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Came across a series of clips on the network under the name “Gymkhana”. Struck by the skill of the pilot – Ken Block (Ken Block) – nice rides. Well, a little biography of this man.

Ken Block (Ken Block) – born November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California – American athlete, businessman and well-known rider-rally driver, speaking on the team “Subaru Rally Team USA”.

This is a man who was one of the pioneers who started producing sportswear for Snow & amp; skate bordistov. In 1993, he was one of the founders of the company for the production of footwear and snowboard boards themselves «DC Shoes». In 2004, Ken has sold part of its shares for $ 2 billion and began to take an active part in rally sports. Ie to engage in professional rally it began in 2005 (when he was 38 years old), and in 2006 had already signed a contract with the team Subaru. Also in 2006, Ken bought a Subaru Imreza WRX STi, ottyuningovat her to participate in ralii. For 3 years he has been on the podium 19 out of which 8 wins overall.

He does things on its charged Subaru WRX STI, which captures the spirit even in people not keen on cars. This is the true skill and even art.

A little history:

In 2005, Ken Block rally his national team career with the Vermont SportsCar team. Vermont SportsCar team prepared his 2005 Subaru WRX STi, for competition. His first race rally was Sno * Drift, where he finished seventh in the overall standings and fifth in the Group N class. During the 2005 season, Block had five best scores, and placed third overall in the Group N class and fourth in the overall standings in the Rally America National Championship. At the end of the first year of his career ralijnaja, Ken Block won the Rally America Rookie of the Year award.

In 2006, Ken Block along with teammate Travis Pastrana DC has signed a new deal with Subaru. Through this transaction, teammates became known as «Subaru Rally Team USA.» With the new season drawing, Block also got a brand new Vermont SportsCar 2006 Subaru WRX STi. He became the first in the X Games rally at X Games XII. In the competition, block completes race bronze. He continued to participate in the 2006 Rally America National Championship, where he finished second in the overall standings.

In 2007, Ken Block took part in the X Games XIII, where he finished second and won a silver medal. In 2007 at the contest America National Championship, Block finished third in the overall standings. During this season, Block also entered into several rounds of the World Championship; Rally Mexico and Rally New Zealand. At competitions in New Zealand, Block put the two best record five times in the Group N class. In late 2007, Block reached 19 podiums and 8 overall victories in rally events.

In 2008, the block was given a completely new 2008 Subaru WRX STi for racing. Block decided to compete in the Rallye Baie-des Chaleurs of the Canadian Championship to gain some experience with his new car in 2008 and to prepare for the world championships later this year. Power won the first victory in the Rallye Baie-des Chaleurs. It was only the second competition for a new car. Block and is replaced by his driver could not get any championship points in the case due to lack of a Canadian license for the competition. The unit participated in the New York competition in the United States and finished his first place. At the X Games XIV, Block finished the contest, sharing the place with Dave Mirra. This occurred because of problems with the cars of both competitors. Blok, who made it to the semifinals, there was a problem with the radiator of the car after landing a jump. Both competitors got the bronze medal due to damaged vehicles, unable to participate, with medals awarded them both.

The unit participated in the 2008 Rally America National Championship, which ended on October 17, 2008. In the event, he finished second in the overall standings with an unconditional victory in the latter case. In the future, Block three contests World Rally Championship.

In 2010, Mr. Block was in favor of a brand Ford (for me personally disappointing) although he probably does not think so:

«I am delighted that I will manage to rally car Ford. This brand – an impressive force in the sport, “- said Ken Block. «Ford excellent speaker at the rally, starting from the time of Escort in the 70s, RS200 Group B to modern cars: Focus and Fiesta. I am very happy that I will be a part of this incredible success story. Not to mention the fact that my father would be proud of me. He has always been loyal to the brand Ford ».

And, actually, the video.

Ken BlockKen Block
Ken BlockKen Block
Ken BlockKen Block

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