the bully humor, which occurs after © s perfeccionadecuand your style.

Conducted by Daniel Prez Arcaraz and Francisco Fuentes Madaleno, The home club comenzto permanecitransmitted in 1952 and in the air for almost four decades dIt was one of those programs diseados for a very peculiar pblico because habrremember that an economy of little permita one or more family members sit-half wait for the front of the TV.

The home club was one of those programs “variety show”where the same singer or musical group presented rising; recipes were given; beauty tips, among other things. One of these transmissions caractersticas was positioned in advertising. Conductors and guests”hacan” commercial spots presenting or recommending a particular product

After the death of Prez Arcaraz, Stanley entrto him quite a way to patior Madaleno. Occurs after © s, with the death of Fuentes, termincycle of The home club . Although Paco and traa much school.

From ahStanley comenzto appear on TV to medioda. But it was not until 1992 when he was offered the conduccin of ndale! . with which the atencin atrapara of millions of viewers.

A program that followed Llvatelo and Pcatelas . convirtiwith which the czar bonnet conduccin and bully humor. Your pblico, we celebrated the mockery and bad milk. She forgave him derision and even haca his phrases like “hay or no?””romanescos!” or”Oh, I resbalIt should be clarified that the bulk of the services careca poblacin televisin pay, so that was very nearly impossible not to see a home where the lunch was not acompaada by Stanley and his hosts.

If we analyze the tnica Paco, the main ingredient was based ridculo put humor who got in the way: pblico, patios ( Mayito Benito and annexed.) And up to the guests. While it was the same jokes, the same routines and the same comments, rating levels never fell. In each emisin, pblico messages are lean by kilos.

Podramos summarize any of its programs in a trice: self-praise; Carrilla to any of pblico; Carrilla with patios, staff or people by manufacture; one of his songs (“Suzie”, “The Fly toothless”, etc) telefnicas calls asking “some little”; one declamacin; an interview with singer algn or “artists” guests; the Gallinazo Mayito and asto the end.

However, Paco Stanley was big business. Advertising in its programs was overflowing. His poems vendan disks right and left. Even the theme of “Gallinazo” haca delight of children and adults in children’s parties and nightclubs.

In the late nineties, after the sale of Imevisin, the new television Ajusco will be urga “personality”so the”adquisicin” Stanley was big news. And TV Azteca dirigiem> One by one . one idprogram © ntico to those above, which encabezuntil his death.

After the murder of Stanley, came the show. Procuradura General of the Federal District (PGJDF) trazseveral hiptesis, among which highlighted the links with the narcotrfico driver, aseveracin that incomodrelatives, who rejected the sealamiento, very angry.

occurs after © s, her patior Rodrguez Mario Bezares and Paola Durante, were sewinged by the PGJDF suspicion that bashis accusations on testimony from Luis Valencia, cook the drug trafficker Luis Ignacio Amezcua (alleged lder the crtel Colima), who asegurthat Amezcua reuniwith Rodrguez Bezares and Paola During planning the murder of Stanley Alpaca due to debts with drug mafias.

Valencia said Amezcua ordering escuchErasmus Garnica alias Prez El Cholo (who is acusas the perpetrator) to assassinate Stanley “because he deba lot of money” and that Paola During actuas a liaison between them.

Besides, it PGJDF mencionthat Rodrguez Bezares retrasintentionally in baor puddle frogs, to allow time for the gunmen did their job.

Mayito and Paola a season in crcel burst. Even Rodrguez Bezares as a prisoner declaramenazpoltico and even writing a book, which, segn l, estara prefaced by Carlos Monsivis mismsimo. Fortunately, such nonsense does not concretpublishing.

Immediately occurs after © s murder, Televisa and TV Azteca began a campaa knock against the government of the Federal District. His usual programacin was suspended and were dedicated exclusively to the Stanley case. In an explicitly open forum for such issues, actors, conductors and other indirect people in the Ajusco television began to demand “justice”. To Ventaneando periodstico mutyour profile to track research and join the lnea of ​​the television.

TV Azteca shamelessly showed the body of Stanley, made surveys of the murder, pblico vigilthe ministry and especially criticthe DF government. “The responsibility is Cuauhtmoc Crdenas” said an angry Jorge Garralda in your program To whom it may concern .

atrs Televisa did not stay. After his death, they olvidthat Stanley was a leper, for he was a deserter from the ranks of Azcrraga emporium. Thus, in San ngel, they started their own campaa smear to the city government. “Someone has to resign,” Jacobo Zabludovsky sentenciin the program Televisa today.

Remember that in that little new polticos vivan times. The Revolucin Democrtica Party (PRD) ruled MCity of Mexico. The government Cuauhtmoc Crdenas was to serve two year wallpapers ± os amid crticas and attacks from many quarters, when ocurrithe murder of Stanley.

With this murder, Televisa and TV Azteca showed their gangster side, which show when their interests are affected.

The case enturbibecause siguiits course in the wrong direccin. Nearly two-year wallpapers occurs after © s ± os, El Cholo is retracted his accusations. Even people from the afirmPGJDF what torturto testify. In this case relevacin sank because Bezares and Paola During Rodrguez were released. Mexican televisin very nearly the beatificP>

Although the case empantanunfit for details pblica aired figure.

When was the removal of the body of Stanley, to the outside of the pool of frogs, they found him with cocana wrappers. This is not the televisin difundibut sin various media.

Three months occurs after © s murder, Benito Castro made his declaracin to the court 55 criminal, thereby confirmand Rodrguez Stanley Bezares were a pair of parrots accomplished.

Segn Benito, Stanley and Mayito consuman cocana daily in their offices and eventually in his dressing room. Even he said the driver was wearing a mill televisin plstico green “stonecrackers drug until it can inhale dust and asin cuts that they performed”.

Former patior Stanley, said that when Paco and Mayito acudan to baor restaurants they frequented, was to get high, and this hacan repeatedly.

In the video “Gallinazo and coca bag”, uploaded to Youtube, you see Mayito dance rhythm of yore. In one of his ridculas pirouettes, something falls Rodrguez sack Bezares: A bag of dander devil . So nervous face Mario, keeping it ms rpido can the packaging. So the cmplice Paco laugh, seeing tamaburnt on national television.

In 2001 estrenem> A strange world . pera premium Armando Casas, in which it becomes clear alusin to Paco Stanley case and dissipated life of Mexican televisin detrs. While the creators of the film rejected any resemblance to the case, as the crow pjaro, the viewer perceives otherwise.

On June 8, 1999, the following da murder, Jess Blancornelas escribiin his column: “Luis Alberto balls Salazar Vega disparand matPaco Stanley The reason:. Stanley was associated the crtel of Carrillo Fuentes. They convirtiin hindrance to the Arellano Flix, who tenan dominated the square in Mexico City. They had the time to follow Stanley, knowing the routine of their travels, picking the right ms place and run “.

Few heeded this aseveracin, despite the veracity of the journalist. Nearly 12 year wallpapers ± os occurs after © s, the April 7, 2011, the EjArmy difundia statement at the national level which reported: “suspicion of the ejecucin Paco Stanley, was arrested Luis Alberto Salazar Vega, balls . in Tijuana. ” Blancornelas tena razn.

The horfandad is nico that Paco Stanley dejhis pblico, that that despite the rot of the matter, was to mourn before the fnebre courtship. The same is vean jvenes, nios, seelderly ladies or dismissing his artist lgrimas eyes. Those same first accused of murderer to Rodrguez Bezares, then pardoned and little occurs after © s, they forgot.

In this orphanage they come tambin mules Stanley. Those who now fill the schedules with bars bully humor, previously labeled “suitable for the whole family.” That orphanage come Adal Ramones, Daniel Bisogno, Facundo, Jordi Rosado and ms recently, Omar Chaparro. Humor hurfanos, because it appears that the Mexican televisin, has not had, nor tendrmother.

Paco StanleyPaco Stanley
Paco StanleyPaco Stanley
Paco StanleyPaco Stanley

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